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  1. A few people already made me aware that the angles aren't correct. 30° angle is actually a 150° angle, 50° angle is actually a 130° angle and 70° angle is actually 110°. Thanks for the hint, obviously I was a little negligent when I was making the graphics.

    Sorry for that mistake guys 🙂

  2. if we give more spin can we adjust the aim? or just aim the right angle. how do the mother ball travel to ball if we use more spin ? sorry for bad english.

  3. can you make a how to improve your masse shot tighter masse to long range masse. thank you for the video was clear sound and I like the graphic with the cue ball it help understand the function I will suggest a power meter to know the speed or the soft/hard stroke. thanks again.

  4. Always love the videos, Andre. One question, are you about 6 foot 11 inches tall? 😂 Btw, your English is better than about 70% of my native English speaking friends.

  5. Wow, incredible video. I love the detail you go into explaining this concept, and the visuals you use are invaluable to the teaching process. Not all pool videos show you exactly where you need to place the cue on the white ball when shooting, or explain how the change in english effects the path of the cue ball as well as the object ball, so thank you for explaining it so well.
    Yes, please make another video going into more detail about spin and throw. You can never go into too much detail in a video or make too many videos on this subject. That just gives me a reason to watch it again and again, LOL 😂. Also, a video on more banking techniques and how throw/spin will effect your banking or kicking at balls would be GREAT!
    I'd love to hear you to make a video just explaining more about exactly how the balls act like gears. That if one ball spins one way the other will spin the opposite direction. Also how the spin on the balls react when hitting a rail. Plus I rarely hear anyone talk about how chalk, dirt, oil, or water effect the balls, table, etc… Could you please make a video going into these things in detail (the way you always do😁) Thanks! Dee😊👍

  6. Thanks so much! Been playing for 40 years and it just changed my game too. That side pocket has always been my nemesis. Your explanation makes perfect sense. Well done! Some other players are now in big trouble!

  7. As soon as i Watch your video i subbed to your channel. You're doing a great work. Best pool tutorial videos on Internet

  8. I notice the cue extender you have. What brand is it and where did you purchase? I have a 4 inch one but feel I could use a 5 or even six in extender. @sharivari

  9. The combination of the illustrations and playback, especially the fact that you show the cue ball and the contact points are excellent. This is the way I learn, not just from being told, but from having a clear picture in my mind from all aspects. Thanks so much.. !!

  10. Thank You ! This is a great video and explanation! I love how you take the time to explain what is simple to the experts but not to beginners, Easy to understand ! I highly appreciate all the time you out into your videos!!

  11. This is the best tutorial I've ever seen. And I've watched many tutorials from VHS, to DVDs, to YouTube, have read several books, as well as asking for advice.

    The one thing I've learned over the years is the best teacher is practice practice practice, so I don't buy "how tos" anymore. But practice practice practice is only the best teacher when you know what to practice and how to practice with quality rather than quantity. That being said, you have well informed and easy to understand content.

    Please keep it up!

  12. Does spin effect the object ball dramatically? Or is it just so the cue ball will be in a better position?

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