Prepare to Lead

– We can’t keep doing the
things that we have been doing. We need to try new things. – [Male narrator] I
think we live at a really unique moment in time. – [Female Narrator] Teachers
College is something of a misnomer because
there is so much more than education scholarship going on here. – [Female Narrator] The
inclusiveness here at TC, the level of diversity to help foster dialogs
and conversations about really important issues and
social crises of our time. – [Female Narrator] Teachers
College has a rich tradition of all the things that are important to me when I think about education. Sort of life-long learning, learning outside of the classroom. Important, and new, and
innovative, and exciting ideas were born here. (soft piano music) – [Mentor] I take my role as
a mentor here very seriously. I think it’s an enormous privilege
to work with our students and to get to spend time with them. – [Female narrator] The key
is to be helpful, and open, and responsive to students
queries and needs. – [Female narrator] A good
mentor-mentee relationship is to fit in what your
long-term goals are and if those are aligned, that helps a lot. – [Male narrator] New York
City, it’s a sandbox place that can connect you to the
best resources in the world. – [Female narrator] Being
immersed in that environment really allows you to reflect
of what you’re learning in a different way. – [Female narrator]
I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned in the
classroom for internships. Since coming to this program,
I’ve interned at Viacom, Tory Burch, now I’m at New York Live. – [Male narrator] You’re
really investing in a network, there are so many people
that can put you in a spot that you want to be in,
and take that next step in you career trajectory. – [Female narrator] The
colleagues, the friends, the professors, everyone
really wants to help you, and everyone wants to see you grow. – [Female narrator] Your
career starts the moment you walk in the door, and
the community you’ve built, you have for the rest of your life. – [Male narrator] For
me to be able to part of that community, up
there morning side heights, great neighborhood feel was just something I couldn’t pass up. – I have been interviewing and just recently got my first offer. (low piano key)

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