Profiles at the School of Education: Tremayne

[music] So my name is Tremayne Robertson and I am a
incoming fourth year student in the School of Education in the Department of
cultural foundations of education. I ended up at Syracuse University because
it’s a great place to study in terms of the particulars of the CFE program which,
it’s a disciplinary program which is awesome for me, because I can take
classes wherever I want and create the program that i’m interested, in versus
being restricted to a curriculum that doesn’t necessarily suit every facet of
my professional personal aspirations. Here in Syracuse I work with the awesome
team of folks some of which are housed in the School of Educatio. One in
particular Dr. Gretchen Lopez heads the Intergroup Dialogue program. I in particular coteach a course on sexual orientation and/or gender and I’ve been doing that
working with that particular program since I believe the fall 2006. So it’s
been a while it’s been great, and it also adds more depth and breadth to my
research terms of thinking out loud black masculinity from intersectional
analysis. [music]

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