Prabhjot Grewal–FINALIST–2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education– Outstanding New Teacher

She’s so humble to stand up in front of
the staff and help plan Pro-D. It’s a lot of people looking to you to lead.
That took quite a lot of courage. She has a very strong future. She will bring people together. She does things that inspire others. She makes us all want to do a better job. She’ll go far. Eventually, I’m hoping she’ll take over what I do, so, in time. It feels right because, like, I’m getting nominated for this award, but the reason why I even get to do stuff like that is because I have such an amazing
group of people that I work with at the school. Continuing to try new things
and, like, learn new things from other people, I think is very important, and I
value always continuing to learn. I love my relationship with my students.
When you have that genuine connection with someone, and you get to
see it one-on-one with a kid and it just shines out, wow,
this is what it’s for.

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