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Assalamu-Alaikum! Walaikum As-salam! Are you ready for today’s story? Yes Baba! I’m going to tell you the story of
Prophet Yusuf (as) today! Prophet Yusuf (as)? Yes my son The story of prophet Yusuf (as) is the most detailed and fascinating
stories in the Quran. Now listen carefully. The Dream of Prophet Yusuf (as) Prophet Yusuf (as) was the son of
Prophet Yaqub (as) and Rahel. He had a younger brother named
Benyamin from his mother. Yaqub (as) had twelve sons in total. Prophet Yaqub (as) loved Yusuf (as) and Benyamin more than
his other children. This made the other brothers
very angry. One night Yusuf (as) had a
wonderful dream! He saw eleven stars in the sky,
and the sun and the moon, they were all bowing
down before him! The young prophet was quite
amazed by this dream! He wondered why stars bowed
before him. He didn’t understand the meaning, so he went to his father,
and told him about his dream “Father, I saw eleven stars, the sun
and the moon in a dream!” He told his father. “I saw all of them bowing down to me!” Yaqub (as) was a prophet, and he understood the
meaning of his dream, and he was very happy! “Allah (swt) has blessed you Yusuf”
The old prophet told his son. This dream means that you will be
given knowledge and prophecy!” Yaqub (as) was a wise and old man, so he knew that his other sons would not be
happy to hear about Yusuf’s dream. So he warned him “My son, do not tell any of your
brothers about your dream. They will be jealous of you, and
they will become your enemies. “No father, I will not tell them”
replied his son. But the young and innocent boy went and told his brothers about the dream. When the brothers heard about this,
they got really angry. “Why does our father love Yusuf
more than us?” asked one of the brothers “Maybe its because he is so beautiful”
replied another brother “Our father has gone astray”
said another “Why don’t we kill Yusuf, and get rid
of him?” asked another brother “Where would we kill him?”
asked the other “We should send him away to a distant land”
said another brother Then one of the brother said “There is no need to kill him
to get rid of him. Look here, let us throw him into
a well beside the road. He will be picked up by the travelers,
and they will take him as a slave to a distant land. He will disappear from
our father’s eyes, and that will serve our
purpose as well. Then the ten brothers went
to their father, and requested him to send Yusuf(as)
along with them. But Yaqub (as) was very afraid
for Yusuf(as). He knew that the brothers were
jealous of him, and that they did not love him. He refused at first. “Yusuf is our dear little brother”
said one of them. We are the sons of the same father, so what are you afraid of?” “Please send him with us”
said another brother “We will watch over him” “I fear the wolf may take him while
you are playing” said Yaqub (as) “Never” replied a brother. “How can the wolf eat him
when we are there, we are strong and we can
save him father” After a lot of compulsion
from the brothers, the prophet gave them permission to take
Yusuf(as) along with them. The next day, the brothers took Yusuf (as)
with them to the forest. They were very excited as they
could finally get rid of him! They walked through the forest and
went directly to the well, as they had planned They leaned over the well on the
pretext of drinking water. It was then that one of the brothers put
his arms around Yusuf (as) and held him tightly. Startled by this unusual behaviour, Yusuf(as) struggled to free himself! Then all the brothers joined,
and held him so that he couldn’t move. Then one of them removed his shirt. Together they lifted Yusuf (as) and
threw him into the deep well!! Yusuf (as) cried for help, and he begged
his brothers to save him. But the brothers shook their heads and paid no heed to the pleas
of their brother. Yusuf (as) was all alone in the
deep dark well. He was very scared
and he wept. It was then that Allah(swt) told him “Do not be sad,
do not be afraid. Allah is with you. Something great is going to
happen to you . Your brothers will come before you and you
will remind them of what they did. Yusuf (as) was saved by the
shallow water. He then clung to a rock ledge,
and climbed on top of it. The brothers then got together and said “what shall we tell our father?” Then one of them said “We will tell him,
You were right father, a wolf did eat him!” “Yes” the brothers agreed. “We will tell our father that
the wolf ate him” The brothers then caught a
ram and killed it. Then they took Yusuf (as)’s shirt and
dipped it in the blood. “now our father will believe us”
they said. The brothers came weeping
to their father. “Father” they said “We went running races, and left
Yusuf with our bags. But by the time we returned,
a wolf ate our little brother!” “Yes father” said another
“Look at his shirt” But Yaqub (as) knew that
they were lying. He was a prophet and a
very wise man. He knew that when a wolf eats someone,
