6 thoughts on “Poverty and Education”

  1. Excellent video!!
    Another video on poor kids do not have access to education

  2. I'm using this video to speak against the preconception of expected failures by the teacher of students who are living in poverty. Preconceptions which lead to lowered expectations for success. If your families income is $10,000 a year, you are wealthier than 84 percent of the world. So stop with this "poverty" garbage….besides that who's numbers do we use, the US, UNICEF, or another? If you push your kids and believe in your kids to rise to the opportunity to learn "exercising your brain is free", then they will succeed. There are many studies about how low expectations from teachers results in just that….low results from students. Stop making excuses for your students to be allowed to fail, and instead, say no more excuses, exercise your mind….everyone can learn, your job MR/Ms. educator….is to find what works best for each child. There is no reason for my tax dollars to pay for school breakfast, or lunches when my tax dollars are already used to provide WIC, Foodstamps & Welfare, and other support programs which put food on the tables. If the Parents fail to feed their children, call Child Protective Services. Trust me, I see it all the time out here, the kids show up hungry…yet we see the parents shopping at Walmart picking up steak and beer? I just revamed our risk management program, which prodives State Mandatory Reporting procedures…not feeding a child for us, is on that list….not providing is neglect, it doesn't fall to the School System.

  3. low quality education what makes poverty a increasing percentage go up. and that's where the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT wants it. children of today's government slaves of tomorrow.

  4. Kate – this is a great video.  I am working on a similar project for school and have seen a number of people use this video clip – can you tell me how you embedded it into your presentation?

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