Premier’s VCE Awards 2019 – Maryam Ahmed

Learning about things like how the brain works
and just how people think and how we behave as a result of that
is very interesting. And it’s something that you can apply in
all facets of life, I think. So yeah that’s kind of the main reason
why I chose to do psychology and really enjoyed it throughout the two years I did it. My relationship with my psychology teacher
was pretty strong and she got to know me very well and I made it clear that I want to do
the best I possibly can in her class and she was very supportive. She was willing to help me do the best I can,
which I really appreciate. With Maryam, she’s one of the most amazing students
that I have taught. The thing I admired about her the most was
how hard she was willing to work. And then I thought well you know my role then is to
support her as much as I can with that. And find her as many resources as I can and just support her on that journey
of her wanting to do really well. The Premier’s VCE Awards are not just a reflection
of our own achievements as students. A lot of credit goes to our teachers and our family
who have supported us through that and I personally really think that this award
reflects them, not just me. I suppose I just don’t see it as a teaching role,
it’s a support role. You’re someone that they can come and talk to
and it might not be about the work, it might be about how to study and
what the best things they can put in place. And I suppose be not only a teacher but a friend
and someone that they can rely on. So, obviously having finished VCE I am heading into
a new chapter in my life, which I’m really excited about. And whilst it might be a bit nerve-racking
on the side as well. I think as long as you’re pursuing your passion then you’re going down the right track.

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