Pretending To Be A Substitute Teacher For A Day

40 thoughts on “Pretending To Be A Substitute Teacher For A Day”

  1. Was so excited to see that Nick's next substitute teacher is you lily. Jace was funny not because I kinda like him
    Anyways I know you will be hilarious at this

  2. CHASE!!!!! OH, THANK GODDESS!!!❤️(I Was So Scared!!!😱 All I Could Think Was, "WHAT DID HE DO?!?!🤣)Ok… Now For You, Miss Thing…This Video Brings Me So Much Joy And Relief!!!❤️You Are Live And In Full Effect, Girl!💪🏾 You're Gonna Be Alright!🤗I Love How You Took It WAY Back With The Turban Twist! (I Often Think Of That First Video When I Need Motivation… You've Come A Loooong Way, Baby!😋) Plus, I LIVE For The BTS Of Unicorn Island Life!😉(Where Is Brogan, Though?🤔)Anywho, Excellent Self-Care!❤️Superb Hydration!💋Badass Bawsiness All Present And Accounted For!😎

  3. Lilly you make me happy
    Without you I would have been nothing and no one would laugh at my jokes ilysm 🤗🥰🙏🏻

  4. 1:54 "cuz white ppl dont know the difference" OMG SO TRUE but I ain't white so I could tell 😂😂😭

  5. Why does it that every time she says something funny it sounds like paramjeet or is it just me?😂😂

  6. Wau substitute teacher,
    I am frying for iftaar and love english acsent u have

  7. I just saw your first video, Remember first video was same,
    Difference – huge after 9years..😊

  8. Am I the only person who wants Manjeet to get picked everytime the "video game character choice thing" appears ????

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