15 thoughts on “Project Based Learning: Why, How, and Examples”

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  2. Not sure I understand why you said this tends to be for "at risk" students. Does that imply kids not "at risk" do not benefit as much? TIA

  3. I took PBL course before but had hard time how to use PBL in Japanese language class. How can we use PBL in Level I Asian language class? Can anyone help me?

  4. This is the first video of yours I disliked. The reason being that you stated something that might actually be incorrect. Actually, it is seen that Project based learning is more suited to high achievers in the class than low achievers in the class.  I believe thare are MANY studies that actually demonstrate this much more substantially, than the contrary. Although I understand that the intention of your videos is not to criticize any specific mode of instruction but just to present them as they are and what they mean, you can't misinform people to thinking that things like PBL is something that actually is more successful than unsuccessful. There is COUNTLESS research out there that shows the short comings and failures of strategies such as PBL, ESPECIALLY at school level, compared to research that show otherwise. I might have used one of your videos before, but I am NOT going to use this one in my class, and I will recommend others NOT to look up this particular video. Sorry but that's how it is.

  5. I could not agree more. I started using PBL, and the difference is amazing. The earlier kids start, the more advanced they appear. I am a huge supporter.

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