it rips his clothes. But the shirt of Yusuf (as) was whole, and it had been only dipped in blood. That’s how the prophet knew that the
story of the wolf was made up! “This is a story that you have made up”
he said to them. “I am a patient man and
I will wait for my son” Yaqub (as) couldn’t sleep that night
and kept thinking about his son. It was a terrible time for Yusuf (as),
in that deep well, out in the wilderness,
hidden in darkness. It was a difficult time for both the
father and the son. A group of people were travelling to
Egypt through that wilderness. They were thirsty and
looking for water. When they saw the well, they sent a man
to bring them some water. The man came to the well and
let down a bucket. Yusuf (as) was happy when he saw the
bucket coming down, and he grabbed hold of it. As the man began to haul, he felt the load was
unusually heavy! When he peeped into the well, he was shocked to see a young man
clinging to the rope! He held the rope tightly, and shouted to his friends “Better give me hand fellows, looks like I found real treasure
in the well!” His companions rushed to the well, to pull the stranger holding
onto the rope! The men were startled when they saw
the handsome youth, beaming with an angelic smile! They knew that they would get a handsome
price for this young man, and money was all that
mattered to them. They immediately chained Yusuf (as),
and took him to Egypt, far away from his home Masha Allah! That was such a great story!! I’m glad you liked it They took him to Egypt, but I will tell
you that story tomorrow! Alright! Now are you ready for
the questions? Yes, I am! Now tell me who was the mother of
Prophet Yusuf (as) His mother was Rahel! That’s correct. Can you tell me about the dream that
the Prophet saw? In his dream, the Prophet saw eleven stars
in the sky, and the sun and the moon, and they all bowed down before him! That’s wonderful! Now tell me how the brothers got rid
of the Prophet The brothers of Prophet Yusuf (as)
was jealous of him. One day, they lied to their father, and took the Prophet
along with them. They dumped him in a well,
after removing his clothes And what happened after that? They dipped his clothes in blood, and showed it to their father, telling him that the wolves ate him! Masha Allah!
That’s the right answer! Now, for the last question. Tell me how was the Prophet
saved from the well A group a travelers came to the well to
get water, and they found him! Excellent! That’s the
right answer! That’s all for today, I will tell you the
remaining story tomorrow! Good night my son! Good night Baba! Assalamu Alaikum! Walaikum As-salam! Are you ready for today’s story? Yes That’s great, Inshallah!
I will tell you the story of how Prophet Yusuf (as) was
saved from the well and how he became a very
important person in Egypt! That’s great!
Please tell me the story Baba! In the last episode
we saw how Yusuf (as) was dumped in a well
by his brothers and how the travelers saved him Bismillah! Prophet Yusuf (as)
From the well to the palace! As they saved the prophet they chained him and
took him to Egypt. They travelled for many days
and nights through the desert. And after many days of travel they finally arrived in Egypt The travelers went to the market and put the prophet for auction “Who will buy this handsome
young boy?” they shouted The news spread fast and people gathered in hundreds to
watch the unusually handsome young boy. After an auction Aziz,the
chief minister of Egypt bought the young prophet
for a few silver coins. When they reached the palace the prophet was
pleasantly surprised when the chief minister ordered
his men to remove his chains. Aziz then told the prophet
never to betray his trust and also promised him that
he never be ill-treated. “Make his stay comfortable
here” Aziz said to his wife. “He is such an
intelligent young man” Yusuf (as) felt at ease at last. He knew that he had a shelter and he was well taken care of. He thanked Allah (swt)
over and over again. It was not very long ago that he
was cast into a deep dark well with no hope of
coming out alive. Then he was enslaved
and he was chained. But now he could enjoy all
the luxuries of the palace and he had plenty of
food to eat as well. However his heart
ached with longing for his parents and his
little brother Benyamin. Yusuf (as) was made the personal
attendant of the chief minister’s wife. He was obedient and
ever-obliging. With his pleasant manners
and charming behaviour he won everybody’s heart. Soon Yusuf’s (as) beauty
became the talk of the town. People referred to
him as the most attractive man that
they had ever seen!. His face carried
immaculate beauty it was the purity of his
soul reflecting on his face! As he grew older he gained wisdom and knowledge. He soon became a good speaker always captivating the audience. His master realized that
Yusuf(as) was the most honest straightforward and noble
person he had met in his life. And after sometime he was
put in charge of the household and the chief minister
treated him like his son! The wife of the chief
