Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Fire London Staff, Visit Stanford University | TODAY

100 thoughts on “Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Fire London Staff, Visit Stanford University | TODAY”

  1. She must have a new stuff oprah elen obama clinton doria madonna jessica So dont worry about her stuff the list is long . Everybody wants a piece of that royal cake 🤮☝️ .

  2. Stanford Sachs jp Morgan wouldn't give hoi polloi harry and Meghan the time of day ….it's all to do w BRF connections…of course they can use it to full advantage for their humanitarian causes while not losing high respects to the institution of the monarchy/Queen

  3. These people want anonymity, give it to them, complete and utter publicity embargo. They are a footnote in history nothing more, irrelevant, entitled, hypocritical, embittered, selfish, self absorbed excuse for human beings – go get a job

  4. I see Harry And Meghan becoming Herbalife Distributors. Study the script Meg
    A. Before I started Herbalife
    • I was a ________ (occupation)
    • I became an Herbalife Independent Distributor because ________
    • In my first month working ________ (part-time/full-time) I made $ ________

  5. Pot calling kettle black…Staff.Pointless keeping them and paying Harry keeping them and paying for them!💩

  6. If these two idiots stay married their whole lives then everything I know about human nature, women, and behavior is out the window. They will be divorced in 3 to 5 years if not sooner. I wish Vegas took odds on this one.

  7. What Megan has stolen from royal palaces that media is attacking on her. ? To leave free funds and royal titles shows honesty, humanity and sensitivity. Actually whole royal palace is full of assets that are stolen from other countries including jewellery and precious stones. Trillions dollars of stolen gold was used to build their infrastructure. Evil thieves lairs society. Predators of the planet and humanity. Senseless insensitive animals

  8. She planned this All along. People who have no family tend to take away the family of the mate who has one. It's about having the control. She married Harry. Not his family. Now she controls where they live. The baby has cousins. She's taken him away from the family. Princess Diana, Never took them away from the Queen or their family. Had her husband loved her as Harry loves Meghan,. She NEVER would have made a move like that. This will not end well

  9. Today…… You people so love confusion "Meghan and Harry fires their staff. "
    Journalism like yours is what is wrong with the world. Anything to inflame and incite the general public. When we have so many IMPORTANT ISSUES ongoing in our lives, this is what you people think is importan!!!!
    Common sense they no longer need the services of their UK staff.
    Please bring us REAL NEWS and let these two people get on with their lives.
    You are nothing but a GOSSIP PAGE.

  10. Let them do what they like. It is none of my business.Meghan is showing off too much. Going from one place to the other. Hmmmmm.Showing her beautiful dresses, meeting the Stanford professors without an invitation. She is really true blue NARCISSISTIC .

  11. Ann you are wrong that is your opinion for the unbelievers nothing done in once life without destiny so believe what you want to or what you want to say my main contention is this people are human being they should be left alone if you are the one according to you introduce to the guy will you take what they have throwing on that girl am a mother a grandmother well educated I do not how old Are you but you sound loving think about it what is her sin because Harry happened to be born with silver spoon in his mouth she is not a beggar thanks my dear and god be with you

  12. Who care mm all u do is use MEN Harry you can’t pee with out her telling you you can I’m sick of you trash u have accomplished Nothing!

  13. I knew she was going to destroy his life. She never had what it takes to do what was right. She just does what she wants, and the poor guy is just p***y whipped. Sad for him. She won't stop til until she completely alienates him. She acts like she cares about the issues, but what it really is, is she likes the spotlight…but on her terms.

  14. I wish people would stop using this language of fire. The queen said they can't be working royals, so I would assume that they can't have a working office in Buckingham Palace. So, the staff had to know they would not be working for them anymore. Duh

  15. They didn’t fire staff… if Harry and Meghan no longer in England the logical thing is.. they don’t need staff there

  16. Why are they reporting this. I am sure the staff knew when they stepped down from being senior royals that their office was also going to close. This is not big news. I am sure the staff knew they would be leaving or resigned. I would think that the US media would not report this.

  17. Part-time Canada and GB: Of course Me-Gain was lying 🤥 once more. Did anyone expect anything else from her? 😂😂😂

  18. Does she have to do it at Stanford? Why not create a charity that covers educational costs at community colleges? You would be able to support HUNDREDS more students.

  19. Who else blank the news media has no news unless they're talking about Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan??? I do. 😒 it's about time they give this story a break.

