Premiers’ Reading Challenge – Get to know your authors

Bright light, bright light! Hi, I’m Jodi McAlister. I’m Alison Lloyd. Hello, I’m Felice Arena. I’m Gabrielle Wang. Hi! I’m James Hart. I’m Adele K. Thomas, and I illustrated Champion Charlies. Hi, I’m Adrian Beck, and I wrote these books. Very well written Adrian. Oh, thank you very much Adele. I love to read. I love to read my own books! Hmm, flight. I’m pretty lazy, I don’t like walking! Flight. Superspeed. Hmm, flight. Umm, superspeed. Oh…fly! If I can ride a bike and roll,
I’d rather roll than ride or walk That’s good, I like that.
I’d like to roll too, but I’m gonna have to go with
speedy rolling. Speed.

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