5 thoughts on “Project Education 2019 || An initiative of Roudei Katamnao Long || Ukhrul || Manipur ||”

  1. A very great initiative👍👍….Highly appreciated to the educators👏👏
    always found worthwatching vdoz in tis channel➡ #MASHUNGMIZINGKHAI thankq
    N a big CONGRATULATIONS to THANSING ZINGKHAI for motivating&inspiring the younger children..
    No matter how shallow&stupid it is,social status n friends in ta group will come into play on who has the best idea..its important tat we get experience..its more productive to do project with more people hu wil each understand..

  2. Wow I was really impresed after watching…..I feel like going home and took the initiative to ignite innovate and motivate our young one's………great….thumps up.. for our great educator's 👍👍👍

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