Postgraduate Master's Loan explained 2018/19

will you be starting a postgraduate master's course in academic year 2018-19 you might be able to get a postgraduate master's loan of up to ten thousand six hundred and nine pounds to help towards your course and living costs you can apply this summer you should apply as early as possible once the service opens to make sure you get your money in time for starting your course you have to repay any postgraduate master's loan you borrow but not until your income is over twenty-one thousand pounds a year you'll be due to start making repayments the April after you finish or leave your course the amount you repay each month is based on your income not how much you borrowed you'll repay 6% of your income over 21,000 pounds towards your postgraduate master's loan if you've had any other loans from the student loans company for your undergraduate course you'll also repay those at the same time for more information search for postgraduate master's loan on Garvey UK you

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