minister Zulaikha admired Yusuf (as) very much. As she watched him and
listened to him speak her passion for the prophet
increased by the day The chief minister’s wife could not
resist her temptations anymore and it caused her
sleepless nights. She was madly in love
with the prophet! Zulaikha could not control
her passion any longer. One day when the prophet was
alone with her in the bedroom she tried to kiss him! But Yusuf (as) denied as he was an upright
worshipper of Allah (swt). He then walked away from her. The prophet’s refusal heightened
the passion of Zulaikha As he was moving
towards the door she ran after him and she
caught hold of his shirt! While she was tugging she tore his shirt and she held
the torn piece in her hand! Then the door opened suddenly and there stood her husband
and another relative of hers Seeing her husband the crooked woman
immediately changed her tone. “Your man tried to grab me” she said showing him the
torn piece of cloth “you must put him in prison now” She was now trying to accuse
the prophet of molesting her! But the prophet denied it “It was she who tried
to grab me” he said. Aziz and her relative
examined the shirt to find out who was
saying the truth. They found out that the it
was torn at the back. The chief minister then
looked at his wife and said “If he was the one to attack you the shirt whould have
been torn in the front. But Yusuf’s shirt
is torn in the back which means you are lying. He said angrily When Aziz realized that
his wife had been lying he apologized to the prophet for
his wife’s indecent behavior. He then asked his wife to beg
forgiveness from the prophet! The news of the incident spread
in the town like a wildfire! “Look at her” some of them said “she tried to seduce her slave!” Others laughed at her behaviour Zulaikha was upset with
people gossiping about her. She honestly believed that it
was not easy for any woman to resist a man as
handsome as Yusuf (as). To prove her helplessness she planned to subject the women to
the same temptation that she had faced She decided to invite
all the women in her circle for a banquet
at her palace! The banquet was reserved
exclusively for women. Everyone who were invited
turned up for the event and most of them
secretly hoped that they would get a chance
to see Yusuf (as)!. Then suddenly Zulaikha
decided to open the topic. “Listen everyone” she
spoke to the guests “I have heard of those who say
that I am in love with my slave” At once everybody stopped
what they were doing and fixed their gaze on the
Chief minister’s wife. “I admit that he is
a charming fellow. I do not deny that I love him as I have loved him
for a long time” Everyone at the banquet were
stunned to hear this confession coming from none other than the
wife of the chief minister! In the meantime Zulaikha asked her servants to
distribute the fruits among the guests. After finishing the dinner the guests began
cutting their fruit It was at this
moment that Zulaikha summoned Yusuf (as) to
make an appearance. He entered the hall gracefully
with his gaze lowered. When Zulaikha called him by
name he raised his head. The guests were astonished
and dumbfounded when they saw the
face of Yusuf (as). His face was shining
with angelic beauty. It reflected pure innocence so much that one could feel the
peace in the depth of his soul! They exclaimed in astonishment
while they were cutting the fruit. As all of their eyes
were on the prophet the women began to cut
their palms absent mindedly without feeling any pain! One of the ladies gasped “This is not a mortal being” another stammered “
He is a noble angel!” All their attention
were on the prophet and no one noticed the blood
flowing from their hands Then Zulaikha stood up. “Look at your hands”
she said to them When the women looked
at their hands they realized that
they were bleeding and they wrapped their
towel on top of it. “Its because of him that I
have been blamed” she said. “I do not deny that I
tried to seduce him”. “You too would have
been enchanted by him and see what happened
to your hands!” “If he refuses to
obey my order again then he shall be put in
prison” she said to everyone “Oh Lord” the prophet
calmly replied. “I would rather go to the
prison than committing a sin” The prophet then quietly left
the room with his gaze lowered. That night Zulaikha
convinced her husband that the only way to save her honor
was by imprisoning the prophet. The chief minister loved
the prophet like a son and he knew that
he was innocent. He had never met another man
who was so loyal to him. It was with a heavy heart that Aziz ordered Yusuf (as)
to be arrested and imprisoned. It was not an easy
decision for him to put an innocent man behind the bars. However he was left
with no choice. That day the prophet was chained
and put inside a prison. And this is where he had
to face his third test! The third test? Yes Amir I will tell you
about that tomorrow! Mashallah! that was
such a great story!! Alright.. Now are you
ready for the questions? Yes! Now tell me who bought the
