Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Wrap Up Their Tour Of Africa | TODAY

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  1. 800 homeless people died in the U k while living on the streets last year. Why aren't these two sorting the problems out at home first.???
    Not very glamorous eh.???

  2. Thank you both, you are of great pride to our people, you both are delightful ambassadors, this grandfather is proud of you both, your son is so cute 🙏👍❤️🌟

  3. Keep Shinning Duke nd Duchess. Wherever Yu ar, God is. Yu ar doing a great Job Globally. We are sooo proud of Yu. Kudos💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  4. Meghan I want you to know. You are stunning. Your hearts is amazing. For 9 Million people you are a Princess. I am so sorry for what British media did to you. As they did with Diana. Until she died. 😢😢 But dont worry. There is alot of good people that will help you and will Support you. We will give you everything. I think selling all so fast is a proof we are going to do everything for you. There is hope and love still. We love you. 9.5 mill and more people are here for you.

  5. At least the British taxpayers are getting to see the baby, oops those aren't. Mentioning herself 40times Megan Antoinette fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless and soothed the traumatized, oops, it didn't. Sitting on the ground like a funeral really made that mom and baby groups day, oops, it didn't.

  6. I bet they were wondering why she straightens her hair. I wonder if she’ll have the babies hair straightened if it comes in kinky.

  7. Did harry an smeg go an see the white farmers who are being slaughtered? 👎🏼 An what’s with her old chickens legs meg🙈

  8. Great patronage and duties of meghan in south africa.
    In fact,trip in africa for harry alone,with his own duties ,
    in botswana,angola,malawi.

  9. "Harry and Meghan Used Fleet of Vehicles Specially Shipped from UK to Africa"
    by Simon Kent 2 October 2019
    Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle used a special fleet of Range Rovers shipped from the UK to carry them and their travelling Scotland Yard police escorts on their current 10-day trip to South Africa.

    The Times reports the special 4x4s were drafted in for the climate campaigners because organisers behind the Royal visit were unable to locally obtain cars suitable for Harry, Meghan and baby Archie.
    It is understood the fleet for the trip were offered by Jaguar Land Rover, who has provided vehicles for the Royal family all over the world for decades, and were transported at no cost to the taxpayer.

    The cars included five Land Rover Discoverys as police back-up vehicles as well as the couple’s Range Rover, which they use at home. All the vehicles have been a common feature of the tour and seen in backdrops for pictorial coverage of their events.
    The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex are seen arriving at the Auwal Mosque in Cape Town on day two of their official tour to South Africa. 24 September 2019.Vantage News/IPx

    The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex are seen arriving at the Auwal Mosque in Cape Town on day two of their official tour to South Africa. 24 September 2019.Vantage News/IPx

    A royal source told the Times: “On this visit it was not possible to obtain enough cars, or cars with extra security features, locally, although this was attempted. Jaguar Land Rover kindly offered to bring cars from the UK to support the visit, at no cost to the taxpayer.”

    The travelling demands of being a Royal tourist while maintaining a concern for the environemnt has been a narrow path for Prince Harry and Meghan to negotiate.

    In September, Harry defended the couple’s “occasional” private jet flights in Europe and beyond and said they were necessary to keep his family safe.

    He said during a visit to Amsterdam: “If I have to do that, it is not a decision that I want to take, but if I have to do that, then I will ensure, as I have done previously, and as I will continue to make sure that I do, that I balance out that impact that I have.”

    He added: “I have always offset my CO2. I think part of the group discussion that we had earlier is ‘what is offsetting CO2’.”

    The past two months have been busy for the Royal pair, with them spotted at one stage taking four private jet flights in just 11 days. Their seemingly constant air travel has not been without controversy.

    In August 2019 a barefoot Duke of Sussex stood before an elite audience of business leaders and celebrities gathered at Google’s annual deluxe retreat in Sicily to warn immediate action is needed to avoid an approaching climate catastrophe.

  10. Comprehension piers, you can go to school for refresher course, too much anger has affected your brain cells. Prince Harry did not compare his wife who has turned you into a bitter animal to his mother, he compared the actions of the British media to what they did to his mother. And quite rightly so, there is physical death and there are mental, emotional and psychological deaths. You can not feel what they are feeling because you have negative energy, which you want to pass on to them hence the attack always. It's like you want to own her and if not you then nobody.! What an old man you are?

  11. We have a saying herr in SA for people we passionately dislike: We say ver politely: "Please Phuc k Off You Nasty piece of you know what! And don't ever come back! Harry…How stupid can you be!!?

  12. I feel so bad for Meghan and Harry they are such a positive and the media try to drag them down. Leave them alone and let them be and they will continue to do good works. Makes me sick that to make a buck the media lies and tries to bring them down but they will overcome.😢♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  13. Well said Prince Harry re environment, land mine removal, the less fortunate, and your own wife and family. Refreshingly honest and human. You aren't a 'ranga for nothing. Keep it up. Cathy Jones

  14. 🇬🇧 We have nothing to do with Ginger the Kid 🇬🇧 we have gorgeous Royal Heirs with the Cambridges . Let them remain secretive with their Ginger the Kid 🇬🇧

  15. Now I know Why the Queen had Such Big Smile on her face, when she Met Baby Archie, because he looks just like his father.

  16. Nieding go away with yours devilish jealous thoughts and
    mind.Really you are the narcissist one,you want ignore it

  17. Meghan kissing aliens who knows what deceases she might get I wouldn't say no an alien cause those with blond hair ones are rather good looking for aliens.

  18. I don't respect liberals who tell everyone else to live by their rules and they turn around and break all the rules they tell everyone else to live by! Living high and mighty flying all over in gas-guzzling jets and then reprimanding middle class to not fly. Tired of New
    World Orderder Liberals setting rules for everyone else that they ignore!

  19. Neo-Nazi costume wearing clown don't leave your kid with prince Andrew pal why don't you grow some balls and do something really worthwhile go after the pedophiles in your family you punk

  20. Harry has been polluted by this manipulative gold-digging radicle left wing ghetto trash Meghan Markle! Go back to the US or Africa and STAY THERE – it will literally save the UK taxpayers millions used for security! ps take that silicone doll with you too

  21. They should have stayed there .. Now the bill the tax payer has to meet ..Give em a bloody shovel , do some work……….

  22. Many people were saying that Meghan held her stomach alot because she probably wasn't pregnant and was wearing some kind of padding. They have a beautiful baby, but makes one wonder if she actually was.pregnant. Baby Archie doesn't present any African American features. Usually they have that beautiful curly dark hair or the nose or lips will be nice and full. I have alot of friend's that have mixed race children and they all have features.of.what I described above. Meghan is a pretty woman and she has that dark black hair. It.doesn't matter what Archie looks lile, just makes me question if she.was truly pregnant.

  23. I'm glad that Prince Harry is following in his mother's footsteps in regards to land mines. These two photos side-by-side with his mother Diana Princess of Wales, shows how much alike they truly are.

  24. It is very clear now that MM got married without understanding the expectations of British public, her role in that family….she needs to learn the lesson now if she wants her husband to be happy

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