Practice Skills in Social Work & Welfare supplementary case study – Assessment Phase

and then better us Johnny Viking if I can just go for 15 minutes I'm a social worker at a neighborhood house in a small rural community the job involves talking and meeting with people who come to the center about whatever issues some creative opportunities some group work counseling and casework and outreach work and we see whoever comes here and respond to whatever their needs are hello Cherise welcome to the neighborhood house what brings you here today the doctor just said if I need to talk to somebody or if I need help to come here my name is Susie and I work here at the center which is a center for anyone who lives in the community so I will I'll ask you about what's happening for you and see if there's anything we can do to involve you in what's happening here or help you with any of the issues any problems that you have okay when the doctor said to come here what was he or she suggesting for you you just said if I need to talk to somebody because I'm quite lonely um I just come here from Malaysia with my husband we just got married and he yeah so I have no friends it's the Harkness very hard got nobody to talk to so then the doctor said maybe come and try yeah I'm very pleased you've come I'm must be very scary coming to a new place if you haven't met anyone before so admire the fact you've been able to come here I'm gonna write down some of the things you say so that I can remember what you've said and yeah I'll show it to you if you like it's a way of me remembering what you've said and keeping track so how old are you sure is I am 27 27 and where have you come from Malaysia we're about simulation in KL okay yeah mm-hmm and if is this the first time you've come to Australia yes and and you said you've come with your husband yes um my husband he's Australian should be met when he was yeah over there working mmm what's up what does he do he tell me he's in business I I really don't know and he does I'm but he's in business hmm and you don't you not sure what sort of business it is well sometimes yeah he tells me that he certainly doesn't really tell me you know and then what's his name his name is John John and you how long have you been married I just just so be all this expanse okay and and how old's he he's 34 so quite a bit older than you yeah man I'd always say always marry older men did she him yeah I miss my mother yeah as she's back in kale yeah she said she's in Malaysia mm-hmm I'm thinking at the moment now I really want to try and make sure he's feel comfortable because she said she's very lonely and sad she feels sad so I'm trying to make I'm beginning to make an assessment at the same time I need to connect with her and let her know that I'm interested in her as a person so already the way she's speaking about her husband is making me feel a bit concerned because it sounds if he's not very open with her so I'll begin to ask her a bit about a husband to see what's going on there and was your mum pleased about you marrying John and coming to Australia well what really not really young because they know that if I marry him then they know that I'm gonna come here yeah but because I love him yeah so you know and so I you know told my parents that it doesn't matter what you say um I love him and he loves me and I'm here to get there so there was a bit of a disagreement they were disappointed you were leaving yeah something like that yeah and did they like John yeah I guess not yeah they just said he's not the right one mmm they keep saying that I'm gonna make me stay yeah and you do you agree with him a little bit it was my choice you know I think I made the choice and I it's the decision I mean and I have to stick to it so what's it like what's going on with you with you and John I'm just okay the reason why I can't hear is because you know I say just now I'm very lonely like my family is not good I'm just very scared and it's very hard mm-hmm so coming to a neighborhood house is a good idea if you're lonely because you you can meet other people here I'm also interested that you said you're scared what what sort of things are you scared about the other day like John John loves me he loves me but I'm scared because son some suggest angry well very good things well with the things he gets very angry and just sorry when we have some issues if you feel like crying no a lot of people cry when they come baby because sometimes telling a story is very very sad you know like the other day she we just we went out together just nicely to out when he when he got into the car he just was just very angry at me I I don't know what I don't know what I did oh say what you know what was wrong and he just he just felt angry and he drive by a madman and I was very scared so I thought well you know you must slow down slow down a little bit because you know it's and then when I tried to tell him that he got even more angry and I mean when we got home she pulled me out of the car he pulled me out of the car and then he he pushed me into the wall and then he decided to hate true things he was like.he true when all the things that mean I was very scared that sounds awful he has he done things like that before she's not all the time he's he's good now he says he loves me and he always says he's sorry so you know but I can understand when he get angry at me because because I make him angry but so I'm going to concentrate on now on finding out whether Charisse is wanting to stay in a relationship where it sounds like her husband's being violent to her whether she's want him to leave the relationship or wanting to end the violence ask her about that and I'll follow her lead in that regard so it sounds like this has happened a few times before Cherise not all the time but John gets angry and he's violent with you now in Australia we call that domestic violence when when the husband pushes or shoves or pulls his wife it's called domestic violence and it's not fair and you shouldn't have to put up with it obviously you would like that to stop you want the violence to stop I also do you want to stay with John or you want to leave John I loved I really loved him but he also the other day he said you kill me if if I tell anybody did you say he will kill me and you believe he will okay well you've had a lot of courage in talking to the doctor I assume you talked to the doctor about it and he sent you here so you've done the right thing because even though he said you mustn't talk to someone you know that the only thing that you can do is talk to