Poverty is Not An Accident | An Illuminating Interview With Robert Kiyosaki

What the school teach you about money nothing and that’s not a mistake that’s not an accident The way to keep the poor middle class working hard is never teach them what the rich know What the rich teach our kids about money the poor middle class do not If you read Rich Dad Poor Dad rich dad’s lesson number one The rich don’t work for money Don’t you touch that stuff if I pay you you think like an employee your brain will change? If you learn never to work for money, you’ll be a rich man The people that are being screwed today are the poor little class because they work for money You know the bank repairs they’re not working for money they have money working for them. Yeah very big difference in mentality What is financial education? It’s not get a job work hard save money and invest in a well-diversified portfolio stocks bonds mutual funds and ETFs That’s not it the financial industry is two things debt and taxes Debt and taxes and we still tell kids to go to school get a job Work hard save money and get out of debt Now who tells them to do that. That’s the most ridiculous thing There is the book starts and it says line number one Saving money will make you rich and never will you know that all taught that is kids. Yeah Because they can print it. Why would you save it? And why would you work for it if they can print it? And faster than you can work for it and Number two is they keep dropping the interest rates on it, you know, Japan still has dessert zero interest rate policy And the Japanese are the biggest savers in the world and I’m Japanese and fourth generation. They’re not too bright, right? Why do you keep saving when they’re printing it? You know everyone I’m in Japan And that’s what I mean by fear They’re so afraid Because of Japanese good culture, but they do as you’re told It’s very conformist. Very conformist America first so they just do us are told and Then they just save money and their government the sky obey abenomics it’s just printing trillions of it and buying ETFs with it and And they don’t know what to do They’re afraid they might make a mistake a good little students in school. Go to school get a job Don’t make mistakes So what happens to the average person in a financial crash? They don’t know what to do. And right now as you know for the middle class of the world, we’re in a crash the you know, the the purchasing power of the yen the Euro the rupiah all going down and people are working harder and harder and harder and the Central banks of the world are printing more money And so if someone’s listening to us that’s stuck in that poor middle class trap and they hear it’s their fear that ultimately is keeping them from that That’s a hard thing to hear Robert But you’re going to give them the information about what they can do if they can get out of that fear well, every time I and I do a lot of speaking to the masses out there, you know Lehman doesn’t invite me up because we’re gone, but they go what what you know, it’s so risky what you’re saying is risky I said What I do isn’t risky for me. What’s risky for you? And when somebody says what is risk guess the look in the mirror Jen I mean for me to fly in Vietnam that was high risk, but the higher the risk the more you have to study you know that I know that So if you’re not gonna study, you’re not gonna practice and all that then you should do what Wall Street tells you to do buy 401ks mutual funds ETFs And all that, but that’s where they’re fake assets because he’ll they make Wall Street or the City of London rich Just watch where the cash is flowing follow the money the reason The rich don’t work for money is number one expensive tax See, there’s three kinds of income earned portfolio passive So earned income is if I get a job, that’s earning If I’m a doctor or a programmer, that’s earning because I’m working for If I buy US by pilots at Apple for $10, I sent up a 20 that’s portfolio income capital gains. Yeah But passive income which is cash flow It’s never taxed So it’s not in the soul of these guys are screaming right now in America tax too. Rich as a good luck Because most of the guys complaining they don’t know those three kinds of income and the rich don’t have jobs. Anyway, they have assets And so the average small on there a poor guy, you know sent the kid to school. They don’t learn this So that’s why in fake as he were talking about it there’s a newspaper article about Jared Kushner and He explains how the trumps and the Kushner’s don’t pay taxes and make millions of dollars and the reporter couldn’t understand him because they’re not our schools will never teach you the Three types of income and they judged him and say they’re wrong and it’s cheating and we see that over and over again Amazon not paying taxes. What do you say to people when they come up to you and say Robert? It’s not fair It’s not fair. They’re not paying taxes. Well, there’s always three sides to a coin, you know heads tails into edge You know some would say the coin a yuan from my side. It’s fair But this is the difference. Everybody can do the same thing. I do because the tax laws are for everybody You know, they don’t say well the tax also only for the rich no, the tax laws are for everybody to use if you have the right financial education and There is that I’m an advocate of financial education without that education. You’ll have to pay taxes you See very few people will buy what I do Make a million dollars and pay zero tax That takes and my rich dad taught me that playing Monopoly. That’s how it started, you know for green houses one red hotel Or the McDonald’s for me. I write about it. Yeah McDonald’s Ray Kroc. Yeah McDonald’s is in the real estate business. So they sell hamburgers, but they buy real estate. They pay no taxes You know this guy Bezos, but he’s sixteen billion dollars how much tax did append a 16 billion? Sir and that’s all legal anyone can do it. Everybody could to put everyone most people lack the education Carl jerod learned about money when he was a kid by watching his father there watching these people vest in real estate and said wow Not only do you get to make the money you get to keep the money. That’s a big problem A lot of people don’t understand they look how much money I made but how much did you keep because that could be half That’s what you pay. Right? What tax did you pay? And so you always say this is the law The law is true for every citizen you can do it, but most people just don’t do it Sometimes like you said, they don’t have the education but you need to have a plan if you’re gonna go do risky things Well, that’s not risky. I mean to me what’s what’s risk is having a job and paying taxes and saving money because they’re printing it You know that’s the worst thing of all and that’s why there’s fake money Fake teachers the teachers will never they don’t know it and fake assets because Wall Street of the City of London or Lehman Brothers or Goldman above they’re not going to tell you this. Yeah, how are their billionaire bankers today? I’ve been supposed to be watching your money. You know, you said in here also The greatest asset you have is your mind What does that mean? If you really want to be a rich take a class on real estate once you understand real estate is based on debt Learn how to use debt as money. So once you learn how to use debt as money, you can never say I can’t afford it Because the banks will give you so the banks after the crash of 2008 The banks gave me three hundred million dollars tax-free to buy real estate that the idiots had lost Heythis, and that every idiot is because the prices were so high Why would you buy it at the top of a market don’t you know, that’s gonna crash they all now know this is the other was the subprime wasn’t derivatives market MBS and all that stuff had driven the price of real estate so high and the rest of us were just waiting and then when the whole thing came crashing down All this real estate was now available and they needed, you know, the Fed and those guys in the Treasury needed guys I gots to go in there So Wall Street gave us hundreds of millions of dollars to mop up all that real estate These guys had lost now, it’s fair because everybody could do it So, you know when I ask the average guys that can you why not used it. They can’t even get a loan Because there are scores their FICO scores won’t let me have them your are so bad Right, so that that’s what’s going on in the world today. It’s fake money fake teachers fake asses The schoolteachers will never tell you that because they don’t know it my poor dad Never knew that and he thinks they think the rich are crooks The risks just played by different laws The rules are the same But you have to do what the government wants you to do Never say I can’t afford it ask yourself How can I the reason I have so much money is because I don’t say I can’t do it. I just go How can I do it? And I guess go into it. I make a lot of mistakes But that’s how I learn, how can I it’s just a matter of personal well power which is spiritual just saying If they can do it I can do it And how can I how can I and I think it’s you once said words become flesh. Yep

