#proudMIeducator: Superintendent Brian Whiston Thanks Michigan Educators

I was very blessed to attend the Waterford
School District and have many teachers who made a difference in my life. Who helped me, who prodded me, who pushed
me beyond what I thought even I could do and those educators deserve the success that I’ve
had in my life because of what they have meant for me. Teachers like Mr. Rovetto and teachers like
Mr. McGuire and Mrs. Whitmer and many other teachers who made a significant difference
in my life. I thank those teachers for pushing. Not accepting just the work I provided but
encouraging me and forcing me to even do better. So thank you I owe my success to the educators
in the Waterford School District. Thank you very much!

1 thought on “#proudMIeducator: Superintendent Brian Whiston Thanks Michigan Educators”

  1. He references teachers that would be at a level 4 in 2a Frame Works for Teaching. Creating a Culture of Learning. May all teachers inspire their students to go beyond what that student thinks they can do or become.

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