#proudMIeducator: Erich Wangeman, of Traverse City West Senior High School

[Students Singing] Mr. Wangeman has a knack of being very, very personable, and he knows how to build community. Mr. Wangeman makes a huge effort to get to know every one of his students. He really connects with us as people and we are just so close to him it just makes choir feel like a big family. And to have someone who builds
such a strong community, and such a strong brotherhood is really cool. I think he really relates to the kids on their level, rather than thinking too
highbrow or too basic he who finds a way to make a mix between making music but also making it fun for the kids and relating to them as high schoolers. I think that, as a teacher, like he really like has great ideas for what we can do as a choir and he really knows how to make us work our hardest while also having fun while doing it. He’s such an enthusiastic person to be around, he just brings a great energy to the classroom. His patience is just incredible with students he just knows exactly when to push them and when they
give them the space that they need. It’s not just the responsibility to get the
material covered it is for material to be covered with ownership, with
understanding, and the material as it applies to the human being. [Students clapping and singing.] I’m gonna tell you the biggest thing
that we’ve talked about right now is, you must be the best artist you can be every day, and we know that when students walk into the classroom they come with a
plethora of other things on their mind, and because we work hard to build a
family sometimes that family relaxes a little bit. Sometimes we goof a little bit, sometimes we you know and other times we’re working hard, but what we’ve
had to do in this is really give ourselves over to the best art possible every day in every way. You have to allow for a community to be built in which kids feel comfortable enough to put themselves out there and become
vulnerable not only just as performers and stepping up for the solo, but for
being a human. [Student Singing.] It’s kind of this artistic fulfillment
of the, you know, your artful soul, which I think performing artists absolutely have, but it’s also the learning experience for you every day, too.
It’s great. [Students Singing.] My name is Erich Wangeman, and I am an
exceptionally proud Michigan educator

5 thoughts on “#proudMIeducator: Erich Wangeman, of Traverse City West Senior High School”

  1. We have a lot to learn, as educators, to become the "best artist" we possibly can be to bring out the best in our students!!! and doing it with All Smiles…

  2. Mr. Wangeman has been inspiring Michigan students to have a love of music since he came to Haslett High School straight out of college back in … well, Beverly Hills 90210 original run was popular and ongoing.

  3. Erich Wangeman is one of the finest colleagues I've ever worked with. I'm just sorry that I only got to work with him for one year.

  4. So proud of TCAPS and Erich, Wendy and the entire team from Central and West. Wonderful training of young artists!!

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