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  2. Those Lalibela churches were excavated/carved from out of the rock. One story goes that King Lalibela was given a vison in a dream by YHVH to create these churches; by day the craftsman would create/build the church; & at night angels would work on the rest.

  3. Professor Smalls Yes! The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black. They have his interview with his zionist parents on YT. It's the zionist vs the orthodox jews. The Transfer Agreement is about Hitler's (AshkaNAZI) Government funding the beginnings of what we now know as the state of israel [both the israelis & the present day saudia arabia are descendants of ottoman turks]. The holocaust is about zionist [nationalist] jews exterminating the orthordox jews. Just like ISIS = Israel Secret Intelligence Service aka MOSSAD. https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4586363/isis-stands-israeli-secret-intelligence-service.

  4. My name is Omega Meza I just wanted to let you know that I love you for showing me the truth Peace and blessings to you.

  5. it's sad to say that we don't even have time to learn now it's been going on too long we have to make it up as we go because they are upon you and your time is of the essence before they erase everything about your existence

  6. I thought the same thing in regards to how white people conquered Black people because we outnumber caucasians. And the answer to that is basically what Professor James Small said in terms of, it wasn't in our African ancestors nature of spirit because we followed the laws of MAAT for thousands of years. So nature I believe threw Black people a curve ball when the Universe created white people. Just imagine living a civilized lifestyle for thousands of years, then it's interrupted of seeing people you never saw before such as ruthless white people coming upon your land after the ice age melted. Therefore, maybe our African ancestors thought it was their responsibility to teach and civilized white people. However, white people used Black people's knowledge against us and twisted all the true information which is still existing today. This is why it's so difficult for Black people collectively to cleanse their thinking from a dominated european mindset. I always say I can never hate white people or anyone else because if you do, you simply poison and destroy yourself. However, I do observe white people in new and different mindset now because their history of what they do to Black people across the planet has proven that they can never be trusted.

  7. I'm glad I watched this video. Need it wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Peace into you elder,.,. Thank you.

  8. Triple Stages Of Darkness! My Mental SPARK'S Lit!,
    I Mentally Opened My 3rd Eye! & My Violet Chakra'll SOLVE it!,
    Un-EARTH it! …Resources Within The Inner! I'm On The Surface!…,
    My Aura FELT The Mother Earth Give BIRTH! Tsnami's BELT As The Earth TWISTS ,
    Never! TOLD! That Animals & Plants Possess SOULS!…Or Rather Technically SPIRITS!,
    Drink Some Dead Fermented Fruit Juices! ….& THEN You can De-tect It! & You Will FEEL IT……..My Rhymes Travel Over Top Of Your MIND!…..Before They PEEL it!,
    & REVEAL! Ish!……Your Unknown Barithary Gland & Pituitary IGNITE & Your Physical EYES STARTS To SEE Shhhhhhhh!

  9. Our suffering has become a commodity in this country no one want to tell us the whole truth slavery was abolished and 1865 all labels that allude to slavery are illegal to claim as your nationality black African-American color negro makes you a criminal and subject to all abuse why you think you filling up the prisons

  10. We have one free national name that is recognized all around the world as a part of the family of Nations and that is Moorish American national

  11. an African American and a black man ain't nothing but a domesticated Niger in this country and always will be until he claimed his nationality and stand up like a man and connect himself back into the human family

  12. No man is free that fear to claim his own nationality on his own land we are not black people or African Americans

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