someone I think it might be useful if we talk about what things you can do to keep yourself safe are there any neighbors or friends who you know who who are aware of what's going on for you John John doesn't let me see anybody he gets angry what does he won't know that you've come here today you're suffering he had been here and would he think it would be okay to come to a neighborhood house to get involved in some computer work or some craft work the sort of things we have here well I my neighbor my neighbor knows I'm new so she asked me to come over to a house but coffee which was really nice and you know the first time somebody asked me go out and then better ask Johnny Viking if I can just go for 15 minutes yeah so I'm scared yes yeah good it's scary what you're experiencing so on the times he pushes you and shoves you like there was last week in times before that as well is it a way you can get out of the house could you run outside like I said is there any escape for you because some of the other women I've worked with hearing in this town what we've done is work out what we call a safety plan which is a way of you having some some phone numbers of some people you could call like the police who can come and us and help you because what John's doing is a crime he's not allowed to push you or hurt you in Australia that is criminal assault we call it and the police can come and stop him but arresting him and taking him away if he does that because I still love him he also says he loves me and he doesn't mean to hurt me just understands that he's seekers and green yes so you're very forgiving an understanding of him do you think that he would be open to talking to you anyone about what he's doing because at some level if he loves you he must know that what he's doing is wrong if he apologizes to you does he want to stop doing what he's doing would he talk to someone would would you want me to talk with him no if I come here so if you know I come here here probably be more angry I'm feeling really worried for Cherise now obviously she's a great risk and for a moment I'm feeling stuck about what to do because she's there alone in this house with this man who could actually kill her he's threatened to kill her and I believe her assessment that he might kill her so I will try and develop a safety plan I'll talk to her about the role of the police but it's going to be very hard to be able to do anything straightaway so my goal will be talk to trees to keep the door open for her to come back and have ongoing conversations in ways that can be safe to her so I'll just say to you sure is that if ever there's a way that John can talk with me I'd be very pleased to see him in a way that was safe to you but I won't act in that way without you talking to him in fact you know you talk to me and I will keep what you say confidential I write these notes and I and I'll probably talk to my supervisor that I'm concerned about you because you are right to say to be scared because it's a very scary situation what what I'd like to do today is to put some things in place so that you've couldn't work out ways quickly to get out of the house I'll give you the phone number of the police you have a mobile phone what do you use the landline at home you know what he won't let you have a mobile phone so he's pretty much keeping you as a prisoner isn't he hmm yeah so the but I think I'm particularly interested in is that John says he loves you and you believe that he loves you do you think he would love loves you enough to let you do some things that you need to do like are you doing any paid work no so how do you spend your time yeah so you're bored as well as being lonely mm-hmm so if you suggested doing something just make yourself less lonely would he would he agree to that or not I can try yeah because what I'm suggesting is that that you keep coming here because one way to make yourself stronger is to be able to talk with other people and I feel I feel for you alone in the house with John and by coming here maybe we can keep the conversations going so that you can keep yourself safe but also you know that you don't have to stay with him if he continues to hurt hurt you I know you feel like you made your choice and that you have to do it but what would it take for you to feel that you didn't have to stay with John and put up with him hurting you do you think you'd stay with him and put up with his violence until he killed you movie here I have no friends here but you don't want to die do you you don't want him to kill you the fact you've come here and you spoke the doctor and you know your family at home loves you very much my family already disor me so because you've come here yeah do they know what's happening don't have crossed line I cannot tell the home why not what can't you tell them my father already said you step outside of this house you don't come back and your mom what would she do if she knew what John was doing to you cares anymore you don't think your mom cares they said to me you go you don't come back so what I have I got nobody but John and yet now since you've come here you've got me to some extent don't that I can be helpful you've got the doctor who you can call as well and you've got a neighbor who you might make friends with who is interested in making friends with you but you do what you're living with is a man who is doing the wrong thing it's not right what he's doing you don't deserve it and nothing you've done deserves what you're getting from him and so I'll just tell you what some of the other women in your situation have done we have special places here called refuges for women who are so scared of their husbands that they want to step away from him they feel that they might be killed or they might be hurt and so you can go to a refuge and John won't know where you are and then if you want to make contact with him you do it with another person who talks to John about what he's doing must stop so that that's one option another option is that I or someone eventually can talk to John and tell him that he will if he wants to be with you he must stop what he's doing we begin to trouble well he would get into trouble if he hurt you again but you're the best person to know whether that's the safe way to do not you know it's for you to think about today like you've come today very bravely and told me about what's happening and now you've broken the silence that John has demanded you have so you have a belief in yourself and a belief in in wanting to live you can come here every day if you like I'm here each day so you