Proof That Alaskan Bush People Is Totally Fake

Since 2014, Alaskan Bush People has been airing
on the Discovery Channel, following the seemingly dangerous lives of the Brown family…but
are those adventures real, or is Alaskan Bush People one big reality TV show lie? There are actually a few a reasons why Alaskan
Bush People is totally fake… Based on a true story Family patriarch Billy Brown wrote One Wave
at a Time in 2007, which was the source of inspiration for Alaskan Bush People. The Brown family supposedly ventured into
the lower 48 for the sole purpose of turning his book into a movie or TV show. Capital City Weekly reports that the Browns
took a production crew back to Alaska to recreate the journey described in the book. It was initially intended to be a one-season
documentary in which the Browns re-enacted their life in the Alaskan bush, but the project
proved so popular that it was repackaged into an ongoing series. Not so remote True isolation means there are no roads, nearby
towns, or neighbors, but this wasn’t the case with the Browns when they set up shop during
the first season. According to research by Alaska Dispatch-News,
the show filmed near a resident who admitted his family wasn’t too thrilled with the noise. They also claim the first season took place
half a mile away from a pizza place, because nothing says “wilderness” quite like melted
cheese and pepperoni. California dreaming Sometime between seasons four and five, the
Browns found themselves in California, where Noah Brown allegedly met up with a pretty
Californian brunette named Karryna L. Kauffman. Later, she accepted an invitation to “Browntown”
to reunite with him. Their date was filmed for season 5, and shortly
after their awkward encounter aired, social media sleuths found Kauffman’s social media
profiles…and an IMDb page. The coincidence seems to imply that Alaskan
Bush People hired an actress. It wouldn’t be surprising — after all, the
“date” was mostly about Brown getting over his ex-girlfriend. He even performed a song about it for Kauffman. (playing song about ex-girlfriend) …because nothing wins a girl over on a date
like a guy singing a song about his ex-girlfriend. Busted CNN reported that the Browns pled guilty to
lying on their Permanent Fund Dividend forms. Dividend forms are used to pretty much give
out free money for anyone staying in Alaska year-round…which the Brown family didn’t
technically do for a couple of years. “The charges came with a potential prison
sentence for much of the family.” “All I know is we’ll do what we’ve always
done. We’ll take what comes, we’ll knock it down,
and we’ll stand proud.” Billy Brown attempted to explain the family’s
legal problems to TV viewers, implying that that family is innocent because the state
won’t allow them to live “free and wild.” “They won’t let you live like we live anymore. If anything else, what you and I are going
through right now, and about to go to jail for, proves it.” Using state money to support yourself is kind
of the opposite of “off the grid independence” anyhow. Web-savvy The Alaskan Bush People creators went out
of their way to claim the Brown kids had no clue how an iPhone works or who Kim Kardashian
is… “That’s the princess, or queen. “The queen’s still alive. “Is she?” “Jazzy?” “Jaz-E?” “Yeah, these names…” But before they were known as Alaskan Bush
People, the family created a website to market themselves and Billy Brown’s books, which
pretty much shatters the claim that the Browns have no concept of modern technology. Sure, the site could have been professionally
built for the Browns because of their lack of computer savvy, but there’s plenty of other
evidence that further proves that the Brown family really isn’t a bunch of Kimmy Schmidts. Case in point: their individual YouTube channels. Bam, Gabe, Noah, Snow, and Rain Brown were
all active on YouTube at one point, and their channels featured some very non-wilderness
details about their lives. Unless arcade shootouts are just some Alaskan
wilderness tradition that we just don’t know about yet. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know what
you think of Alaskan Bush People…

100 thoughts on “Proof That Alaskan Bush People Is Totally Fake”

  1. Oh my,this show is fake.all these idiotic shows are fake.I'm thinking even the show about the idiots trying to catch monsters in the woods ranks up there as fake stupid.

