49 thoughts on “PRETTYMUCH – Teacher (Official Video)”

  1. for the past like 3 days I've used this song to keep me awake and turnt' (im so cringy sorry) while I do my homework.

  2. OH MY GOD I LUV THE BLONDE GUY’S VOICE! Ahahahah I don’t know any of their names, but I always love their videos!

  3. Austin is honestly such a sport. Did y'all see when Nick hit him in the face with the cone and Austin was still hype

  4. stop fucking getting so close to the screen! I came to see you guys because of my brothers girlfriend said to listen to you guys! I hate your music! why don't we is way better!

  5. o no no no brandon don't pretend like you didn't just do that little dance @ 1:39 i saw you being all cute

  6. Zion remind me of Louis from the walking dead😂 btw this is my first time watching their music video and i instantly subscribe💕

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