Prof. dr. Marcus Specht on Learning & Education

So considering the question what will change
in education and learning with digitalisation I think that the key starting point we have
to look at is what has changed in that last 150 years. So basically you can see that since the Industrial
Revolution education is still going the same way,
if you look into classrooms and schools today. But in the background there is a big change
because we have data about our students. We can see our students learn with cognitive
neuroscience methods. So we know a lot more about how learning is
taking place and when it’s happening and how we can foster learning and individual
development. So I think what will really dramatically change,
is that you can empower the individual really to grow into a better self. The challenge and the opportunity we have
in the digital society considering education and learning,
is really that we can empower the individual to develop into their best self.

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