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Hey guys! I’m Priyanka Chopra and I’m going to be taking you through my whole life. Now I’ve been in the beauty business for a while. I’ve been in beauty pageants. I’ve been a recording artist. I have done about 50 movies. I going to share a few of my tricks of the trade with you In this series, I’ll be opening up my little black book to share with you all the people and practices that help me live a beautiful life. You’ll be meeting the people that are closest to me and actually, you’ll see a lot about my life. Subscribe to the BAZAAR channel so you don’t miss an episode. Glam is a huge part of my life. I literally spend about two hours almost everyday in the hair and makeup chair. Another secret weapon I have for super glowing skin is my makeup artist Pati Dubroff. She is incredible. Whatever problems I might be having on my skin Pati knows how to take care of it. So she’s not just a makeup artist she’s someone thats like overall amazing with skincare. So I really really need you guys to meet her. My favorite thing to start with is the 111 skin masks We love! They give this incredible plump glow and they just feel good. This one feel quite cool, we had it on before It’s a little bit of a wake up call. Yeah, it was cold as hell! She put it on my face and I like literally screamed Magic rollers. These are Japanese face tools and they help to stimulate circulation and move fluids around. Moisturizer is important but you don’t put it everywhere. You don’t want like a shiny center. So moisturizer on the perimeter of the face. Hydration is the areas that you want the glowiness. And then mattfication in the center where you’re going to want to be more matte and you don’t want to use a lot of powder cause powder is so aging. So then like a matte primer through the center. And then that’s prior to foundation. When I was 17 years old, I went into beauty pageants which was Miss India and Miss World. Of course I had to wear a lot of make up. So I learned from a very very young age how to work with my make up and hair. And understand what looks best on me. On and every day basis I don’t like too much make up on my face especially on my skin. Like I love a little eye shadow like i’ve done today, I have a bit of shimmer. I usually do the same thing on my cheeks as well. It gives you little apples. It’s really important to keep your skin clean washed, moisturized. Like really moisturized. And all you need is a little bit of powder on your T. A little mascara. A little mouth and good to go. I was so obsessed. I wanted to work with her so bad. I would like tell anyone who would listen. “I want to work on that face.” Brown Barbie! Brown Barbie. This is my brown Barbie. It’s okay I call you Brown Barbie right? Yeah, I’m brown. And I love that you call me Barbie, it’s fine. Because Priyanka has such incredible feature you can you can play up one or both or none but definitely its always the lip And then with eyes I like to make them look kind of dewy. I think that the thing that she likes. It looks so fresh and natural. Yeah eyes that feel almost moist. Obviously we have to talk about her incredible, iconic brows. I mean eyebrows I do myself. She does her eyebrows. I don’t get near the eyebrows. That’s her department. I change my eyebrows according to whatever character I want. I just feel like you can completely change your face because your eyebrows frame your face. You can absolutely change what your face looks like with what you do with your eyebrows. My hair was my biggest problem and it went from being my biggest problem to becoming my crown and glory. It’s so important to find the right conditioner for your hair. Shampoo and conditioner the combination is really important. Deep masks, like a conditioning mask twice a week at least. I love oiling my hair with like coconut oil for the scalp because it allows for circulation which is amazing. So my hair before I had people like Cameron in my life who just fix it and make it amazing I didn’t know what the hell to do with my hair. I had so much hair and it was down to my waist. Taking care of my hair was a very important part of growing up. My grandma used to sit me down in front of her and would oil my hair and I used to hate it. It’s sticky and its gross. I mean I thank her now. I mean I literally do this to my hair everyday and I still have so much of it so thank you nani. It was really long and then for Quantico season 3 I wanted to do something fun with it So I made it asymmetrical I made it super short in the back. I get bored of my hair very easily which is why I have to do different things to it. Like I’ve got this summer color going on right now. Let’s see what it’ll be one month later. My most iconic hair moments.. I love my Met Gala hair from last year cause it was like this crazy anti-gravity top knot. It was so much fun. I had bangs for a bit. I did have bangs. I love bangs though I mean I have to say I still love bangs but everytime I suggest doing it people scoff at me with such horror. You never know maybe I’ll come back from some random trip somewhere with bangs and everyone in my team is going to be horrified and I’ll be like gotcha! I really love my emmys- When I wore that Jason Wu custom outfit It was like a really pretty side bun. Really pretty, really simple. But it complimented the dress in such a way because the part was opposite the way the dress was And it was just very well thought of And put together whenever I do glam like it’s hair, makeup, wardrobe- Everyone that is working on me is a very integral part of deciding what its going to look like. Whats the outfit? What am I wearing it for? Where am I going? What do I want to say when people first see me? So that always ends up bring together something completely different and then something completely new. I don’t always know but I always know what wont work. I might not know what will work and that’s where they come in.

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    You feel happy with the total mindset that is the greatest achievements in life.
    Thank you so much for your goodness.

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