Prophet Manasseh Word of Knowledge with Benny Hinn

I have never known a young man all always them I've never known a young man as accurate prophetically as this young man I mean accurate to the place he will give you your account number in the bank so accurate he'll he'll tell you your name first and last and so I have a good piece of counsel for you now before I let him loose confess your sins he may just almost tell you what sin you've committed I'm not I'm not kidding you this man here's God okay before we give the second offering those are giving a hundred or more goddess has been talking to him but I want you all to just just for another 1 minute lift your hands pray in the spirit and just finish the toll the Lord right now because that's wonderful that that anyone who comes on here for you are glorious listen to his voice too you're the NA the thrall No Oh we lift our voice in prayer you're the haha the throne this there's there's there's an anointing just lets up your hand start speaking I'm feeling something draw draw me draw Oh me Lord how come running after you Oh help me come on come on draw you draw oh the Lord I saw you yesterday and the Lord told me something he says you tell him not only am I going to give him more properties and other buildings and different things but there are two other churches that I do see you starting and the Lord tells me that there's really an Apostleship anointing that's upon you I don't know where you're living at I don't know where you are I don't even know your location but I do know that the Lord gave me almost like an address number and then I saw checks being mailed to and it was almost as if I saw one one one five huh that's it he said I'm sending it there thus saith the spear Living God jump draw me now there there is there is there is an anointing here because I'm seeing I'm seeing uh I don't know why the Lord is telling me this but dr. Mike Murdock the Lord is telling me that there's a prosperity anointing on you because there's a mand of God that needs you to write a note to him this is what the Lord is telling me and if someone can give you a paper but I want you to write this letter because the Lord the Lord is being very clear with me and very specific that he told me this while I was laying down in bed sleeping he says you write down dear Stephen that's spelled with a P ste pH Stephen dear Stephen John God will release funds that's been tied up for two years and do you know Steven are you are you Steven John he says give that note to him oh my god I feel the anointing that Jesus [Applause]

39 thoughts on “Prophet Manasseh Word of Knowledge with Benny Hinn”

  1. Your NO prophet your a fraud,Jesus was the last Prophet appointed by God for he was God in the flesh in the form of Jesus many gullible people have you ripped off,your God is Money.

  2. I have had enough of fake christains like these 3 and so many more. Its all aboit getting peoples money so these people can live better. Such bull shit

  3. He's just a prophet operating in his office! That's how Prophets are and always have been! He's operating in a word of knowledge look it up in the scripture it's one of the gifts of the Spirit

  4. Beloved, do not believe in any spirit, but search the spirits if they are from God; for there were many false prophets in the world.
    1 John 4: 1

  5. Am Actually waiting to hear "REPENT from what you're doing" , " the LORD want you to turn to HIM ". Am not against him . Never ! But am just curious and wondering if everyone there are all angels and hence no chastising of any sort from God, Remember I am not criticizing him , because I am not there when was anointed and I don't know his anointing power, so am not criticizing him at all just thinking aloud

  6. No body knows the thoughts of God, No body should judge these Men it is only by the spirit of the living God that you can discern these things or test the spirits

  7. if there are false Prophets it means there are true Prophets….stop telling us about false prophets and point the true Prophets. Don't point the false prophets only and leave us like that

  8. Itching ears, lying wonders and seducing spirits are here among us. BE WARNED people of God. Test every spirit… gift of the Holy spirit are real but it most be accompanied with the Fruit of the spirit

  9. Prophet Manasseh My Foot! Looks like these scum bags *Benny Jinn and his little profeet… were just thrown out of a low-grade porn flick by the animals on the cast dadgummit! HAHAHAHAHA!

  10. I believe manasseh Jordan is a scammer liar and fake prophet he took my money two years ago until now i haven't heard from him

  11. Prophet Manasseh
    Warning, don't follow or listen to this false prophet
    I assure you that he is operating in the spirit of witchcraft, he is being use by a demon, Read the books of acts and learn how he Holy Spirit works, True prophets deal with sin and disobedient they correct the church. Acts 8 and 16.

  12. Please show me one scripture where the Most High called a prophet that did not keep his laws, statues, commandments.

    Sounds like satan is alive in this congregation not the Most High.

  13. Just like his mother and father. It runs in famil they are blessed and the anointimg is over powering. Bless pastor Benny I love him. Blessing to all of God's people amen!!! Caroline

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