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  2. Is this another guy trying to sell gold? Or silver? Real Estate? The real estate market is at the mercy of the zoning codes of the state. It is the great veiled tyranny. Preemptive eminent domain without compensation or due process.

  3. Whenever these "get rich quick" or those informercial guys trying to teach investing/etc is because those dudes are struggling and poor themselves that they sell these lame "tips" that is so generic it doesn't really teach you shit – just to take money from the suckers. People who are actually successful and rich like Jeff Bezos ain't going to be doing lame ass infomercials or selling books…. well Bezos literally sold books… but you know what I mean. lol

  4. Makes me kind of proud that most people in the comments can tell that not much is being said in this interview that breaks down exactly how you release yourself from poverty. Asking yourself how you can make more money and just going out and doing it is a vague answer. He thinks anyone can do it by using the same tax laws and anyone can just go and buy real estate and use it for debt. Okay that's easy… And on top of that, he thinks not paying any taxes when you're rich while even the poorest people have to pay taxes is fair, shows how he's a part of the crooked system and what's wrong in our society. Worthless content.

  5. What if you carry with your family debt to start with? I mean, I have negative numbers before I can even save or gain money…

  6. Jim Rohn said it best.

    'Teach kids to save 10cents of every dollar. If they want to know why they shouldn't spend the whole dollar.. after all.. Its THEIR dollar.. Take em to the poor part of town and show them where people live who spend the whole dollar. Show them where spending the whole dollar gets you. Kids are visual. They'll get it.'


    I save 20 cents of every dollar because I started late.

  7. From – the richest man in Babylon –

    'Pay yourself first. A portion of all you earn should be yours to keep.'

    'But is not all i make mine to keep?!'

    'Fool. Do you not pay the shepard for his wool? Do you not pay the sandal maker, the merchant, do you not pay to live in Babylon? Only a fool pays all others but himself'

  8. I have read multiple books from this man, and the truth is only the first one is even worth reading. I don’t know how much money he made in the business world learning from his fake rich dad, but I’m sure he made a load off book sales!

