Problems Only Book Lovers Understand

– Hi, what are you reading? – Whatcha readin’? – What are you reading? – Ooh, Harry Potter,
isn’t that a kid’s book? – Here’s that book I borrowed. Sorry it’s a little bent. – Ooh, you’re reading Wild? Did you get to the part where the (bleep)? – The (bleep)? – Here, let me grab that for you. – Oh, thank you. – Yeah, yeah, no problem. Whoa, what do you have in here? – I just went to the
library, it’s all my books. – Why don’t you get a Kindle?

100 thoughts on “Problems Only Book Lovers Understand”

  1. 1:01 um because igh like reading books like real books and not some words created by the illusion of light; igh want real pages!

  2. Lol, my library has this thing every month or so where kids can have a NERF battle when the library closes. I went to the library right before it closed with my friend because I wanted to get some books before it closed. My friend saw the 5 books I got and was like, "how are you going to read all of those?" I usually would get more, but the others were already checked out. Lol.

  3. Before finishing book : I can't wait to be done with you
    After finishing book : I remember that the whole reason I started reading it

  4. A way to avoid these problems including people:
    1. Don't go out. Never. Just stay in your warm house until anyone thinks you're dead. Peace for the rest of your life.

    I disagree
    Books are the best thing in the world
    And I also hate those people who take a book and return it in a very bad condition
    I feel like telling them to buy a new one
    I 💛books
    I do not know how a person can live without reading

  6. When someone wants to borrow a book and you're happy they want to read but your afraid they are going to hurt the book!

  7. When I ask what someone's reading I actually want to know to see if I'd like it because I'm a book nerd myself

  8. I started reading actively in 5th grade (I'm a 8th grader now) and I still love reading. My friends are always complaining that I read too much or similar things. Next time they say that to me, I'm just going to respond with "I'm sorry that I adore literature so much." It's really tiring, JUST LET ME READ!!!

  9. When you get to a really good part and you won't stop reading no matter what.

    Edit: Or when you get a crush on a book character!

  10. Thank you. For not spoiling that book.

    No kindle will be as satisfying as a paper and ink book

    Book-lovers arms get stronger by carrying all those books.
    Don't underestimate us. grin

  11. When you get emotionally attached to a character and then they die and you try to see if the author is making another book or it was just a rumor that the character was coming back and it was like 6 or 7 years ago. 😅😂😬 ( Forbidden Game. That book is amazing ❤️❤️)

  12. The thing is I get comfy when I read a book so wherever I read, getting comfy is not a matter bcoz i get deep into the book that it doesn't matter for where I sit and how I sit😅

  13. Harry Potter is a kid's book
    Me: there are monsters sucking out your souls, and a bald guy trying to kill a one-year-old, very child-appropriate I know right

  14. Writing and reading are probably be closest things we have to magic. You can create whoever you want. Go wherever you want, whenever you want. Reading and writing takes you to a place in a different universe. Your universe

  15. The time when you are traveling and get all your books in the suitcases and have no space for carrying clothes!! 😂😂
    It actually hurts to take out even one book because you can read every one of them in like 7 hours

  16. "Isn't Harry Potter for kids?"
    Here you go little timmy!! Have this Harry Potter book which millions of loveable characters die!!!

  17. Me reading quietly:ತ_ʖತ
    Onepersonthatiwanttodie:Hey!Did you know that character is going to die in the chapter—-
    Me:Just shut up bitch!?!(ಠ_ಠ)━☆゚.*・。゚

  18. 'Here' s your book. Sorry it's a little bent😶'
    All my friends know to never say this to me, because they know what'll happen if they do.


  19. My books do not require batteries, the pages are bigger than a stupid smartphone, and they have no screens to clean.

  20. Can’t tell if I’m an introvert or an extrovert because in my class I’m super quiet I mean I still answer questions and stuff but I’m like the “quiet one”. And then if you know me outside of class or school I’m like this crazy ball of energy and I always want to be doing stuff and talking to people so I dunno…

  21. If someone just said something disrespectful about *my beloved Harry Potter books*, I will smash him or her with them. Especially I will use the 5th book.

  22. Oh what are you reading?

    Isn't that a kids book?

    Isn't that brain of yours is a child brain since you can't read. Or maybe a baby's?

  23. You’d think the comment about Harry Potter being a kids book makes your blood boil, try Harry Potter is a girls book. That’s the closest I’ve been to murder in my entire life.

  24. I don't know but whenever I watch this video, I always close my eyes during that careless borrower's scene

    Else I would have ended up pulling that girl out of the phone and would have beaten her to death

  25. My older sister read all of the Harry Potter books before me and she told me about EVERY DEATH, EVERY KISS, EVERY MARRIAGE and EVERY ENDING. I still hold a grudge.

  26. What are you reading? A book
    What is the name? (tell the name)
    (outside) breathe out loudly

  27. I love hard binding books and the smell of the pages 😍 but they are often expensive that I have to look for soft copy but It don't feel the same reading from PDF than from the actual book. 😭

  28. I'm a booklover too tho I recently had a reading block so I somehow stopped reading like before, i used to read almost 2-3 books a day but now I read 1 a day or none a day. But I can still relate to it.❤✌
    I hate when people return my book as scrawled and broken. This is just my story😂 I used to read all day in my bed like that. I miss old days😪 But you forgot the one : when we lose the page we're reading. that's so frustrating 😣 so im always concerned about that.

  29. Well, I use ebooks (i just dont like physic books) and i read at 4 AM in my chair, alone in my house. Everyday.
    I have none of these problems.

  30. Never ask if they’re at a certain part. Always ask what part they’re at. Please. I speak on behalf of all people who’ve had books spoiled

  31. I’m a Harry Potter fan and whenever someone asks me why I don’t just get a kindle instead of real books, it’s because I like to see how thick i’ve gotton into the book. Is that just me?

  32. I hate careless borrowers. I take care of my books. And then they return it like it was just thrown around at their place without being read.

  33. When you're reading and then someone randomly starts a conversation then gets mad when you don't listen. Like, CAN'T YOU SEE I'M READING!?

  34. When people ask me "Why do you look upset? What happened?" The answer is either:
    1.I'm just reading. This is my neutral reading face or
    2.I tell them something sad/bad happened in the book and they suddenly don't care

  35. When the book you’re reading only has a few pages left, but the story doesn’t seem like it’s up to the point whether it would end, and now you’re stressed because either there’s gonna be a huge plot twist or there’s gonna be a second book:

  36. I love scruffy books am I the only one? it means that it's been read well and enjoyed imo, you don't care about the books state you care about the story

  37. I used to make book jackets for all the books I read so that when someone asked me what I was reading, I would show them the cover and all they would see was "go away, I'm reading". It was very effective

  38. Have you guys ever read Six of crows by L. Bardugo
    you should that book left me emotionally unstable but its the best book i have ever read

  39. The one where she had all the books in the bag and the guy said to get a kindle is something I experience everyday!!! I hate kindles!

  40. My friends do this annoying thing when I'm reading. I always lay the book on the table and they grab the side and lift it up to read the back without fucking asking and they read slow af and then I get completely thrown out of the story and it makes me rage

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