Prank Calling Game Master!

famous two kids hey guys I'm mommy and I'm Camaro what's up guys today we are gonna be calling three guys we're actually gonna prank call the game master because we need him to stop doing all these bad things to everybody on YouTube right yeah I thought someone he wanted them to do a game and he's been hacking people's YouTube channels deleting their videos deleting their subscribers he's been breaking into people's houses he's been taking people's Fortnight v bosse we're doing all kinds of crazy stuff right you guys yeah so we're prank calling him in an effort to convince him to stop doing all these bad things to everybody right gingerbread gamemaster see you guys the game master is just doing way too much these days and we need to get and I colored on me it's a rainbow oh she made a maraca today mm-hmm all right you guys let's not waste any time before we call him give this video a big thumb ah because this is gonna be really hard to do right you guys we could say some shoutouts maybe we can do some shell to the end good idea all right let's get right into okay so we have Callie's cellphone all right now only I would know this phone number because I've had an encounter with gamemaster before so I called the operator and I the operator for the game masters number and she gave it to me but she said I'm not allowed to write it on a piece of paper I have to remember it up here in my head okay so don't look cut him again call failed you guys look at that we have to try again that's crazy I should call him or my time so he yeah I think we should call him one more time are you scared hey I'm not gonna lie I'm kind of scared too I'm not what if he knows where we live hey guys come over when he came into our house oh I completely forgot about that oh my gosh and you show the camera and he was at our window I remember that you know what guys we have to put on a silly voice when we talk so he doesn't recognize our voices okay oh yeah and the lights were switching off and not you guys remember that okay ready yeah let's try one more time okay let's make sure we asking the important questions okay all right guys here goes nothing here julienne seed hi Game Master it's a mother well we're calling because we want you to stop doing all the bad things you've been doing on YouTube last year and this year you never shadow and anyways we don't have a channel yeah we don't have a channel gamemaster but we want you to stop hacking people's channels yes and we want you to stop so are you gonna stop no we're not we're not you have the wrong one what you're talking about we don't have a youtube channel [Applause] yeah what are we gonna do you guys okay guys let's think very logically right now we have to call him back and try to know we don't want him to come here he's calling back okay we have to be nice to him that's the only way okay guys oh no we missed his call does that mean he's gonna hack us for real yes no we can't let him hack us let's call him back let's call back hmm he didn't answer we need to go check our YouTube channel you guys let's go yeah okay you guys we have to make sure that our channel is still here so let's go to YouTube let's just hope he was just trying to scare us okay I'm scared too YouTube famous tube kids are we are oh oh okay our channels still there oh my god oh my goodness okay let's make sure our videos are there guys but all the subscribers are they still there yes the subscribers are there too oh okay that was a really really close call you guys what if he comes at our house in like okay come around you answer hello we're so so sorry for prequels we're so sorry wait I said I know what the Masters like um Hershey's I know yes okay gamemaster so we're gonna leave some chips and Hershey's outside our door in the night time right after Camaro goes to sleep I will do it okay because it was my idea I'm so so very sorry keymaster we're never gonna prank call you again charity camera yeah but if we don't give him the snacks then he's gonna have our Channel okay guys find the stuff where's the chips oh my goodness okay okay let's call them let's call him okay come back call him back that was quick I think I was way less than a minute okay call me back right there Cherokee master we did it okay we're never gonna prank call you ever again game master we're so sorry just please forget this ever ever happened and we're never gonna do it again yeah yeah no the game master is that the game master is the best the game master is the best okay why do we have to say you're the best way border we just the leaders number that's on Callie's phone so what yeah what if we block his number yeah so he can call us and and we can't call him you guys that was really scary in a very very close call I'm close okay guys we're never gonna prank call gamemaster again you guys I don't encourage any of you guys to prank call gamemaster either hey we're gonna have to find another way for him to stop doing all these things colleen and daddy and daddy doesn't even know because he's at the store yeah till daddy when he comes home ah all right guys thanks for watching this video we tried to get gamemaster to stop doing all those bad things or we're gonna have to try something different leave a comment down below what you guys think we can do to stop chase it down and give a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe because we make live videos on famous to kids you

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