Preschool Educational Train for Kids | Learn Animals and Colors for Children with Tayla

[upbeat music] – Choo Choo! All aboard! [laughs] Hey! Do you like to ride on trains? Do you like to play with trains? Well today, we’re gonna use an awesome wooden toy train set to learn about animals and colors. Kidzzy Toys sponsored today’s episode, and sent us this awesome train set that we can play and learn with. Let’s get started! Choo choo! [upbeat music] Hey parents, guess what. Because you and your kids are “Tea Time with Tayla” viewers Kidzzy Toys is offering 10% off this train set. So use the promo code and the link in the description to get one for your family. This high quality wooden set is recommended for ages three and up. It comes with twenty pieces. And the tracks are compatible with most major toy brands. Toys like this train set help develop imagination, creativity, and motor skills for children. Now, let’s identify all of the different pieces. First, we’ll count how many pieces of track there are. Now these pieces are green. One. Two. Three. Four. There’s four pieces of green track. Now these pieces are a raw wood color. Let’s count them. One. Two. Three. Four. There’s four wood pieces of track. Four green, plus the four wood Makes eight. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Eight pieces of train track. If we connect the pieces this way, We can make a squiggly line. Or we can turn it over and we can connect them in a big circle Let’s make a circle track. I really like circles. Do you have a favorite shape? Ooh, that’s a good choice. I like that shape too. There. Now our train track is in a big circle. Here are some trees and bushes We can add them inside our circle. Let’s do the trees first. I have two green trees. One. Two. Now I have three green bushes. One. Two. Three. That’s five pieces of greenery One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Neat! Now it’s time to add our train cars. Let’s count how many cars we have. One. Two. Three. Four. We have four train cars. This one is the engine. Now we have three regular cars. Let’s identify the colors of each car. Do you know what color this train car is? G – G – Green. Yes. This train car is the color green. What about this train car? It’s the color of the sky. What color is this train car? You got it! It’s blue. Our next train car is blue. Our last train car, [gasps] Is the same color as a fire truck. Yeah, it’s red. Let’s let the red train car be our caboose. Perfect. Now we have our train cars lined up. And they have magnets to hold them together. We can pull the engine. Choo choo! And they all go together. These train cars are on a roll. Choo choo! We have our track, We have our greenery, And we have our train. Now we need some passengers. And it looks like we have three animals that want to ride. Do you know what animal this is? That’s right, it’s an elephant. What color is this elephant? Hmmm. It’s the same color as one of our cars. Yes, it’s blue. This is a blue elephant. I want my blue elephant to ride on the green train car. Can you help me find the green train car? We know it’s not that this one. That one’s blue like the elephant. Yes, it’s this one. There’s the green train car. Carrying our blue elephant. Did you know that elephants are the largest land mammal? And they only eat plants, grass, and fruits. Mmmmm. They don’t eat meat. Elephants are really smart. They can peel their own bananas, and corn, and lots of other foods. Do you know what sound an elephant makes? Do an elephant trunk with me. Ready? [elephant sound] [laughs] Good job. Let’s do this animal next. Do you know what animal this is? It has stripes. And it likes to growl. [growl] Yes, it’s a tiger. What color is this tiger? It’s Y – Y – Yellow. Let’s put our yellow tiger on the caboose. Do you remember which one the caboose is? It’s our very last train car. The red one. Now tigers are the biggest member of the cat family. That is one cat I don’t think I want as a pet though. [laughs] No two tigers have the same pattern of stripes. They’re all very unique. And tigers have been known to reach speeds of 40 miles an hour. That’s really fast. Like as fast as a car. Whoah! OK. We have one animal left. And he gets to ride in the middle car. The blue one. Now what animal is this? Hmmm. He likes to make a roaring sound. And he’s got a big fury mane. Yeah, he’s a lion. And this lion is the color orange. Let’s put our orange lion, on the blue train car. Lions are the second largest cat species. Right behind a tiger. An average male lion can weigh 400 pounds. Whoa! The roar of a lion can be heard up to five miles away. That’s a really really loud roar. I lion can actually run even faster then a tiger. But only for a little while, because they don’t have enough stamina to keep it up. But this lion doesn’t have to run at all. [laughs] He can just ride on our choo choo train. Woo hoo! [upbeat music] This was a lot of fun bananas We used this train set to learn counting, To identify the colors green, blue, red, yellow, and orange. And we learned about elephants, tigers, and lions. Way to go! Parents, be sure to take advantage of the special “Tea Time with Tayla” discount. and get 10% off this awesome train set for your kids. Use the link and promo code in the description below. And I’ll see ya next time on “Tea Time”. Bye bye! – [announcer] hey kids! Thanks for watching “Tea Time with Tayla” Be sure to subscribe, and click the bell to be notified with brand new videos And parents, visit to learn how Tayla can help celebrate your child’s birthday. [music ends]

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