  20. I am not a pessimist but what is happening in the royal household is synonymous with the theme of the story by Nigerian novelist in his book Things Fall Apart,in this story a slave called his master Father, when it was time to sacrifice him,he looked back, saw his father and called him Father! hoping to be saved by him but this father turned his face away and the slave was killed, from that moment, the novelist said Things Fell apart in that community and has never been the same.The day Harry and Medgan cried that they were struggling and nobody cared and Charles preferred to please the British public and be an acceptable King, that day things fell apart in the royal household and i hope it will be the same again.

  21. Harry has gone from being a soldier with two tours in Afghanistan to probably selling Baby Archie sippy cups on the internet. He and wifey will be hectoring and haranguing us on diversity, inclusion, climate change, social justice, income inequality and other woke topics for the near future. The press is already describing them as 'Meghan Markle and her husband….'

  22. Why is everything a secret with these duo? They've quit the BRF so why all the hide & seek? And please don't say privacy when she's still posting on her IG….strange behavior ????

  23. Staff members have already been repositioned within other Royal family and buckingham staff. No one lost their income. What is the meaning of these new round of click bait tabloid headings portraying as if H&M suddenly put 15 people out of work? I'm tired of the slander and it's not even my life…

  24. Et les18 employés de charité de la sainte Kate, qui a mis les clefs sous la porte ??????? Vous vivez le monde à l’envers ou vous manquez de jugeote ???????• Quel est le but de votre travail de journaliste ? Arrêtez de nous pondre des inepties sur le staff de MEGHAN en ignorant sciemment le personnel de Kate mis au chômage ? Soyez honnête, pour que la VIE vous soit honnête et agréable.

  25. Made for his wife ???? That does not sound very modern does it. A life of service???? Touting for business with Disney. M loves the limelight and to sing her own praise, sychophantic media pals to do the same. Its a limited repertoire though: the race song, the victim song, the feminist song (terrible lyrics), the yummy mummy song ( makes me nauseous) None has been a hit. MM weeps over the missed royalties but folk do not find them sincere. Minnie the Moocher is in the Grammy Hall of Fame. The Library of Congress selected it for preservation in the National Recording Registry because it is "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” but the cover version – Megan the Mercher – is not culturally, not historically, and not aesthetically significant. Merching is ugly and greedy and in the hands of the Ginger Tom and Grizebella who prostitute their titles and sell themselves merching it is rampant and repugnant materialism.

  26. The layoffs were announced back in January, why is this news now? Didn't Buckingham palace announce they were to be re assigned?
    Prince Andrew's must be in the news again.. Royals must of asked the media to dig up dirt on M&H

  27. Meaghan I adore you! You rock. Hubby bought me a wedding ring like yours!💗💗💗 It makes me think about you daily and pray for all 3 of you that you're life will be as wonderful as you hope.

  28. How about they pay for their own way, and don't have Canadians pay for one Dollar of Tax money towards them.
    They are Millionaire Welfare bums, and as a Canadian I do not welcome them here, and do not want one Penny of Tax spent on them.
    Meghan is not a Princess, she is a washed up TV actress, a Gold digger.

  29. 👑HARRY ❤️️AND 👸🏼MEGHAN ❤️️👍👏🏻💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💪💪💪💪💪🙏🙏

  30. CLOWN SHOW NETWORK but love to say…… harry who? You mean that freeloading, gold spoon fed bum, married to that homewrecker meager actor markle??

  31. I think everyone is a but sick of MM, why should she front a 'charity' I wouldn't pay into it. She has not proven herself to be a front person like Princess Dianna for example who people wanted to listen to.

  32. If Neghan is putting her baby first why she leaving her a baby and traveling and giving speeches kind of hiding what they are doing because they quited to do a such public appearance to live happy life as told ,now Meghan and Harry are doing just opposite as first told when stepped down from Royal duties. It is very confusing.

  33. Destiny bought these two together for a reason.
    I wish them the absolute best chances of a happy and progressive life together.
    Harry is the man!

  34. This guy can't even speak English properly -."for my wife and I" !!! – that would be "for my wife and ME"!! What he knows about life, anyone else with an education and half a brain has already forgotten!! He wants to be a private citizen, then why does he seek media attention? Stay in Canada – in an igloo in Inuvik up north – and disappear! You are not worthy of respect!!

  35. This is an old story from the 1st week in January. The Sussexes laid off their staff weeks ago and they were redistributed to other areas in the Royal household. This isn't news. It's malicious gossip!👅

  36. Your HEADLINE IS NOW SLANDEROUS!!! How do you know Harry & Meghan fired them? I’m about BOYCOTTING A WHOLE LOT A Y’ALL NOW!! One woman in the UK just took her own life! Media’s assault on one’s character has increased!! Unsubscribing🤨

  37. Why should I be looking out for the couple on my next flight? Aren't they members of the human race who like myself deserve their privacy and respect! Why can't the press stop their unrelenting pursuit of the couple! Now that they cannot get the direct scoop, they are hanging on to the wind while been blown away! Liars liars liars! What? The vultures can't find dead meat so they are eating nuts! May the nuts choke you all! Leave the family alone! Let them rest in peace!

