Primary Teachers – Learn How To Transform Your Pupils Literacy Overnight With Mighty Writer!

if you're a primary teacher and you want to make a step improvement to your children's literacy you really need to watch this short video mighty writer transforms children's literacy it does it almost overnight I absolutely guarantee that and when you see how it works you'll understand how we won the education resort Awards last year was like the Oscars for the best promise off in the country my wife Emma was a primary teacher when I got married she said there was a big problem with children's literacy in this country if that's worth 24th in the world we decided to do something about it we developed and launched mighty Reuter in 2016 we're now in nearly 700 schools across 35 countries in fact typically you get a 78% increase in children's ability and literacy and this is how it works it's a mat a rubber backed match for the velcro typed surface and in go on the wall or the floor is designed for every class of reception year 1 year 2 intervention up to year 6 and down into early years but its core is definitely at reception year 1 year 2 and this is how it works standard story map there was a mermaid who lived in the sea but this denotes a sentence green for the beginning of the story orange for the middle red for the end so there was a mermaid who lived in this sea you see how this fits in once upon a time there was a mermaid who lived in this seat full stop now children what does the mermaid look like this is an adjective once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid who lived in the sea full stop and what does she do in the sea spiral action it's a verb once upon a time is a beautiful mermaid who went for a swim in this sea full stop once upon a time is a beautiful moment he went for some in a shop BC full stop this is an adverb its squidgy is changing once upon a time is a beautiful moment you went for swim quickly in a choppy sea full stop just then she met a friendly pirate digging for treasure on a desert island full stop it does not matter with the children of high ability or special needs or English's additional language 3 editing and retelling they immediately and it is almost immediately become expansive confident writers and look at the structure of the sentence overnight there writing very structured sentences and as one teacher but on Facebook engagement goes through the roof so if you're to form entry you want six sets or three four men three nine six but you've also got themed toolbars for example this is fantasy it's color coded to mix and match but there's plenty of others that real-life for nonfiction seaside mini beast journeys around the world traditional tales that little redhead which brings me to the point whether your school uses top of writing or redraw ink or big write or whatever system they use this complements them all also you stand alone it visualizes the writing process puts everything in one place and it's just one other thing apart from transform children's literacy almost overnight that is it transforms their love of literacy overnight we said again or no not writing like a club you can never go could ever go and I'll say one more thing to all you primary heads out there and twenty years time when you meet your pupils in the street are they gonna come up to you and say thanks for getting that big wall tracking system or are they gonna say thank you for transforming my literacy I got better grades a better job you helped transform my life that's why we developed it it's why we're in 700 schools and it's why we won the award now I said it will transform tours lipstick do you understand why I say that you

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