  2. Billy always states: "we don't need the civilized world, we are totally independent!"
    How can they be, when they use rifles (…that need ammunition), machines and ships (…that need fuel), nails, and processed wood parts (as they don't have their own sawmill….)
    They may be "wild" but they're not independent…..!

  3. Said it once every two hundred times nothing but a bunch of you lazy good-for-nothing people that want easy money I'm hard-working people like me for free because if they were to do everything they said they done they being a lot better shape and they would actually know how to build something they can't even put a f**** nail on a piece of wood they probably know more about technology then you and me and no doubt a lot of City people probably know more about the Wilderness than they do

  4. 10 Ways to know its Totally Fake- 1. Its based on a true story. 2. A supposed Neighbor didnt like noise. 3. Corny Son tried to get laid. 4. Was charged with accepting $$ and not living at the non existent address given. 5. Kids Undoubtedly weren't raised by Wolves according to former big man Kevin Garnett. 6. 1 of the half retarted girls heard of the Most Popular Ppl of this Generation. 7. They've all watched YOUTUBE on their Own Acct for some reason, but claim to "Have" lived in the "Bush". They could've meant they lived in the "The Bush" Administration. They all did, except for that lil half retarted one maybe?

  5. wouldnt you fake a little to make the money they make . Blame the show makers . i would do what they said for the money ,wouldnt you?

  6. Thier a bunch of inbreded hillbillies.I noticed all billy does is sit there and bark orders to his kids he's fucking lazy we all seen videos of the kids on you tube that were posted 10yrs ago fake as fuck.Scripted like all reality shows i just hope the mom wasnt faking her cancer that would be down right pathetic.

  7. When I first saw this mess I thought to myself, "who in the hell is going to believe this?" I would watch it just to get my comedy hour in. This was better than the Costello show of the 50's. So what happens, they get discovered as fraud. After how many thousands of dollars did that toothless bunch get first. LOL

  8. Yep all reality tv shows are frequently scripted including survivor big brother and even duck dynasty was..i saw a pig shot once where they showed a live hog but when the shot was taken the pig hit looked different than the one initially shown..the pig fell over like a block of wood as it either was a very good decoy target or a stuffed pig and no blood at all no squeal nothing..hunting never happens like that def faked..another I saw was the legend of mick Mars about a man who only lived in the wilderness for 20 plus years but in the last episode I ever watched he was salmon fishing and reeled in what he pretended was a giant salmon was caught I laughed like hell as it was obviously a store bought salmon gutted and obviously still frozen not moving at all I replayed it several times and yep..a gutted frozen salmon what bs lmao

  9. I hate that young faget who puts dirt om the face, and screams like wolf. Hey come to russian forest, show me what u got , or or some russian village, max 5-7 days, and u will cry bitch

  10. Some may have already mentioned, but a few things stand out. First, they aren't "Alaskan Bush People" (ABP) and haven't been for a couple of years. They live in Washington State. So right off, the lies continue. They are not unique or quirky, they are weird by almost every standard. When filming the first couple of seasons they actually lived in Hoonah, Alaska (Icy Strait Point) and were not well thought of at all. While filming in their "wilderness" location (just out of town) the neighbors next door constantly complained of all the noise. How'd you like to listen to all that howling? Yes, most "reality" shows are scripted (American Pickers for example) and basically are fake. Yet there has to be a basic realism (like in "Mountain Men" or "Alaska the Last Frontier") to form the show around.
    I think Discovery has lowered their standards too far down with the ABP. Everyone you mention the show to just laughs at them.

  11. They're Browndashian Bush People, Billy is having a sex change in the next season. He will be wearing Bear's panties cause Amy, Birdy, and Airhead where boxers

  12. The show would probably be better if they had better actors and stop putting that crazy dumbass bear in charge of doing stuff and every time he touches something he he messes it up or make it seem like a bigger problem than what it is and who punches everything and run around like a six-year-old kid he's thirty-something years old I think he has mental problems or he's an idiot

  13. If you're out in the Alaskan Bush why does the girl always have different hairstyles and every time they have a project they keep intentionally making things simple jobs look difficult in a 30 year old bear over Act and when they give him a project he always acts like an idiot punch and everything digging with his hands when you have a shovel he's an idiot and he's not funny or helpful he's the worst actor on the show you can tell it was fake I think he has mental issues and that fake language come on man come on man

  14. To the extent there's a TV show, it's artificial. The people themselves seem genuine. This video does nothing to convince me otherwise. Weak stuff.

