#proudMIeducator: Thank You from the Michigan Department of Education

I want to say thank you to each and every
proud Michigan educators across our state. Thank you for working to meet the learning
needs of all children. Thank you for empowering your students’
parents and families to participate in their child’s education. Thank you for shaping and changing lives. Thank you for partnering with employers, colleges,
and universities to develop a highly-skilled workforce. Thank you for engaging your students in real
and rigorous learning. Thank you for seeing the potential and every
student who walks through your classroom doors. Thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf
of children across the state. Thank you for opening your students’ hearts
and minds to new ideas, experiences, and opportunities. Thank you for collaborating with and supporting
each other. Thank you for sharing with your students your
passion for math, science, history, literature, world languages, art, music, writing, and
many other subjects. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to
care for every child who passes through your classroom. Thank you for developing, creating engaging
lessons for your students. Thank you for helping Michigan students prepare
to thrive and lead in a global job market. Thank you for building character in and empowering
our youth. Thank you for inspiring your students to become
lifelong learners. Thank you for serving and leading Michigan
schools. Thank you for doing whatever it takes to be
champions of and for your students. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to every proud Michigan educator. Thank you

3 thoughts on “#proudMIeducator: Thank You from the Michigan Department of Education”

  1. The Michigan Department of Education and the Michigan Board of Education rigidly controls local schools. Sure the comment "we do not tell you what curriculum to use" if often said by legislators and pushers of paper – but it is a ruse. Education standards in Michigan have next to nothing to do with the real world students will enter into the day after graduation / if indeed they make it past the 12th grade. In disgust / DRS

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