  9. Whoever doesn't get this is struggling financially. Buy a house and work your way from their to obtain the cash flow, there is no perfect and only answer.

  10. if they taxed liquid and semi-liquid wealth instead of income we could be living in a better society. It wouldn't even need to be a lot, but because we tax income, there are so many ways to avoid it. People who have small businesses can basically just accept nothing but cash and make up their income. The rich can funnel as much as possible into capital gains or "cash flow" and just buy assets or whatever. But if the government simply taxed a small portion of wealth, things would be different.

  11. "everyone can do it" is a bit of an overstatement when you are talking about real estate.
    If you haven't been saving ( because they are printing it right ? ) and you do not have your own business, so you are working, how would you afford to purchase property during crisis?
    I agree with statement that money grows and you have to make money work, but first you need to get money to do that and if you don't save good luck in doing that.

  12. Yes, but if you want to invest you need money, if you want to build your cash flow you have to use your money or other's peoples money but you'll still be working for it. You can only invest without working if you inherit and don't waste it. Even if you borrow to invest, you still are in debt. To purchase assets you need money and the only way if you aren't born with it is to work for another's enterprise.
    You need money to make money, and if you haven't got any initially, then I've got news you are gonna have to work for it. Or anybody knows a different way to get your first money withour inheriting it or earn it?

  13. I went into business leaving my secured job behind. 6 yrs later I went bankruptcy so I went back to my secured job that I quit 6 yrs ago. I am saving up now

  14. Remove the words " winner ",..and " loser ",..from the lexicon and what do you have left? Seems to me,..one cannot exist without the other. Would be no point of reference. Both concepts are by design and NO, not everybody can become wealthy at the same time or level. Equally so,..not everybody can be poor either. To become a " winner ",..somebody has to be the " loser ",..and NO,..no specific persons are literally designated by name for either eventuality. Boils down to intellect and set goals.

  15. Ok, let everybody do it his way and let's see how long a government will be able to operate. Fuck this two guys, completely decoupled from reality.

  16. That is why some people quit school and get into unproductive negative occupatio~ like the drug trade go figure I can't believe we are that stupid thinking like peons like a give feeding the Queens of our word like the exploitive 1 percenters

  17. Wow.. those idiots.. really.. meanwhile you get a tax free 300 mil no prob from the same banks foreclosing on thousands of people.. buy those peoples homes because some bar chart looked like a etch a sketch.. yeah there's a couple things you dont have we have and that's decency and character.. maybe we should get new representatives and flip the tax code back on the silver spoons.. these people are the core reason America sucks.. greed that's all they know..

  18. He's not lying but he's not telling the WHOLE truth either; I didn't see him be TOTALLY honest with the interviewer and say that the markets are rigged: and that the rich fund the elections of politicians and congressmen who change the rules of law to favor their benefactors; or that The Banks ALWAYS get bailed out while the taxpayer (who FUND the bailouts) don't get any in return; or that hyper-inflation is a way to keep the poor poorer and the rich richer (in Hyper-inflation the purchasing power of your currency weakens but prices remain the same; so you end up spending MORE money on the same stuff you buy every week; while the rich use the weakened currency to spur exports or to buy assets which will increase in value or generate income (like paintings or property for rent) – oh yeah; no talk on buying Gold – a centuries old way to prevent hyper-inflation and money printing to decrease the value of your assets (since money value may decrease but Gold stays the same or increases in value) …..

  19. I agree that many times people waste lots of money on commodities and not assets, but I'm pretty sure I'd be all over real estate right now if I had the money, but what can you realistically do to get money to invest if you're stuck in a dead end, barely above minimum wage job?

  20. https://share.kashtree.com/register.php?referral=Serenity19811

    I'm not a bot and I am still skeptical however I just did a cash out for 380 dollars with this link. It's pretty risk free as far as I can tell. Check it out.

  21. You NEED money to MAKE money….Sure all the poor middle class can afford to take risk to be "rich" LOL — stupid advice.

  22. Amazon is a limited liability company (or LLC for short). Thats why they dont pay taxes. Another pass through entity is S corporation. That also avoids what u call double taxation (taxes on a corporate level and individual level. To simplify…taxes). Check google for more info. Not a single rich man will tell u, heck any encyclopedia wont tell u the biggest companies run a LLC cuz companies hide that info, u have to figure it out on ur own. Try searching; they will just say "X is a multi-billionaire company."

