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– Jones my name is Patti I'm your CNA today how are you good I need to do partial bed bath is that okay I'm going to close your curtain let me wash my hands get my supplies and I'll be right back for this film I'm going to need a barrier for the table this will give me a clean place to put my cleaning supplies for this skill I will need four washcloths two towels a clean gown and a privacy blanket it's a washing skill so I will also need a basin soap and lotion and I'll need a set of gloves Miss Jones let me go get some water I'll be right back Miss Jones is this water appropriate temperature okay and now I'm going to spread the privacy blanket out over you this will help keep you warm and protect your privacy while we do this skill I'm going to spread the blanket without snapping or shaking the blanket and I'm going to pull your sheet down to about your waist okay miss Jones I'm going to ask you to sit forward for me in just a moment so I can untie your gown and I'm going to spread this towel out underneath you to keep your sheets dry while we bathe you can I assist you to sit up please thank you I'm going to untie your gown and spread the towel out on the bed go ahead and lay back down Miss Jones thank you very much and now I'm going to spread the towel out underneath the arm I'll remove the gown on the side closest to me supporting the elbow as I lift it and I'm going to relocate the gown to the other side of the patient this leaves the patient uncovered underneath the privacy blanket for bathing the blanket will keep you warm now I can apply my gloves I'll take the first washcloth and wring it out and I'm going to use four corners well wash the face first no soap on the face miss Jones I'm going to wash your eyes I'll start with the closest eye to me I'm going to wash from the inner to outer corner very gently and then we'll fold this leap over to prevent contamination from spreading to the other eye miss Joan someone wash your other eye now inner to outer corner we'll fold that leaf over and then I'm going to wash the remainder of the face using very gentle strokes and keeping control over the washcloth will fold that leap over and use the final washcloth for the nose and then we'll set that aside I'm gonna take the towel and pat dry all areas of her face making sure not to use too much force we'll set the tab aside we're going to take the second washcloth and wring it out and we'll apply soap to the top leaf we do not need to use the leaves method because all of her skin from this point is intact we're going to wash behind the ear under the chin across the neck the upper torso we're going to lift the blanket to protect privacy but keep the patient covered while we wash down to the abdomen and up the side now for the exam you are going to make sure the patient remains covered until the evaluators ask you to remove the blanket at that point you will just continue on I am going to repeat these actions so that you can see what I have done I'll remove the blanket for better visualization behind the ears across the chin the neck the upper torso around the breasts down the abdomen and up the side then we'll clean down the front of the arm the hand up the back of the arm lifting at the elbow and the armpit last will set this washcloth aside because it has soap on it will take the third washcloth in the basin and wring it out and we're going to rinse all the areas that we just washed so behind the ear under the chin across the neck the upper torso around the breasts the abdomen up the side down the front of the arm keeping the elbow supported on the bed well rinse the hand the back of the arm and the armpit while supporting the arm the wrench washcloth can go back in the basin for later use now we're going to dry all of those areas so we're going to Pat dry or use short soft strokes but nothing vigorous go ahead and look juror miss Jones we'll set the towel aside now the patient has a clean torso so we'll place the clean gown on her Michonne's can you reach our arm through here I'll help you put your gown on we'll lift the arm at the elbow supporting it as we lift and we'll spread the gown out okay the shut-ins going to go around to the other side of the bed now and we'll dress the other arm since the care plan said that we only needed to wash one arm we do not need to cleanse this other arm that's per the care plan but we do need to dress it so I'll remove the soil gown and we're going to place this some dirty linen and then I'll put the new gown on the shows can you reach through this on pole thank you and go ahead and lift thank you okay Miss Jones I'm going to ask you to turn onto your left side now this is going to allow me to wash your back and give you a brief background so I'm going to ask you to scoot toward me and we're gonna roll you onto your left side ready go ahead and scoot toward me 1 2 3 now the evaluator will hold the mannequin in place while you complete your cleaning so I'm going to take the third washcloth bring it out and we'll sew the top leaf I'm going to wash the back of the neck the shoulders and the back down to the waist we'll set that washcloth aside we'll take the final wash cloth then wring it out and we're going to rinse all of those areas the back of the neck the shoulders and the back down to the waist and then finally we'll dry all of those areas back up the neck and the shoulders the back down to the waist now our care plan asks us to give the patient a brief back rub so we're going to use a little bit of lotion making sure to warm the lotion in our hands before we give them a back rub miss Jones I'm going to give you a little back rub now I'm going to start at the small of your back and work my way up in small circles to your shoulders we'll do this three times this is for circulation purposes one two one more and three I'm going to wipe off the excess solution now I can tie the patient's gown and remove the towel that's protecting the linens Michonne's come on back onto your back please and scoot to the middle of the bed thank you I do not want to touch that sheet that's going to go right up next to her face with soiled gloves but I need my soil gloves to take care of all of my dirty linens miss Jones all be right back these items are going to go into dirty linen now I'm going to go clean the basin I'll empty the basin and rinse it and then pick it up with a paper towel I'll dry the inside with one paper towel and throw it away and then dry the outside with a paper towel and throw that away I'll get one for the drawer I'll close the soap and the lotion placing them in the basin and return the basin to its drawer for storage paper towels can be thrown away this barrier is going to be discarded and now I can remove my gloves okay miss Jones I'm going to remove your privacy blanket now and pull your sheet back up are you comfortable good we're gonna roll the privacy blanket in a ball so that the trailing edges don't contaminate other surfaces this will be placed in dirty linen okay miss Jones is there anything else I can get for you while I'm here such as magazine no okay here's your call light if you should need anything at all please let me know I'm going to open the privacy curtain and wash my hands after washing my hands I'll think about the steps of my skill make any Corrections and tell the evaluator my skill is done you

