Prep for Prep

…school next year. Ok. Like that. I’m Emlyn and I’m going to school next year. Emlyn doesn’t know a lot about starting school. We’ve been casual and informal in our house about the process of starting school. When we drive past his school, we’ll often say ‘There’s your school, Emlyn.’ ‘There are the kids at your school.’ Just very casual interactions
so that he has some idea where he’s going next year. Once they start their transition,
so orientation, It really comes out…
their insecurities sometimes because schools can be such a big space. My tips for parents would be always speak positively about school. Think about all the exciting things. You know, making them feel comfortable in the environment and visiting the school will help as well because then the children are
prepared for what to expect and not just coming into
a new environment thinking ‘Wow, you know, this is just too overwhelming.’ At the moment, I guess it’s about just helping him to be independent. It’s not anything school specific, I don’t think. We just get him to carry his bag
into kinder in the morning. Put his lunchbox away. The other thing is just being positive even if you’re nervous yourself which I am nervous about him going to school but I think it’s just being positive and having a smile on your face
when you talk about it. Just reassuring them that it’s
going to be a really fun thing for them.

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