  23. No matter how you save money if the tax and price keeps increasing at alarming speed and corporate giants doesn't want to increase wages then it will be very difficult…

  24. One thing that confuses me is at 9:26, 'do what the government wants you to do.' If government says you have to involve yourself in a massacre including your own child, would that be acceptable?
    Are many flaws here or am I missing the point?

  25. The reason you have money is your fico score. You just said it at 9:98. 10:01 your rich dad told you , that you can afford it cause your score. I agree that poor dad was a saver but what was his score and if he knew he could get a huge loan on some real estate wouldn’t he have been up to par with rich dad

  26. Does this guy was succsefull before his book? I think he make money from preching people how to be rich and successful. Can someone mentioned one successful business of this guy

  27. Word is flesh? Sounds like a one way trip to Hell since God is called the WORD and god hates the will of the flesh

  28. This Robert Klyossaki as well everyone on this u tube channels preaching about getting rich how to manifest is a bucket of shit. You. Be stupid enough to burn every bay leaf in the world, you can sit on a fire ant bed naked and think(manifest) about all the mo eye you need what you'd do with it, thinking WILL NOT GET YOU A DAMN THING. Like some angel of wealth is going to stop a pike of money in your lap, is a bunch of bullshit.
    Robert Klyoski gave his secret up to start it all off he said quote" His Rich Dad" so that's telling me his old man left him mo ey, or had money, going back to the old term OLD MONEY. I'm sorry everyone guys like this they already have money, it's easy as hell to make money When you already have money. These rich guys telling everyone oh it's a mind set bullshit guys like that would put a bullet in their head if they lived one week in my world. It one of them could survive in most of our real world scenarios. Not a one of them understand helping a fellow man like us normal working class. Can't count the dollars I hv given to my friends or even strangers to help them. I know millionaires don't give money to a fucking person it's all what they. can screw someone out of, it's the truth. Unless you've actsully sold your soul to Satan and yes dumbasses out there you can contract with Satan to be good at something. Anyone that is anything in music, movie stars, sports anyone that is a known name sold their soul and had a human sacrificed. Better open your eyes. If you think you can go sit somewhere nice and quiet and just think about money it is going to fall into your lap then your not fit to be a human. It takes something to make something. 90% of the millionaires in the world Today is from old money their mommy or daddy left it to them. Born with a gold spoon in their damn mouth. He keeps saying my rich dad so that tells me he just thought up a and wrote a good speech and people pay to hear someone that has never worked a day in his life probably. His rich daddy gave him spending money. All a bunch of bullshit foolish words from a faker. Put me in his spot I'll write some bullshit story and a book and watch the dumbass blind sheep flock to me all I hv to do is promise to give them secrets only the rich know. Hey dumbass the secret is …ready…. be the fool that pays 150.00 a ticket to hear my put together one week speech. Manifesting ……fucking bullshit

  29. who doesnt want to get rich and have your time controlled by yours… being a successful entrepreneur is not always for everybody…it seems to me that bloom wherever you planted…if all would be a leader..who will follow him..if all is engineer or architect..who will build the building and roads? if all will be entrepreneur..how ones business operates without a manpower?.. its for balance in this world… bottom line..try to be happy and create a diff. whether youre rich or not…

  30. Rich: College degree is useless.

    Poor: I don't have a degree can you give me a job.

    Rich: Sorry. No degree. No job.

    Poor: But you said…

    Rich: Get a Degree first.

  31. POVERTY, SCARCITY, FINANCIAL LIMITATIONS ARE COMPUTER PROGRAMS CREATED BY THE INVISIBLE YOU, that which you call SOUL….. for you flesh and blood human to experience it, and forSOUL to learn what it is to be limited. ……….so.mmmm…….it's NOT AN ACCIDENT. Title is called "destiny" or Fate" or life-blueprint. THIS is the CAUSE. it is in the etheric realm.

  32. hats off to you for educating us, and I can see this is the best temporarily solution seen where we are now,
    but I think that if rich and poor could symbiosize their existance more,that could be an all time outcome.
    like democracy in old greek times ( not that everything was completely tops back than) but financially,
    they seemed much more succesfull to me than mankind in our ara.
    what the old greeks did was bind the tax of the richest with a fonds for the poorest,
    therefor if the economy's ceiling went up, the minimum income went up with it!
    therefor rich people where loved and well respected by all and seemed much more free to expand their industrie. Poverty was kind of a face loss to all of society and therefor everybody helped dragging the poor into the middel class where everyone seemd relatively happy ever after.

  33. If Kiyosaki has such money why doesn't he just make a school and teach what he says to prove his point. He sounds like winner winner chicken dinner…..