  38. The staff that did not go with them to Canada were placed on a REDUNDANT list. they were NOT fired. Their services were redispursed in services. TODAY please do factual repirting and not swallow this UK tabloid swill.

  39. Indian prime minister Modi is corona virus * It is also written in the RSS book Bunch of Thats that liquor shops should be opened near the houses of the Shudras so that they might get drunk and fight and die. Build temples in the neighborhood of the Shudras so that they get caught in the swamp of hypocrisy. So keeping these things in mind, do not quarrel with each other and all the Shudra OBC, SC, ST indigenous people should always maintain unity among themselves. "One Buns" "Right Bones" Jai Moolniwasi! Jai Bheem ! Jai Bharat ! !From an Indian pen
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    »Keshav Maurya's son seen anywhere?
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    »Subramanian children's life set?
    »Sushil Kumar Modi's children do not appear in Bajrang Dal.
    »Ever heard that a child from Advani's house was caught waving the saffron flag in the court?
    »Vasundhara Raje is also never seen in temples. »How many people in Narendra Modi's house get into the Hinduist crowd on the street? बच्चे Raman Singh's children become MPs without any Hindu movement. . – Was Vinay Katiyar's son in a frenzied crowd?
    »Kalyan Singh's daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, all the MPs became legislators who never took to the streets.
    »Why did Rajnath Singh's son not join Bajrang Dal?
    »Shivraj Singh Chauhan's child does not know Vande Mataram full song.
    »What do both daughters of Murali Manohar Joshi do? • Poonam Mahajan or Pankaja Munde. . Because of the father, there are MPs and MLAs. .
    »You all know Amit Shah's son. . . Before going mad, think who was from his family among the youth who were hoisting the saffron flag on the court premises of Rajasthan, climbing to the dome of Babri and dying, getting arrested, lathi-shot. . . The The The And you are letting your children use them and their ideology. . . ! ! Have a little mind, it's just use and throw politics, sir. . . Save your children from this poison. . . ! ! !

  40. meghan and jessica mulroney are having a lesbian affair and harry found out about it. two royal protection officers reported back to him. it will be over soon!!

  41. meghan and jessica mulroney are having a lesbian affair and harry found out about it. two royal protection officers reported back to him. it will be over soon!!

  42. The fact that the staff needed to be let go is logical and expected. What was not expected, at least by me is that the American media especially a channel like this one would follow the British media example and make it so it sounds and READS sensational as heck ! SHAME ON Y’ALL!

  43. In the media thre are Trigger words that upset people one of them is the world FIRE. No one likes to hear it and the media love to spread discord so lets have a story using a TRIGGER word Meghan and Harry Fired their staff! What are their staff supposed to do now that they have gone exactly? But it upsets people and they are still on the attack when it comes to Harry and Meghan for some strange reason!

  44. Seriously Prince Harry and merghan are Canada,so the staffs are working for who…let this couple,let them enjoy the moment

  45. This media people especially in U.K. They have no more scope, gossip from Meghan and harry coz they missed their target, they cannot talk to Kate coz Kate has no contribution, nothing the can't attack Kate coz there's nothing to argue from her

  46. Just look at how Me-Gain and the lost Prince ­started feeding off fatcat bankers at a summit in Miami hosted by JP Morgan and more to come to team up with notorious Goldman Sachs another huge banker responsible for the toxic loan that brought the worse recession since 1920s.

    So now we know what “life out of the spotlight” means for the struggling Sussexes.

    Turning up at ­billionaires’ ­bashes to bang on about mental health, Princess Diana’s death and saving the planet – for a hefty fee! HM and Charles should cut any more financial support or the Sussex title so they can't continue to use the "Sussex" name to cheapen the Royal Family.

  47. Hmmm, whenever they mention charities, it’s just for her own publicity, what she has spent on her clothes alone would help many poor people.

  48. I'm actually proud that Harry and Meghan made the effort to visit the united states. Losing Harry and Meghan will come back to bite the royal family. Will anyone care about William and Kate becoming King and Queen someday?

  49. Why repeat headlines of the racist BM? If the office is closing then you can't say the staff was fired; the positions are redundant.

  50. So they don’t care about being humanitarians and helping the poor anymore it’s all about becoming extremely rich from speeches,Goldman Sachs bank and Netflix it just shows you what kind of person Harry has become since he’s married this twit

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