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  1. No, He can't see the snow because you pulled his Sun Visor down without asking him…………. How Rude…

  2. My wife and I are going to purchase a Cessna for Medical Missions. I just have 2 years of Emergency Medicine to finish.

  3. OUTSTANDING! Great instruction, communication, and responsiveness gents. Can ANYONE please recommend BEST FLIGHT SIM SET-UP? This is my graduation present to myself: USMC Recon. AH-RAH!

  4. Upon having watched a bit further, some additional notes I was able to take on flying the pattern:

    – prior to beginning the takeoff roll never verify the runway or the runway heading against the magnetic compass or the heading indicator. Most fields have a single runway anyway.
    – after rotation, look back through the middle of the plane to verify you're still flying runway heading. Do not under any circumstances use the heading bug to track your heading, that's not VFR flying.
    – by the way, there is no heading bug. It doesn't exist.
    – when flying the crosswind and downwind legs of the pattern, don't pay any attention to your position relative to the runway. Use landmarks to time your turns. If you ever find yourself at a less familiar airport – just wing it.
    – there is no abeam the numbers. Numbers do exist, but nothing is ever abeam them.
    – similarly, since there is no abeam the numbers, there is also no 45 degrees to the numbers.
    – there is no such thing as a GUMPS check. Such checks are for forgetful people, and pilots never forget.
    – climb/descend/cruise/before landing checklists still don't exist. I guess engineers of this particular 172 were too busy designing the 1-potato-2-potato-3-potato flap switches, so they forgot to write those checklists. Or maybe it saves useful weight to tear them out of the POH before takeoff.
    – flaps should never be used, ever. The only time flaps are useful is when the tailwind is threatening to break the sound barrier, which could put too much stress on the air frame.

    I don't mean to suggest anything about the instruction quality (John, thank you for your service), but clearly instructional standards have changed a lot since this particular CFI got his ticket.

  5. I'm currently six lessons in (watching to try and convince myself to go for the certificate). Things learned so far:

    – never brief your take-offs. If you do, don't let it be recorded – the tape can be used against you in the court of law.
    – never know which maneuver you're currently performing clearing turns for
    . This creates suspense and the element of surprise necessary for a safe flight.
    – if, while holding short of a runway, you see an aircraft on base for that same runway not talking on the radio – expedite onto the runway and take off before that jerk can land
    . This promotes fairness in aviation.
    – always enter the traffic pattern via a midfield crosswind, even when approach advises multiple targets in the pattern
    . This helps keep a flight under 25 minutes (see the next finding).
    – never, ever, under any circumstances have a flight longer than 25 minutes
    . If you stay airborne for an hour, you will lose (something).
    – never use the following checklists: climb, cruise, descent. They are useless.

    – never bring the aircraft to a stop upon clearing the runway – always clean it up while taxiing. This promotes better multitasking.
    – never use flaps during landing. Try to run it in as fast as you can in order to use as much of the runway length as possible – your tax dollars are paying for it anyway.

    Again, I'm not even a student pilot yet, so I don't know anything. I just don't know about this guys…

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  8. this instructor is truly teaching u 2 fly right! because this us such a serious job being a airline pilot your life and other people lives depend on it πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

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  11. Very cool. Would be so nice to take flight lessons. These small planes are particularly fun.

  12. why would you start the engine with a headset how the hell are you gonna no if there is someone saying they are stuck or . are there and he barely checked for people he looked out one window for like a second boii

  13. Did he say… "He's the operations officer at TOPGUN out of Key West"… in reference to his nephew! WRONG !! (35:33) Everything was great about this video until he stated this lie.

  14. Without a shadow of doubt…..the BEST Instuctor in my opinion. They cannot come any better than this Naval veteran.

  15. This is the first lesson? There must have been a lot of ground school.
    Is "lesson 1" the same as those "introductory lessons" that flight schools offer?

    UPDATE: It looks like he already did some "student pilot" instruction. That makes this less intimidating for me in anticipation of my first lesson!

  16. Question for everyone, I had about 100 hours in 150's/172 in the aero club while I was in the Air Force 40 years ago. I'm 62 today and have the money to fly now, I would pretty much start from scratch as I haven't flown for 35 years. Do you think it's worth it? I'll probably work for another 6 years.

  17. Wow, I’d love to talk to the CFI, you guys could chat with him for your aviator fans!πŸ‘. would love to hear his experienceπŸ€—πŸ€”

  18. Which Aviation school is this? or any recommendation of school for me to learn how to fly an aircraft?

  19. Really enjoyed watching this Video, wanting to explore getting my pilot's license! Live near the Lincolnton, NC airport!

  20. Excellent, the better your flight instructor is the better your flying will be..Enjoy and flying will enhance your life ))

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