Prophet at the auction? It was the chief minister!! What was his name? His name was.. His name was.. Aziz! That’s correct my son! Now tell me why did the Prophet
walk away from Zuleikha the wife of the chief minister? She was trying to kiss the
prophet but the Prophet refused. He then walked away Why was the Prophet sent to jail even though the Chief minister
knew that he was not guilty? Zuleikha the wife of Aziz proved that no woman
can resist their temptations when the
Prophet was around. She proved her case and
Aziz was left with no choice other than
to imprison him Masha Allah! That was very good. I will tell you the
remaining story tomorrow. Good night Amir Assalamu Alaikum! Walaikum Assalam Baba! So are you ready
for today’s story? Yes! Alright now listen carefully Bismillah! Prophet Yusuf (as)
And The King’s Dream In the last episode we saw how Yusuf (as) was put in prison in spite of being innocent. It was in the prison that the
prophet had to face his third test! It was during this
period that Allah (swt) blessed him with an
extraordinary gift! The prophet was blessed with the
ability to interpret dreams! The people in the prison
knew that Yusuf (as) was a noble young man with great knowledge
and a merciful heart. They loved and respected him At about the same time two other men landed
in the prison. One was the cupbearer
of the king and the other was
the king’s cook. That night both the new
inmates had a strange dream! When they woke up they were confused as they could not
understand the meaning of the dream The next day when
they saw the prophet they realized that he was
not a common criminal. They approached him and
told him about their dream. “I had a very strange dream” I saw that I was standing in a
place with bread on my head. There were two birds eating
the bread on top of my head! On hearing this the prophet first called
them to Allah (swt). He told them the
meaning of his dream. The dream meant that the cook was
going to be crucified until he died. Then the prophet asked the cupbearer
to tell him about his dream “I saw that I was standing
inside the palace” said the cupbearer “and I was serving
wine to the king!” The prophet prayed for some time and he said that the cupbearer
will be soon let free and that he will return to
the service of the king The prophet then asked the cupbearer
to talk to the king about him and tell him that there
was a wronged soul named Yusuf in the prison. What the prophet
predicted soon happened and the cook was crucified just like the prophet foretold. The cupbearer returned
to the palace as well But as soon as he
returned to service Shaytan made him forget
about the prophet. And therefore Yusuf (as) remained in
prison for a few more years. After a few years one night the king was
sleeping in his palace. The king had a strange
dream that night and in his dream he saw that he was standing
at the banks of river Nile. He saw that the water was
receding revealing the bare mud. He saw the fish
skipping and jumping without water. Then he saw seven fat cows
emerging from the water followed by seven lean cows The lean cows then began
swallowing the fat cows! The king was terrified
seeing this! He then saw seven ears of green
corn growing by the riverbank. Suddenly they disappeared and in its place grew
seven dry ears of corn!! The king woke up terrified
from his dream. He was shocked and depressed as he could not understand
the meaning of his dream The next day he called his
ministers, priests and advisors and told them about his dream. The sorcerers said “This is a very confusing dream! How can any of that happen?” The priests said “Perhaps you had
a heavy dinner!” “May be you slept
without a blanket!” said the chief minister All of them said that
it was only a nightmare and there was nothing
to worry about! The news reached the cupbearer. He recollected the dream that he
had while he was in prison and suddenly he
remembered Yusuf (as). He ran to the king to tell
him about the prophet. “He had asked me to tell
you about his innocence” He said to the king
“but I forgot” When he explained how Yusuf (as) had interpreted his
dream while in prison King sent him to
meet the prophet. The cupbearer met the prophet and
told him about the King’s dream The prophet prayed to
Allah(swt) and then explained the meaning
of the dream. “There will be seven years of
rich harvest in the kingdom” He said. “If the land is
cultivated properly there will be a good harvest and people will have
more than enough food” “This will be followed by seven
years of drought in the kingdom. People will not
have enough to eat and there will be scarcity
of food all over Egypt.” When the cupbearer told the
king about the interpretation the King was fascinated! He commanded that Yusuf
(as) be set free and presented
before him at once! When the king’s envoy arrived
at the prison to set him free the prophet refused
to leave the prison. “I will not leave the prison until my innocence is
proven” he told them The envoy returned to the king “Where is Yusuf?”
