Prof. Barbara Oakley on Learning: Start Tiny

research is showing that the more open you are to learning the the healthier your lifestyle it seems to reflect in many many ways in in every area of your life and I think maybe a problem or a challenge that people have is that they think well I have to if I'm going to learn I have to learn this gigantic I have to learn how to use computers I've got to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese I've got to learn and they they think that learning always involves these massive you know virtually undoable tasks you know because they can be very intense and they can involve a lifetime for an adult to kind of pick up some of these skills but learning doesn't have to be that learning can be the tiniest thing and and if you just kind of opened yourself a little bit to you know is there a different way to work maybe it's a little faster or or my daughter is got a she she's unreadable and oh yeah I didn't realize it that's really fascinating and I learned something from her if you're open you don't need to be open necessarily to the gigantic things be open to the tiny things and then and it will unfold from there

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