Poor Kids: Life on the Breadline (Child Poverty Documentary) | Real Stories |

My mummy’s got no money My mummy’s got no money The gap between rich and poor in the UK Is now wider than at any time since the 2nd World War It doesn’t get any better, it gets worser and worser as the days go on We asked four children to show us what life is really like growing up in Britian today below the poverty line. Shopping, debt. Shopping, debt, shopping, debt., shopping debt. There’s all sorts of things that happen bad around here, in my life Money is the main priority. I always worry about it. Hello! Hello! All of the children in this film have their parents’ permission to talk to us. They live at home, and they speak for the 3 and a half million or so kids, who are living in poverty in Britian today. This is their story. My name’s Sam, I’m eleven years old and I live in Leicester.

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