Poor Daughter Teaches Rich Daughter The One Thing Her Dad Can't Buy Her

chelsey right Hey do we know each other yeah yeah we went to middle school together I mean me oh right public school that feels like such a long time ago that was before my dad started his own business and we moved to the hills definitely don't miss that old neighborhood so where do you live now well we never moved out we're still in the same neighborhood I'm so sorry anyway my dad is coming to pick me up because we're spending the weekend together so I just thought I'd pick up a couple of things what are you doing here Oh same I just got back from the thrift store you have to wear other people's clothes you should just tell your dad that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing stuff like that that's what I tell mine and then he just gives me his business credit card your dad owns his own business too right no my dad hi honey I'm sorry I'm late but I clear my schedule so we can spend the whole weekend together thanks dad um I need to say goodbye to my friend first but I'll meet you in the car no worries here Thank You tiny thanks dad well now I know I have to shop at the thrift store you know what my dad may not be able to afford an expensive house in the hills but we've got a happy home and that's good enough for me my dad may not be able to buy me designer clothes but he spoils me with what he can and his love is so much better than any fancy bag out there and my dad may not have his own business but that's because to him he cares more about spending time with me and to me that's worth more than any credit card can buy my dad might not be able to afford an expensive house or designer clothes or even own his own business but he is the most caring and loving person that I know that is so sad mr. Chelsea I'll take your bags Benjamin my dad was supposed to come where is he he had to fly to London for business you won't be able to spend time with you anytime soon so he sent me I don't understand he always does a SUNY I haven't seen him in weeks I'm sorry but he sends his regards I'll be waiting in the car look my dad might not have a lot of money but he always has time for me it was nice to see you we miss Chelsea the best way to have a happy family is to spend twice as much time together and half as much money that's because money spent will never be as valuable as time spent but you don't have to take it from me if you want to know which is more valuable time or money ask a wife whose husband is in the Army if she'd rather get his paychecks or have him come home ask a rich widow in a large empty house if you'd rather have her money or have her husband back or ask a lonely daughter with the rich dad if she'd rather have his credit card or his presence time is more valuable than money you can always get more money but you can never get more time so remember in the end it won't matter how many clients we have or how much money is in our bank account what will matter is how much time we spent with the people we love you

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  2. Well it depends … i am not keep in touch with my father for years now but if a can choose between money and my father i would choose money

  3. I never have time to spend time with my family my brother stays on his Xbox my mom in her room on her phone or TV my dad at work

  4. Messages like this makes no sense. I dont care what anyone says no money means no happiness. Yes time is important there needs to be a balance because no money means suffering. Starvation. Depression. I dont see how that can lead to a quality life.

  5. OMG I love thrift shops! even if I had all the money in the world I'd still go to thrift shops because they're cool ya find interesting things in them..but not just that.. it helps the community and in a sense you're recycling so you're helping the planet as well! I'm a thrift shop whore.. love love love them! lol

  6. Tbh i wouldnt mind being dirty rich. My father was the only person who could truly understand me but now hes dead… My mom and i are poor and her emotional support… Its like telling a person with cancer to cure themselfes…

  7. if a rich man that does not spend time with family dies he will not have the money in his grave and they will miss him but they never spent time with him but if a poor man dies but he spends time with his family they will miss him and at least he spent time with his family and money cant buy love ,time and happiness like if u agree

  8. Why is every example about a man that makes a lot of money? Where are all the succsessful women in your listing?

  9. Lol the rich daughter reminds me of my step cousin XD the other day she was like “ at least I have the new iPad the new iPhone and a PlayStation” when I didn’t let her play with my laptop XD

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