Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education winner – TANYA ADELBORG

Sometimes it’s really difficult for kids
just to show up to school then we put a bunch of math and science and socials in front of them, put them on a basketball court or doing some social justice
fundraising for third-world countries It just gives a whole new meaning to
learning and education and being a good citizen. She really pushes you to your
limit she doesn’t keep you inside your comfort zone. By her pushing us out of
our comfort zone in basketball, because I’d never played before, I found that I
really liked the sport and it really helped me in volleyball because that’s
the main sport that I’m into. I think that’s really what makes a difference is that she finds ways to connect with each child whether it’s through sports or
through arts or whatever it may be so every child in her class feels special. I think the most rewarding doing extracurricular is helping them sort of set goals for themselves to start their own path on life to help others

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