    Best of luck to the Browns

  15. If you want to see a (most likely) true story, watch 'Alaska's Last Frontier.' Now, that's where it's at.

  16. all the time they say : " WE dont have money ! " why dont you have money ???????? you are fucking payed for each episode !!!!! you fucking bastards

  17. You are off tilt! You slant things to make them worse than they are. Most of these things were reported on and made clear on the series. You are just another gossip rag lol Natl Enquirer.

  18. “All liars will burn!!!” Is the hope I have in the Bible my people were forced to accept🔥🔥🔥😊😊😊 All of em❣️❣️❣️

  19. How if they supposedly didn’t even kno wat a microwave is are they quoting Scarface saying “meet my little friend” and talking about Star Wars and ahit wen they act like they barely discovered the concept of the wheel?? They are playing the role and going and getting tattoos and braces and wearing all kinds of arcane costumes like how would they kno about the Middle Ages to dress all gothic and they didn’t even know wat a DVD player is? I think they all fuck each other and the two chics scissor.

  20. And then they show them building all these structures like the barn and all that shit all on their own with no help from any workers or contractors and the shit comes out all perfect but yet they want to live in teepees and then this dude knows all about electronics like but NOOO they don’t kno wat a cell phone is and don’t know about cable tv or electricity GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK and then Matt goes off and gets drunk and cries about it paleeeeZe!!! The dad doesn’t want them to kno about the EASY way to do things like normal people he wants them to live in squalor and be ignorant like him … and they don’t have nobody to fuck and wen they do they go get married … how fucked is that ?

  21. And they don’t kno anything about the world and society but yet they have accents and talk about the English people and then do Bostonian accents and they never even heard of a flushing toilet or but they kno who Kim Kardashian is… that’s the only thing they need is to give up the acting careers and go get a high school diploma already and get over and move on . Okay .. NOW I’m over it. Thank you ..

  22. I don't think you can say it's totally fake just because they have some contact with society, and use modern day amenities amongst other slurs. Why wouldn't they? The fact that they're a loving family unit living their lives as they see fit is personally enough for myself. The only downfall could be how earnings will change their outlook in life. Still who cares? good on them for all their hard work and showing us all how to appreciate a beautiful family unit. Jealousy, name calling and vindictiveness are vile traits, don't let them consume you. Take a leaf out of this wonderful family's book and just appreciate their efforts.

    I wish them all the best.

  23. Most of the other Alaskans I've talked to agree that it is an embarrassment they depict these fools as true Alaskans. It's like watching a cartoon making fun of the State or like driving by an accident and you can't help but look and wished you hadn't. Why they decided to pick this family over so many normal hard working Alaskans I will never know. These are Texans, not Alaskans. We do not claim them as ours. I am a proud Alaskan. I was born Alaskan, married an Alaskan man and had both my children here in Alaska. We are hard working and don't steal from the State as the Brown's have done. I believe their only purpose in coming up to Alaska was for the permanent fund dividend. With a family that size it would raise a tidy sum, especially to a family that doesn't work and lives off the system. And that dream shattered because they frauded the State and now can not collect benefits or permanent funds here. Good reddens to bad rubbish.

  24. I think we all realize reality shows must have somescripted content. And I don't know the extent of this here. But I will keep watching because there's not an F bomb uttered and no hump and grind scenes. Ami seems to be a devout christian. And it's very entertaining. So there.