asked the king. “Did I not command
you to fetch him?” “He refused to leave until his
innocence is established” they replied The king realized that the prophet
was unfairly put in prison so he immediately
ordered an enquiry. Zulaikha, wife of the chief minister
was brought into his court and so were the wives
of the other ministers who had attended the
lavish banquet. “What is the story of Yusuf?” The king asked them. “Is it true that he tried to
molest the chief minister’s wife?” “He didn’t do anything”
said one woman “He did her no
harm” said another “He is innocent as the
angels” said another. Everyone’s attention now
turned to Zulaikha. She now wore a wrinkled face. She was overwhelmed with sorrow
while the prophet was in prison. “I tempted him but he refused” she boldly confessed. “So he is innocent as
he says” said the king. When the prophet
came to the palace the King was stunned by
this handsome young man. He spoke to the prophet for a
while to test his knowledge. The replies of the
prophet stunned the king and he was convinced that he
was very intelligent indeed! Then the conversation
turned to the dream. The prophet advised
the king to start planning for years
of famine ahead. He informed the king that the
famine would not only affect Egypt but all other neighboring
countries as well. The king then appointed the prophet
as the controller of granaries. It was his responsibility to
guard the nations harvest and make plans for the
anticipated famine. The wheels of time
had turned by now. The prophet who was in
prison till a few months ago had now become one of the
senior most officials in Egypt. During the seven good
years that followed the prophet had full control
over the cultivation. harvesting and storage of crops. He did his duties faithfully and he carefully saved the grains
for the harsh years ahead. What happened next? I will tell you the
remaining story tomorrow! Masha Allah! That was such a
wonderful story!! Baba, did the prophet ever
see his father again? You will have to wait till
tomorrow to know that! Ok.. So are you ready
for the questions? Yes!! Alright now tell me what were
the occupation of the two men who landed in prison
along with the prophet? One was a cook and the other was..
A cupbearer! That’s correct Now tell me about
the king’s dream The king dreamt that
he was standing at the banks of river Nile. While he was standing there he saw seven fat cows
coming out of the water and then seven lean
cows came out. The lean cows then
swallowed the fat cows! Mashallah! And what
about the rest? Then the king saw seven green ears
of corn growing by the river. These green ears disappeared
and in its place there was seven dry ears of corn And what did the dream mean? The dream meant that the
country was going to receive a rich harvest for the
next seven years. And then there was going to be
seven long years of drought. That’s very good! Why did the prophet refuse
to come out of the prison? The prophet wanted his
innocence to be proved that’s why he stayed
in the prison That’s right again! And how did the king
prove his innocence? The king called the wife of chief
minister along with other women and questioned them. But this time everyone
said the truth and the prophet was
proved innocent. That’s correct my son. And now for the last question. What position did the
king offer the prophet? The prophet was made the
controller of granaries! Masha Allah! You gave all the right
answers my son. Now that’s all for today I will tell you the
remaining story tomorrow. Good night Good night Baba! Assalamu Alaikum! Walaikum Assalam! So excited to hear
the remaining story? I was waiting for you Baba! Alright.. I will tell
you the story now. Now listen carefully Bismillah! Prophet Yusuf (as) meets
his brother Benyamin! Prophet Yusuf (as)
had now become the controller of the
granaries in Egypt. During the seven good
years the prophet had full control
over the cultivation harversting and
storage of crops. The prophet saved enough grains
during the abundant years. And then like the
prophet had predicted drought followed and famine spread
throughout the nation. The leaves turned yellow and not even a single drop
of rain fell from the sky. But nobody in Egypt
died of hunger for the prophet had saved more than
enough grains for the harsh years. “You were right Yusuf” the
king said to the prophet “Its only because of you that
our people are not suffering” “All our neighbors are
asking for our help what should I tell them?