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  1. This is the monster skill that failed me. I hate this skill so much. I forgot to turn her on her back to wash and rub lotion on her. I was so mad because this skill was soooooooo hard.

  2. Dear Patty I take my test Thursday, I wanted to know after I wash my hands to begin skill if I needed to raise the bed to a a good working height for me, is it ok if I touch the bed to raise it after my hands were washed I dont know if that would be considered contamination.

  3. Taking my test today after my CNA class 2 years ago and all i have been doing is watching these videos to refresh my skills,i am supperrrrrrrrrrr nervous but i know i got this ๐Ÿ’ช with God's help of course.

  4. Ms. Patty. โคโคโค
    I passed The Florida State Boards with your videos today!
    Thank you. Your videos are amazing. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    I wasnt as prefect as you but I didnt feel stuck.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. Bravo!!!!! Bravo!!!! Oncor!!! Oncor!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Bout dam time there's one (a video) for Florida!!!! These Florida State Board nurses don't play!!!!! They have no problems failing you if you're not using techniques! You can go in there half stepping if you want to!!!!

  6. Hey ms Patty, Iโ€™m confused and am going to take my skills test next week, so when weโ€™re going to give a partial bed bath I know canโ€™t use soap on personโ€™s face so should we use soap in other areas or what? Coz my instructor told me we canโ€™t use soap at all. so what should I do? Response plz!

  7. I take my state exam and skills exam tomorrow. Iโ€™m so nervous for but these videos really do help me review my skills!!

  8. Just wanted to say thank you so very much for making these videos. I passed on my first try. You donโ€™t know how much I thank you

  9. โ˜บ i am feeling happy today i pass my skills test thank you so much Patty for your videos they help me a lot.

  10. I use only hot water because by the time the cloth gets into contact with the patient it'll still be warm. Hot water turns warm. Warm water turns cold.

  11. Hi miss patty im so happy i passed my cna exam today 9272018 here in florida I just watched all of your video and I dont have any training i just watched all of your video and thats it and also i did your website full course for free and im certified now thank you you are such a blessing for me.

  12. Hi there I am taking my cna exam oct. 3rd in Florida.
    In class my teacher used the leaves method for the body.
    Will I be failed if I don't follow the leaves method for the body in Florida?
    Thank you for your helpful videos.

  13. Hi there taking my state test oct 3 inFlorida. Thank you for your videos. My teacher used the leaves method for the body as well. For Florida could I be failed for not using the leaves method for the body? Thank you!

  14. Hi Miss Patricia, I am a bit confused. I have a skills sheet from my CNA class and while doing the partial bed bath i do the face, an arm, and then get new water and do the perry care. I am not to sure of which method I should use now??

  15. Watching mrs Pโ€™s videos while Iโ€™m waiting for my exam!!!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ if it wasnโ€™t for these I donโ€™t know how Iโ€™d do it

  16. During the exam for any skill that we provide for patient , do we actually have to say all the supplies we need while getting it? example I need to get a "towel , gloves , soap, water" . I understand I have have to explain what I'm doing , but do I need to explain everything like "now I'm going to put soap on the wash cloth , or now I'm going to wring out the wash cloth.

  17. Are your skills 2018 testing updated and do you have to provide a privacy blanket can't you just use the sheet that was already on the bed?

  18. OMGโค๐Ÿ˜Š Thank U So Much i been watching your videos for the past week.. I took my Board Exam today In i Passed .. thanks Again …From Arkansas

  19. Why do you have to pick up the basin with a paper towel after youโ€™ve already held it with the soiled gloves?

  20. Hmmm, no use of hand sanitizer before and after skill or donning/doffing gloves. They're fanatical about that in Washington…

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