Pre-medical & Foundation Program

In the Pre-medical Division we focus on preparing
and supporting the students to bloom as they begin their journey into the world of medicine. What we have done here is a very exciting
six-year program, where the students take two years of what we call the Pre-medical
Curriculum those are really undergraduate courses designed
to get the students ready enough to speed for then the four-year medical curriculum. My name is Marco Ameduri. I am the Associate Professor of Physics and
Associate Dean for Pre-medical Education at Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar. What we have found is that sometimes students
would benefit of an additional year of transition between high school and the six-year program and so, we have introduced a Foundation program,
which is the tool that helps them being ready for college and then makes the college process
more enjoyable and a highly-successful experience. The Pre-medical Division takes pride in its
faculty and in its teaching specialists and its staff. It’s made up of incredibly talented people. All of whom are all the time available to
help the students succeed. We have been supported very generously by
the Qatar Foundation and I should really say by the host nation. We see our students not just as future physicians
as actually doctors in training, but we see them also as leaders of their own communities
in training.

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