  25. I would say it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this show is as fake as a three dollar bill. How many people do you know that run thru the woods doing flips and howling out? Me? None. But, with that said, I would watch it some, because I consider it an off the wall goofy comedy. Sort of like the three stooges, but, there is just more " stooges". We got " Pork Chop" who is considered muscle man, the " Professor" sorry, no Mary Ann with this goof ball, just his make beleive inventions around the home stead, then we got " Don Juan" the playboy that liked tipping the bottle a little too much and DaDa Billy give him the boot up his ass, and now, we need a name for the last basket case, the one with the mop attached to his head? Any suggestions? Hey the show is good for a laugh once in awhile. Except, I don't think its meant to be funny.

  26. I stopped watching it quite a while back, but it is entertainment. If you are entertained while watching it, that's all that's important.

  27. Who cares? It’s a good show. Do you people have nothing better to do than spread rumors over stupid shit. We had the same thing with Bear Grylls, doesn’t make the lessons any less relevant.

  28. I've seen this show just a couple of weeks ago, before i go to my work i see 30 mins tv from Discovery Channel and now it was time for Alaskan Bush People. Didnt liked that much but it was nice to see all of their special personality's (if it is acting or not that doesnt matter for now on). There was some weird things i always thought about… After a couple of episodes, there was a special episode that they talk about fake or real since allot of ppl thought it is fake, since then i tried to check evrything which could be fake or real.

    What i saw:
    * Their teeth's shows this is real.
    * You can see the kids arent actors but his own kids (they look very similair to their parents).
    * Isnt gun powder or bullets expensive in Alaska? The Kilchers make their own bullets since buying bullets would be expensive. Mr Brown just buy it with 'what' money? They only buy stuff they really need so they dont have much money.
    * How did Discovery found the family Brown? Without a phone, internet, smartphone etc… it is very hard to find real bush ppl, if you ask me.
    * I suppose they doesnt go to school, so how can they talk that good English? or even reading. Okej with an accent but still…
    * Oldest son was 30? 33? And he stil doesnt know allot from things in the bush or simply attaching a boat. <- Even i know this shit and i aint from the bush.

    This is just some of my thoughts i had, got some more but no need to write evrything.

    You know what? For me i enjoy the program a little bit, since it relax me before going to work if it is real or fake, really i dont care. It relax me and that my friend is the only thing what matters on 6:00 AM.

  29. Good programme about local hillbillies, no wonder they don't fit in, 7 kids got fuc! All else to do the mother obsessed with babies Fuc! Off, good job they don't get child benefit YET!

  30. It's probaly Trumps fault or the Russians lol… So in brown town everybody is full of it? If thats true im gonna blame it on the democrats….Lol!!!

  31. Good morning Nicki! Thanks much for the info. Granted not all reality t.v. shows are completely legit, as you raise several interesting points, BUT I still watch the show anyways and root for the family's success writ large as they are a fun and interesting troop. Best wishes!

  32. I've seen a little bit of the show and felt like they all are missing a piece of there brain.
    More like Alaskan Hillbilly People!! 😂

    Discovery channel needs to cancel this shit already!

  33. Those are really no news. If ever there was a fake show, this one beats everything. I can not understand why it is still on the air. It must be that people enjoy garbage like that and watch it still. Sad.

  34. living on a mountain in the snowy and freezing winter? year round fending for themselves while wearing costumes? its as phoney as a three dollar bill

  35. One of the Alaskan bush people knocked on our door when they were staying in the same hotel as us because they thought they heard someone screaming but it was actually my baby brother

  36. It kept the ratings up for several seasons. They show how families should work together all the time!! I enjoyed it!!!

  37. Is anything on tv truly real. Com'n. T.V. was fake 60 years ago. What do you think is real about it. I think even the news is off sometimes.

  38. We love the show we love the family and you are a right little turd. you were at school you are now, no likes you because you talk about people behind their backs. T U R D

  39. Today is 9 919 I watch the recent episode God what a joke I am so embarrassed for being a fan I will no longer spend my time watching them

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