Proof of evolution that you can find on your body

Your body is a temple, but it’s also a museum
of natural history. Look closely and you’ll see parts that aren’t
there because you need them but because your animal ancestors did.
No longer serving their previous function but not costly enough to have disappeared,
these remnants of our deep history only make sense within the framework of evolution by
natural selection. With your arm on a flat surface, push your
thumb against your pinky and tip your hand slightly up.
If you see a raised band in the middle of the wrist, you’ve got a vestigial muscle
in your forearm. That tendon you see connects to the palmaris
longus, a muscle that around 10-15% of people are missing
on one or both of their arms. It doesn’t make them any weaker though.
There’s no difference in grip strength. In fact, it’s one of the first tendons that
surgeons will take out so they can use it in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.
You can find the palmaris longus across mammal species, but it’s most developed among those
that use their forelimbs to move around. In primates, that means the muscle is longer
in lemurs and monkeys and shorter in chimps, gorillas, and other apes that don’t do a
lot of scrambling through trees. It’s not the only leftover muscle that we’ve got. Look
at the three that are attached to our outer ear.
We can’t get much movement out of these muscles, especially compared to some of our
mammal relatives who use them to locate the sources of sounds.
Presumably this would have been quite helpful for early nocturnal mammals.
In humans, you can still detect the remnants of this adaptation with electrodes.
In one study researchers recorded a spike of activity in the ear muscle cells in response
to a sudden sound. Not enough to move the ear, but detectable.
And you can probably guess the location of the sound based on the results – it came from
a speaker to the left of the study subjects. So this is their left ear subconsciously trying
(and failing) to pivot toward the sound. You can see another futile effort by our vestigial
body parts when you get goosebumps. When we’re cold, tiny muscles attached to
our body hairs contract, pulling the hair upright which causes the surrounding skin
to form a bump. For our furry mammal relatives, the raised
hair increases the amount of space for insulation, helping them stay warm.
Birds can do this too. you’ve probably seen a puffy pigeon on a cold day.
Adrenaline is one of the hormones involved in the body’s response to cold temperatures,
and it’s also part of the fight or flight response.
So it helps some animals appear larger when they’re threatened.
And it may be why surprising and emotional turns in music can give some people goosebumps.
And then there’s our tail. At the end of our spine are a set of fused vertebrae – some
people have 3, some have 5. We call it the tailbone.
It now serves as an anchor for some pelvic muscles but it’s also what’s left of our
ancestors’ tails. Every one of us actually had a tail at one
point. When the basic body plan is being laid out at around 4 weeks of gestation, humans
embryos closely resemble embryos of other vertebrates.
And that includes a tail with 10-12 developing vertebrae.
In many other animals it continues to develop into a proper tail.
But in humans and other apes, the cells in the tail are programmed to die a few weeks
after they appear. Vary rarely though, a mutation allows the
ancestral blueprint to prevail and a human baby will be born with a true vestigial tail. The most adorable vestigial behavior is the palmar grasp reflex, where infants up until
they’re about 6 months old have this incredible grasp on whatever you put in their hand. There’s
a similar reflex for their feet. I wanted to show you this great piece of footage from
the 1930s where they demonstrated this behavior. These babies are only 1 month old and you
can see that their inner monkey can support their entire weight.

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  1. Right, but losing abilities is not evolution, it's devolving. Nearly, if not all adaptation, occurs by breaking genes not creating new genes, because breaking genes, and losing traits, is the fastest way to adapt. An analogy would be if a car needed to get better gas mileage to survive in a new environment. It would be much easier to lighten the vehicle by losing non-critical parts, than coming up with an entirely new engine design. And that's exactly what goes on in nature. Each time that happens the ability to adapt declines not increases. It's a downhill process.

  2. you forgot about the wrinkled skin on the finger when exposed to moisture. it is not just the skin absorbed the water then expands, it actually serves a purpose of having extra grippy for example lets say out in the rainy outside and a little traction is useful during climbing and holdin unto something.

  3. Well today is July 20th 2019. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, believed by many to be the most technological achievement in human history.

    But where did the moon come from in the first place? The bible has the answer. The bible says that God(Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit) created the sun, moon, and stars on day 4 of the creation week. He merely spoke them into existence.

  4. What a load of nonsense. "Oh Look, there are some body parts which we don't have an explanation for, or know the function of, therefore evolution must be true Duh!" Did it ever occur to these evolutionist fraudsters that just because they don't know the function of these organs and muscles, does not mean that they don't have a function. These people are so arrogant that they boldly proclaim that something must be a relic of evolution just because they themselves cannot figure out what use it has today.

  5. This is funny. People mock creationists and then believe some children have actual tails.
    The LOSS of a muscle doesn't not show progressive evolution. It shows a LOSS of information.
    If it's a mutation, it does not lead to more information required for evolution.
    Wait……wiggly ears and goosebumps prove we evolved from animals? hahah. Maybe we evolved from geese?

  6. Simple questions that evolutionist won't be able to answer: Why is it evolution not happening again? Why there is no more animal development? And vice versa why human don't turn to animal if evolution has no restrict rules?

  7. im of the guys that do pull ups on theyre pinkies , i thought i knew the reason why im so special but then this question rises again , Why am i so special then ??

  8. Why are scientists abandoning their own standards when it comes to evolution?
    They have some kind of a belief and they try to prove it just like religious people.
    They try so hard that they see tails on humans bodies.
    Scientists standards say that they should experiment something to decide that it is a fact

  9. I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government; it is as if he would catch his people in a trap.

    Turkish Revolutionist Leader Moustapha Kemal Atatürk

  10. Where's the missing Link? The real missing Link! Good try at getting rid of God's plan. The reason people want to belive in evolution is because they can't admit they are sinners and need God to redeem them.

  11. Summary
    because of natural selection and evolution, humans still have parts that were required for our animal ancestors. Such as a tailbone, raised band middle of the wrist, infant grasp .

  12. There’s a VERY big difference between micro evolution and macro evolution. Anyone who says micro evolution isn’t real is a fool. Anyone who says macro evolution is real is a fool, since there has been absolutely no documented evidence anywhere on earth.

  13. None of this video proves evolution it doesn't take a lot to think of an alternative reason 4 things that are in some animals and not in others… most animals have eyeballs just like me doesn't mean we evolved

  14. How could it be, that we lost so many important for surviving features in… "evolution" and survived? It is God's miracle! ))))

  15. What was the third scene of examples of things that we no longer need/use but our ancestors did? (The Elbow/Arm one) I got the other ones but I didn't get that one.

  16. Proof? !!! Pufffff. At least let's created a human driven evolution so that we can see how it is happening. If you can not. Don't start telling me story like we need billions of years and certain condition. Until the day you prove the evolution THEORY as a law as strong as Law of gravitation shut up and call your theory as a belief!

  17. In 0:38 is it just me or is the left person pushing her thumb and pinky together while the right is just lightly touching

  18. I'm sure there are many more subtle differences between the wheat and the tares, and I hope it will all come out very soon.

  19. I believe in adaptation not evolution, the bible is obviously fir moronic people at this point its nearly 2020 and if you still believe in that i have a series of 7 books called harry potter i would like to sell you go make a religion out of that.

  20. I grew wings last year But it fall off because it took too much energy to maintain my limbs and wings, it seems I used my limbs more so it remain.

    My work colleague grew horns, but they also fall off,…may be similar reason. BUT she glue them back on her head! she had skull tatoos all over, may be she is in occult devil stuffs perhaps thats why

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