He asked “Allah(swt) saved us”
the prophet replied. “We have plenty of
grains with us. I think this is the time we
should help our neighbours. We can give them the
grains at a small price. Many lives can be saved” “I agree with you”
the King said. He then ordered to distribute the
grains evenly to those in need. This famine affected
Canaan as well. Prophet Yaqub (as) heard the news of
grains being distributed in Egypt. He decided to send his sons
to Egypt to get the grains all of them except Benyamin The brothers travelled for many
days and finally arrived in Egypt. Prophet Yusuf (as) heard
about the ten brothers who had arrived from
a distant land. When they arrived to
collect the grains the prophet immediately
recognized them! But the brothers didn’t! How could they? To them he no longer existed! They had thrown him in
the well many years ago! The prophet then met them
and welcomed them warmly. After giving them the provisions he asked where
they had come from “We are elven brothers
son of a noble prophet. We come from Caanan”
they replied “I count only ten here” the prophet asked them “Our youngest brother is at home tending our father’s needs. On hearing this the prophet’s
eyes filled up with tears! He longed to meet his father
and his little brother. “Are you truthful
people” He asked them The brothers were confused. “What reasons do we have to
lie to you?” they asked him “If what you say is the truth then bring your youngest brother
and I’ll double your rations. But if you do not
bring him to me then you better not try entering
Egypt again” He warned them The brothers agreed and said that they
will need their father’s permission. The prophet then asked his servant
to place the bag of money they paid secretly in one of
the grain sacks. After many days of travel
they reached Caanan. They greeted their
father and said “We were denied some supplies because
you didn’t let Benyamin come with us. The controller of granaries has
promised to give us extra provisions if you let him come with us. Please father send him with us and we shall take
good care of him! But the old prophet said sadly “I will never let
Benyamin travel with you. How can I trust you knowing
what you did with Yusuf? Later when they
opened the grain sack they were surprised to find
their money purse inside “Look father” they said. “The noble official has
returned our money!” ”This is a proof that they
will not harm our brother” But the Old Prophet
refused again After a few months when
they had no more grains Prophet Yaqub (as) asked
them to travel to Egypt. “We cannot go there
without Benyamin” said one of the brothers They reminded him of the warning
given by the Egyptian official. The old prophet finally agreed but only after they took an
oath to bring him back safely. “Allah(swt) is witness
to your pledge” he reminded them
before they left. The prophet blessed them
as they set off for Egypt and prayed for their protection The brothers travelled for
many days through the desert and they took good care
of Benyamin as well! When they arrived in Egypt Yusuf (as) welcomed
them heartily. He prepared a feast for them and made them seated in pairs. The prophet sat next to his beloved
brother Benyamin. He noticed that
Benyamin was weeping “Why are you crying” he
asked his little brother “if my brother Yusuf
had been here I would have sat next to
him” Benyamin replied. That night when the prophet and
Benyamin were alone in the room the prophet asked his brother “Would you like to have
me as your brother?” But Benyamin
respectfully answered that he regarded him
as a wonderful person but he could never take
the place of his brother. On hearing this the prophet
broke down and said. “Benyamin! I am your
brother who was lost! Fate has brought us together
after so many years! Benyamin exploded with
joy when he heard this!! “Listen to me” said the prophet “This should remain a
secret for the time being” Benyamin agreed and he flung
his arms around the prophet. They cried and shed
tears of Joy!! The next day while the brothers
were loading the bags of grains the prophet ordered
one of his servants to keep the golden
measuring cup inside Benyamin’s saddlebag secretly. When the brothers
were ready to set out the soldiers came
running to them “O brothers! Stop there!
