whats up awsome ningas What awesome ninjas we hope you’ll enjoy our first episode of season 2 powering to snitch kids make sure to smash that Relax do you really think Rita and the Green Ranger are just relaxing on the beach somewhere? No, they are trained to destroy us. So what we just have to train every second of every day. All right, sis I’ll make you a deal. If you can knock me down. It’ll take the rest of the day. Really Whoa I Guess we’re gonna take the rest of the day off. We’re gonna do that Destroy him Tommy You read punch you’re next on your feet Destroy him. Yes Empress Okay, red bunny. Let’s see what you got Hi, what are you waiting for? Come at me fine then stand there. This will be easy No Quick fight back or a will recycling fight back How dare you wait, wait, wait, I? like the red mark It could be a formidable opponent for training the others is this Compassion I hear from you Taunton not at all Let’s send it with a squad to attack. The ranger kids let then destroy it for you plus It’ll be fun to see how well I can defend against their attacks. Tommy. I do not have time for this I am just going to destroy it and be done with his nonsense What if they don’t destroyed? What are you talking about? Those kids are so stupid. He might even make friends with it you can use your powers to see what it sees and hear what it hears a Spy in there and pissed can be very beneficial. I could find a location of zordons lair and destroy him once and for all I see much potential in you Tommy Thank you Chu get out of here go Whoa Did you know they can do that? I did not know they could do that those gymnastics in martial arts lessons must be really paying off You know Tommy I was once the Green Ranger just like you You were yes. I was also a princess princess my family ruled over an entire planet Gama Ville was the most beautiful planet of the whole galaxy Somebody stole its Zeo crystal And my planet began to die What’s a zoo? Crystal Zeo crystals aren’t ancient and infinite source of power they gave a planet the ability to sustain an abundance of life Those are devil to those Yes It does Lord said offered to help find a replacement crystal in exchange to my hand in marriage You agreed to marry. Lord said to save your planet, of course, Tom, but then Zordon and his Rangers interfered. They try to stop us from obtaining a new crystal Why? Because they were jealous Just like those children Rangers are jealous of you, Tom Lord Zedd the greatness in me. He gifted me with a powerful artifact called the dark sword Used its power into my staff With it, it was able to destroy the Rangers Except for Don Wait, you’re telling me Jordanna was a Power Ranger Zordon was the Red Ranger Lord Zedd stood valiantly against sword on its sword undefeated the tricked him and he knocked him into a volcano and Because of sword on I have left my planet and I have lost my fiance Wow That’s tragic I Took my revenge. I trapped his auradon into an interdimensional time warp But he tricked me and trapped me too for Thousands of years I was imprisoned in this space Dumpster I Was finally freed when those children activated the power points, but Make no mistake, Thomas Before I was imprisoned I learned the true power of the darker sword Men that Dirk sword some sick. What are you saying thick the dark sword have never been ill It’s not funny sick doesn’t mean ill it means that it’s Powerful and awesome. I knew that so the dark sword is very very Sick, that’s why tongue. I am giving it to you You’re giving me the dark sword actually you already have it I Fused it into your dragon dagger before giving it to you the same way that Lord said feel that into my staff the darker sword will manifest itself when you focus all of your anger and all of your hatred I Am ready this time, I will defeat the Ranger kids. No You already? disappointed me I Am NOT going to take any chances you Will prove to me that you are worthy of being the great Ranger Yes, my queen. I’ll do anything we must never ever again Underestimate Zordon. Do you hear me? But if the Red Ranger joins us it will guarantee my victory You are going to free Jason from the trickery of Sword on and you’re going to bring him to me for repros What do you think yes Empress Jason will bow before you or he will be destroyed Bring him to My grandmother talking, I’m sure she could school you you’re right You’re missing the point guys, come on Zach, he’s just give a shot. All right. All right Why are you door stood kung-fu sloth style sloth I Actually, it’s called Tai Chi want to join no, we don’t want to join your stupid shirt Will do at school, maybe one day we’ll get back to School oh Stop it. Oh, you guys need a little girl to protect you. He’s scared of me bulk, man. I’m too strong to hit a girl You’re way too unfocused at me anyway What Java just have movement kids in this neighborhood seriously She was more stirring yeah, that was so cool These guys are so inconsiderate our time that this lesson will have to wait let’s kick some putty Oh Come on We’re driving here I’ll put up the slide. I got the monkey bars. I call the bench Whoa Jason here Teleports you to join your team victim or a defeat Britta’s parties? Okay. Let’s do it power rangers Don’t worry just wait I Show miss Tina J’s over here. This will make it so much easier. Well here we just get freaky So did you tell on that? What Is everyone. Alright dude, thank you so long welcome back thanks what I was really looking for to surfing tomorrow surfing Anybody I’m glad you guys are catching up but kept this way until we’re finished, right? It’s time The holidays Surrender you can’t win Hey guys, really you’re mad this time. He has a weapon You wouldn’t work for our vacation. Yeah, that’s way rude I’ll take him low. I’ll take him high What are you talking about Lauren’s been lying to you. He destroyed Rita’s planet and knocked her fiance into a volcano That’s not sure Don would never lie to me. Oh, yeah, then why didn’t sir? I’ll tell you there was a green ring I don’t know, but it doesn’t mean he lied open your eyes Jason. You know my name. I know all your names I know a lot about you Jason. I consider you a friend Just like Rita considered Zordon a friend when she was a member of his team a friend. What real is a Power Ranger? Yes until Zordon betrayed her. She was just trying to save her planet then Why did she keep sending you and all these putties to attack us Sauron used the power coins to trap Rita? She doesn’t want to hurt you. She just wants the power coins out of saurons control. You don’t believe him. Do you Jason? I? Don’t know guys, I think saurons been keeping some things from us What do you think Billy this expedition is a possible scenario if those in several gasps for the stars move into a vise order It’s all true. Jason come with me. I’ll prove it Jason’s not going anywhere with you Kree. Yeah, you’re a creep and I’m a good judge of character. Yes Journey, I’m sure you are give me a chance and I’ll prove it to you. How can we trust you? We don’t even know who you are Yes, we do. I figured it out on Halloween Really? Who is it? It’s the same fighting style from the tournament Very good Jason. I’m impressed Tommy’s the Green Ranger No Join us together. Will it feed Zordon and savior? I Can’t believe Tommy was a green ranger. Yeah, I figured it out a while ago, but I didn’t think you guys would believe me What where you going to do now? Jason join him. I Guess you guys are gonna have to watch the next episode to find out Not everybody who pretends – your friend has your best interest in mind If you have friends that truly care about you make sure to treat them with kindness and respect Hey looks like you guys are ancient paid to your angel Destroy him Tommy I Can’t It’s Tommy no, no no

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