Premiers’ Reading Challenge – Authors’ Favourite Books

The book that turned it around for me was
Storm Boy by Colin Thiele because it really reflected the world I
grew up in, in country Victoria. And there weren’t a lot of books
based or set in Australia when I was growing up, so this was
one of the first that reflected my world. And I really wanted to have a pet pelican. I had favourite comic books,
which were called The Beano, and my favourite picture book was Animalia, and The Eleventh Hour as well. There was actually a photo of Graeme Base
in the back of The Eleventh Hour with him with a camera. And he was like on safari or something and it just had this mystique of
him being an artist and also seeing the real world and
taking that into the book as well. I thought that was very interesting. Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody. I picked it up when I was nine and
it changed my life. Finding myself in a book like that
meant a lot to me and as I grew up I realised that the
community they form in that book is exactly what I wanted
university to be like. And I work at a university
when I’m not an author, so that’s really meant a lot
to me across my whole career. I really like The Twits by Roald Dahl. The Twits! That’s awesome. Yep, I really liked the darkness
of his books, like The Witches as well. Yeah, I like that darkness. Something you don’t really find much,
too much anymore. Yeah Gritty and grimy. – Yeah and lots of disgusting, gross stuff.
– Yeah. (Laughs)
It’s cool!

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