Premier’s VCE Awards 2019 – James White

The thing that’s great about being on a farm
is just being outdoors. I just love the connection with nature,
working with animals, growing crops that kind of stuff. Our family farm has been established since 1869. And I’ll be the sixth generation to farm it. The thing about farming is it’s kind of a special job to me, like you’re feeding the nation in a way. I think it’s one of the most important jobs and it often gets overlooked I suppose. Here at school I learn, well a lot of the science stuff
around agriculture actually ‘cos I find that interesting and
we’ve got the resources here to learn it. But I’m also involved out in the farm
when we’re practicing leading so we’ll be doing that soon in the next couple of months. Well, learning different things in agricultural science is
important for the sustainability of agriculture I think. You can’t keep doing things the same way. But it’s also important to acknowledge traditions
that you’ve done and why you did them. Particularly in the agronomy side of things, looking into more natural fertilizers
and that sort of stuff is quite handy going into the future
in sustainable agriculture. The reality is we need people who are going to be
good at research and development. And that is an area I think James may end up in. So research and development is important so that we can actually assist those
people on the ground to actually be able to produce with less and do it better. So that’s why I think James is, yeah why people like him
are really important to have in the industry. When I first got my score, I was thinking “oh I didn’t quite get my 50 I was aiming for”
which that’s what I suppose you aim for, everyone tries. But yeah, when I found out I actually
got a Premier’s Award, I was like “wow, maybe I did do pretty well and my work paid off”. So I was pretty happy. Yeah. In ten years’ time I’d like to be running my own farm,
living the dream, and actually seeing some good profits from it
and developing the family farm a bit more, and being part of the new sustainable
agriculture sector I suppose, just leading a bit of change in the industry. Yeah.

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