Preston Garvey Calls Social Services – Fallout 4 Prank Call

OSHA's service general booth Carly preston garvey Commonwealth Minuteman you like speak list I've gotten word about a settlement that's been threatened by Raiders Raiders what kind of Raiders I thought everyone in the Commonwealth knew about that by now I'm trying to grasp what you're saying your name is Preston Garvey Preston Garvey yeah and who would you like to see ARB why yeah okay and and who would you like to speak with what I mean I'm trying to crash what are you reporting a pack of ghouls has holed up near a settlement they could use our okay I gave you I'm not able to do anything about it I'll put you through to the voicemail on my arms there's something I need to ask you okay I was wondering if and maybe you'd realized that you could love me back what's up babe I got word of a settlement that needs our help okay you better see if they need any help defending themselves where are they located sanctuary sanctuary huh yeah okay we're sanctuary it I'll mark the location on your map how are you gonna do that we're with the Minuteman you're with the Minutemen yeah well the Minutemen are ready to help everyone willing to stand together you realize you've called the social services office yeah yeah that's why I'm talking to you there is somebody in need of help yeah and their name is what Vince form inch farm yeah okay where's Vince farm located what County the Commonwealth the Commonwealth yeah I'm with what sanctuary there is no Commonwealth links where as far as on it can school find out what's going on blame it finish what you'll need is an old pre-war FC a standardized fusion core I mean come on how do we have to call you on the phone I'd like to help but you know my situation I've got to deal with the immediate problems first and I don't have a old pre-war FC what am I supposed to do we should go find out what's going on I'll mark the location on your map just promise me you'll be careful babe how are you gonna mark it on the map what how are you gonna mark it on a map so am I gonna see the map teleportation all right I need to know how did you get there through the back room and up to the roof well thank you very yeah maybe you can find out where those bastards are coming from and put a stop to it doubt that that's not the minimal way well then you take care of it no you need to call Richmond if you're gonna call the Commonwealth you need to call Richmond Virginia there are Minutemen out there somewhere

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