You are thieves!” shouted the soldiers When the people
around heard this they gathered around
the brothers. “What have you lost?” asked
the confused brothers “The King’s Golden
Cup” said the soldier “We didn’t come here to
steal” said another brother The prophet had instructed one of
the soldiers to ask the brothers the following question “What punishment would
you give for a thief?” “According to our law whoever steals becomes a slave
to the owner of the property” answered a brother “We shall apply your law instead
of the Egyptian law then” said the soldiers. They started searching
their bags one by one. When they reached Benyamin they pulled out the
King’s Cup from his bag! The brothers were stunned! They thought of their father
and the pledge they had taken. They began to beg the
Prophet for mercy! “Yusuf! O Minister take one
of us instead” they pleaded I really want to know what
happened to the prophet That I will tell you
in the next episode!! What happened then? Don’t worry my son..
Its getting very late I will tell you the remaining
story tomorrow for sure! Shall I ask you a few
questions from the story? Of course.. go ahead Baba! Alright.. Now tell me what
happened to the Prophet after he was released from jail Prophet Yusuf (as) became the
controller of granaries in Egypt. What happened then? During the seven good years the prophet
had full control over the cultivation harvesting and storage of crops. The prophet saved enough grains
during the abundant years And then like the
prophet had predicted drought followed and famine
spread throughout the nation. Did anybody die in Egypt
because of hunger? No.. nobody in Egypt
died of hunger for the prophet had saved more than
enough grains for the harsh years. Masha Allah that’s
the right answer! Now tell me why did the
brothers arrive in Egypt? The famine affected
Canaan as well. Prophet Yaqub (as) heard the news of
grains being distributed in Egypt. He sent his sons to Egypt
to get the grains. That’s right again! Did the brothers really steal
the King’s Golden cup? No.. They did not. The Prophet had
instructed one of his men to keep the cup inside
Benyamin’s saddle bag. He did this to keep
Benyamin at the palace Masha Allah!
That’s very good my son! I will tell you the
remaining story tomorrow! Good night my son Good night Baba! Assalamu Alaikum! Walaikum Assalam! Are you ready for today’s story? Yes I am! I really want to know
what happened to Benyamin! Alright..
Now listen carefully Bismillah! Prophet Yusuf (as)- The
Secret Disclosed!! In the last episode, we saw how the Prophet place a golden cup
inside Benyamin’s saddle bag. He did this so that he could
keep Benyamin at the palace. Then the prophet replied calmly “How can I set him free knowing that
he stole the King’s cup? It would be sinful!” Judah, the eldest of the brothers
was much worried and he told the others “We promised our father that
we will bring Benyamin back. I will stay back here, and
I will not leave this land until my father permits me, or
until Benyamin is released. The brothers left enough
provisions for Judah, who stayed at a tavern
awaiting the fate of Benyamin. The prophet secretly arranged to watch over
Judah’s well being as well. The prophet was testing the
sincerity of the brothers and he wanted to find if they would return
for their brothers. After many days of travelling, the brothers reached their house “Father, your son has stolen!” one of the brother said The old prophet was confused and he didn’t
understand what they meant So he asked them to
explain what had happened The brothers told
him everything- how they were given a
feast at the palace, how they got the grains, and how
the kings golden cup was found in Benyamin’s saddle bag When the prophet
heard their story, he knew that Allah(swt)
had a hand in it, and understood that
Allah(swt) was testing him. He was made to suffer
for Yusuf before, and now he was made to
suffer for Benyamin. He knew that God testing him, otherwise He would not make him suffer
for two of his sons He then said “Perhaps, Allah(swt) will bring
all of them to me. Allah(swt) is the
All-Knowing, All-wise!” He found solace in his prayers, and it strengthened his faith
and patience as well. The Prophet had wept for so many years
over the loss of his son Yusuf (as), and now he wept for
Benyamin as well. After weeping for so many years, the Prophet had now
lost his sight! “O father, why are you
destroying yourself in this way?” pleaded his sons “I complain of my grief
and sorrow to Allah(swt) I know from Allah((swt) what you do
not know” The prophet replied. He then asked his sons
to go to Egypt once again and not to give up hope. When they arrived in
Egypt, they took Juda, and they went to meet Yusuf (as) They begged and they
pleaded to the Prophet. By now, sorrow and love
rose up in the Prophet. He could no longer bear to listen
to the griefs of his own brothers. He thought “How long can I conceal the truth
from them when they are in need?” “How long can I go without
seeing my father?” Then he told them “Do you know what you did to Yusuf
and his brother when you were ignorant?” The brothers knew that
this was a secret known only to
themselves and Yusuf. “Are you our brother, Yusuf?”
