#proudMIeducator: Eman Ahmed of Salina Intermediate School

I wanted to become a teacher because I
have always been grateful to the teachers and mentors that I’ve had growing up. To this very day I have teachers who continue to inspire and motivate me. I teach in Dearborn because it’s always been a district that truly puts students first. The diversity in the city makes it a great place to live, teach, and grow. I personally attended the Dearborn Public Schools and I’m very proud of the
student I became. So far, she’s been my teacher for two straight years, 7th and 8th grade for my AVID elective course. So the AVID elective program program, it comes from the root word avidus, “eager for knowledge.” It’s also an acronym. AVID stands for “advanced via individual determination.” it’s a college
readiness program that’s specialized and that’s created to help all students be
successful and be prepared for college and for their future career and be
successful in the global society. She helped us to do that. She helped
us become more independent and not to rely on our friends to bail us out or
help us like you know how some kids might copy like she she tells us why
that’s bad and how it’s gonna affect our future. You were taught to think in
higher-order level questions and you’re also taught to interact with other
people and how to bring out your self-confidence. Mrs. Ahmed, to me, she’s the
definition of hard-working and motivated she always teaches us how to be confident and she always motivates us to do what we want to do and not to let anyone else get in our
way she wants us to be leaders not followers. So, AVID is more like a philosophy. It truly gets students thinking across the content. AVID is a mindset it’s a culture in our school it’s a culture
that’s becoming popular in our district it’s a culture of rigor, success, hard work,
and high expectations. The AVID program has simply supported students and the students that are in Mrs. Ahmed’s class become very successful. Students will
gain a lot from having Mrs. Ahmed as a teacher. She will encourage them to go
to universities and colleges. They become more organized with their AVID binder, they will learn strategies that will make them successful in high school
and then beyond when they when they go to university and college. She goes above and
beyond. She comes in on the weekends. She’s a very positive person. Honestly, in Mrs. Ahmed’s class, she’s like a second mother to me. She bonds with us. We all love her and she loves all of us, you know? I just want to say, thank you Mrs. Ahmed for everything you’ve done and that
she’s wonderful teacher and I wish her the best. My name is Eman Ahmed, and I’m a proud Michigan educator.

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