can come and talk to me about what's happening while you get more courage to keep yourself safe because at the moment you are as you know you're living in great danger I'd imagine with what's happening that it goes in cycles but he gets out of control and abusive and then he stops again and then has he apologized for the other day you always apologize always say sorry and then how long does it take before it happens again like is it once a week once a month once every two weeks mm-hmm so you've got another week to go before it happens again if I don't make him angry shuri's it's not you making him angry he's an angry man for whatever reasons and he'll get angry regardless no matter what you do I was wondering whether you'd be interested in meeting with some other women who have who are in the same situation as you who are living very scared with their husbands who they want to be with who they love and who say they love them but you're not the only one that this is happening to and we run a group here on first afternoons later on today where we call it the the women's meeting groups so it's for meeting other women but really what's happening in that group is that most of the women are in violent relationships where the partners are violent to them and they come here to learn how to keep himself safe how to stop him being violent or how to leave the relationship if he doesn't stop and you'd be very welcome to come to that group how could we do it in a way that if you're interested that would make you feel safe I cannot tell me where I am I know none of the women do that would he follow you I hope so during the day he's she's at work and you can come and go where you want yeah but he he likes to call the house so this group is for an hour and a half could you is there a way you could explain something to him about being at the house for an hour and a half hmm well what I suggest is that you think about what we've talked about today and come back any day this week I mean I feel very worried for you I don't want anything to happen to you but as you say it's likely to again with John if you think about what we've talked about and come back and see me so that you've got one person you're talking to I think what we'll do is work out just I'll just tell you before you go if ever you have the opportunity if John is threatening you you can dial triple-triple oh and the police will come you just need to say your husband is being violent and they will come and at this stage that seems impossible for you it doesn't matter yeah you haven't mentioned any children so I'm assuming you don't have children at home it's just you and John they see my lots and lots of children and you and I do what I do what I can to make you happy hmm at the moment I'm trying to leave sure ease with the door open so that you can come back to reduce her isolation we certainly haven't solved the situation at all today it's the beginning interview and beginning of an ongoing relationship I hope with sure is what I'm trying to do is to make a connection so that at least she has one person to reduce our isolation but as as you can see it it's a very hard thing to address when a woman is living alone kept prisoner by a man who she's entirely reliant on so I'll just in the session with trying to invite her back again and to keep us safe for in whatever ways we can in the short term so sure is that's probably enough for today yeah you're obviously a woman of great courage because although John has threatened to kill you you know that you're worth more than that and you've come here you spoke to the doctor and you've come here because you don't want him to do that to you you don't want to be in danger are you would you like to come back again I'll leave that up to you yeah I'm I'm here each day and obviously you can go to the doctor if that's safe too I think if I don't hear from you you gave you a phone number and everything to the receptionist I'm going to feel worried so if you don't come back would it be okay if I called you just to see how things are going and then my yeah my husband knows that you called then huh mm-hmm is there a time a way that I could call you that would be safe what time does it go to work sometimes go in at 99 okay well if I was to call you at 9:30 would that be safe and if he answers the phone I'll hang up maybe we'll have a code between us that I would say that I'm calling about the gas bill or something or other and you know if I say I'm calling about buildin he handles all the guests billing on you know is that mm-hmm can you think of anything that would be a safe thing I could save I'm not gonna I'm I'm really needing I'll need to follow this up with you because if I don't see you again I will be very very worried but he's hurting you so if I tried to call you and in the meantime can you just think about your family back home although they're a long way away and can't help you from there I imagine there are people within your family who care very much about you and even though they say if you leave once you leave us you're outside the family you'll be able to think of some people who like your siblings maybe your mum even though she didn't say that making contact with your family might be a way of making you feel less lonely and maybe we can talk about that next time so we'll stop now and fish I wish you well I hope you're safe and I hope to see you again mm-hmm thanks Rhys so I'm left feeling very worried and wishing I could have done more I will be concerned about juries and follow up one way or another she says she'll call me however she doesn't know I'll find a way I'll probably call her and hang up the phone because this woman is at risk of being killed us I really believe she's in great danger and I don't want her to be isolated so I feel now massive responsibility and will talk with my supervisor about how we can be aware of her situation I just finished the interview talking to the lady she was very nice she listened to me nice is nice to talk to somebody she said I can come back whenever I want or whenever I need to this a bit hot she says she'll call my house but better not to then um but she I think she just was nice to listen to me maybe maybe if I can come and come back and talk to her

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  1. The first thing she should save her life by following and cooperating with the Counsellor ‘s advice. Be brave and strong to do the right thing for yourself because you’re living in Australia where men and women are equal.

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