  34. motivational books and speakers stuffs are Made for poor Africans and poor people because it's only poor people who substitute strategy with hope. we live in the world cause and effect. so whether Robert is saying the truth or not. what I know at the end of the day whether you take dinner or not it's upto you. poverty is a sin 😂😂

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  36. I can’t be fuckd to think about all these temporary tuff , i rather enjoy life and being poor then the other way around.

  37. Everyone cares too much for money and they spend their lives trying to make it only to spend it to make our self's happy but if each of us are happy just the way thinks are there is no need for money just try to find a stable source of income and live with it for the rest of your life u don't have to rich to live happily and most of the rich are not so happy coz the money they make is not in a way Just. There is a system in this world that has been decided long back that there has to be someone to control the wheel of this world to which direction it moves and when to turn and when not to… Poverty can be changed if all the rich just pour in their money.. But if they did that who will work… Let me ask you if you were to get money without doing any work then will you ever do anything we all be lazy and just live it's because of this fact they control the flow of money we work, we live and we produce things… Do any of you know why we are living, do we have any purpose in this life like anything, rich ppl make money to live a normal life and what the poor do they try to make money to live rich for what tho, we want to run and reach a distance of 10km then feel good at 1km distance before you know it you will be dead, spending life for money and forgetting the rest. The rick is not the bad guys, there is a system that decide who has to be rich and who has to be poor what I am saying is not to spend money but on what you have to spend it on, the world runs on a never ending circle never stopping on its own unless someone forces it to stop and I don't think it will be stopped unless everyone makes up their mind and force it together, just everyone has to see the bigger picture. The world is not the way you see it as it is… There is a different view from a different point I haven't seen it completely yet I haven't got all the answers but I will get to it in time. This is coming from a 20 year old guy so yeah might be shit or just right. The world is messed up in so many ways most of u all only look at side the world is round and you cannot see the whole world from just one side people spend more time researching it, studying it and get to the answer and live freely coz f**k the system.


  39. I had a job for 3 years …. ummmm last month I started my own business pressure washing houses , I make more money pressure washing houses 2 days by myself than I did working a whole week for a company .. I thank God for giving me my own knowledge and for the guidance

  40. "And my RICH DAD taught me that playing monopoly"
    No shit? lol, knew that after he said one word. Self-entitled people can preach and patronize the poor however they want. But it's not the poor who are interested in you… It's the killers and thieves.

  41. @5:33 It's fair based on the current laws… but it's not ethical in general as human beings. The concept of having assets itself is a global-scale ponzi scheme. The Earth has limited land (which is reducing too) so the prices will keep going up no matter what. If a person buys more and more houses and gets more assets then they will have the most passive income, what about the people who came later?–so "everybody can do the same thing I do" isn't even right. The issue is that we have the concept of "possession" which as John Lennon sang, is an issue and a world without it would be better.

  42. Is paying taxes fair? U figured out the way to make money and why do you need to pay taxes to any one… I mean for what?.

  43. My heart wiill let me get what i really want to , But my brain will never. What should i really do about it ? Please tell me 😢

  44. Live creatively, do things normal people don't, think ahead of average people that's how you'll get an advantage in life

  45. What is the tecnik that we can learn from this video to become rich?the answer is nothiiiiing.
    Those fake wise word who say change youtself are bulshit. This man who is not aware of different level of pain around got lucky by having a rich dad then open his mouth about poor people.
    You people are responsible to give those criminal banks to print money as much as they want and give you the fake information you want to hear.

  46. I will suggest a brief tecnic without doing too much uncessary blabla.
    Playing lottery can make you rich even if you have the same mentality.
    Not all the rich have the same mindset.
    Changing the mindset to become rich is bulshit.

  47. Be your own boss in life
    Get a job
    Don’t give in to the gimmicks
    Don’t celebrate the Fake holidays
    Don’t give in to social trends
    Don’t buy unnecessary things
    Never buy celebs merchandise over priced
    Spend with in your means

    Food shelter clothing are survival keys

    Be a rich man in no time

  48. How to get rich? Sell your opinion by putting out a video and printing books to sell….some of the information is incorrect. He left a lot out. Sometimes its luck too. Yes I do agree that you need to save but not to the point you're a miser and you don't enjoy your life. And what is considered rich and what is considered super rich? Plus how could one invest without money? His advice is for someone who is born into a family with money who already money to invest, and "do not have jobs" as he says. His advice isnt for everyone (most). I personally am a fan of flowing income (having a job that brings in a paycheck regularly) or at least one family member bringing in a steady income. One can lose their investment as it is considered gambling.

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