They asked him “I am Yusuf”
He replied, “and Benyamin is my brother. Allah(swt) has been good to us Whoever fears Allah(swt)
and is patient, Allah(swt) always rewards them!” The brothers began to
tremble with fear, but Yusuf(as) comforted them. “We have sinned
brother” they said. “Allah(swt) has certainly
preferred you more than us” “May Allah(swt) forgive
you” said the Prophet. “He is the most Merciful
of the Merciful” The Prophet then embraced his
brothers, and wept with Joy. It was not possible for
him to leave Egypt as he had many responsibilities. So he advised his brothers
to leave without him. He then gave them his shirt and said “Take this shirt of mine,and throw it over
my father’s face. He will recover his sight. Then bring me all
of your family” The brothers agreed,
and left for Caanan. As the caravan approached
Caanan, Yaqub (as) sensed the scent of
Yusuf in the air! He stood up all of a sudden, got dressed, and went
to meet his sons . “Yaqub has come out
of his room today!” The wife of his
eldest son remarked. “How do you feel today?”
asked the other “I can smell Yusuf in the air”
replied the prophet. The wives then left him alone, saying that there
was no hope for him “He will die weeping
over Yusuf” said one “He said he could smell him! He has gone mad”
said the other. That night the old man asked for a
glass of milk to break his fasting. As the Caravan
approached nearer, the old Prophet kept
praying to the Lord And when the Caravan
finally arrived, the old prophet went
outside and asked “I smell Yusuf in the air! Is
it real, or am I hallucinating? “You are certainly mistaken”
said one of the wives. But the prophet was
indeed telling the truth! The bearer of the
good news arrived, and placed Yusuf’s
shirt over his face! It was a miracle! As soon
as the shirt was placed, Yaqub (as) got his sight back!!! “Didn’t I tell you
that I know from Allah(swt) what you don’t know?”He
said to them happily The brothers realized
their mistake. “We have sinned father.
Please ask forgiveness for our actions” they said. “I will ask Lord to forgive you, He is All-Forgiving and
All-Merciful” replied the Prophet! Then the Old Prophet left
for Egypt to meet his son. Yusuf (as) received
him with great joy! Then Yusuf (as) placed his
father on the throne!! The old prophets happiness
knew no bounds. Then his father and
all his brothers prostrated before Yusuf (as) “This is the the dream that I saw when I
was young” said Yusuf (as) “I saw eleven stars,
the sun and the moon bowing down to me. My
Lord has made it true!” The prophet then met the king, seeking permission for his
family to settle down in Egypt. The prophet was a great
asset to the Kingdom, and the King was
very happy to agree. The great power and
responsibility did not distract the
Prophet from Allah (swt). He remembered and worshipped
Allah(swt) all the time. The prophet did not want to
die the death of a king. He did not like to
be gathered around the people of royalty.
He wanted to die the death of a slave
to Allah(swt), and to be gathered around the righteous. Yusuf (as), at the
time of his death, asked his brothers to bury
him beside his forefathers. So when he passed away,
he was mummified and placed in a coffin until a suitable
time to be taken out of Egypt. It is said that he died at the age of One hundred and ten!! Mashallah! That was
such a great story!! Now are you ready
for the questions? Yes I am!! Alright, now tell me
how did Prophet Yaqub (as) know that his son was coming? Yusuf(as) had given his
shirt to his brothers. When the caravan
they were travelling approached the house of Yaqub(as) he got the smell
of his shirt and realized that his lost
son was returning! Mashallah! That’s
the correct answer. Now tell me how did
Yaqub(as) regain his sight? Yaqub(as) regained his sight when his
eyes were covered with the Yusuf’s shirt. That’s right again! And now
for the last question. Where did Prophet
Yusuf (AS) die? He died in Egypt, at the
age of one hundred and ten That’s brilliant my son.
That’s all for today, I will tell you the story of
another prophet tomorrow Good night my son Good night!

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