Premiers’ Reading Challenge – Inspiring teachers

I had a Year 12 teacher, and we didn’t realise but she was actually a children’s book writer. And she won the CBC Award, and we never realised, we just thought
she was an English teacher but she made English, and reading
and literature so interesting that I’ll never forget her. I had a high school English teacher who was a wonderful inspiration and she read all my work really
dilligently and she provided me with some great feedback. She gave me proper, useful, critical feedback and learning how to incorporate
that feedback early on at a formative stage in my writing career has been hugely, hugely important to me. I had some great teacher librarians who, they would basically you would go and tell them “I like
superheroes, I like sport” all that sort of stuff, and they
would straight away pick up like three or four different
books off the shelf and they would thrust them into
your hands and they’re the ones for you. And that was great. They’ll direct you to the books they
think will work for you. And sometimes your parents
could do that for you as well, but they seemed to know, and that’s their superpowers. I think everybody has a teacher
that they can remember that they loved, and the dedication
of teachers you know, I mean I can only say
how fantastic teachers are and what a fantastic job they do.

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