Pocket Code – Gra edukacyjna puzzle/Educational puzzle game

Hi in today’s episode will present you my educational puzzle, written in the Pocket Code application To play the game, press the “PLAY” button to display game instructions “?” Let’s play The game is asked questions to answer the questions you need to move the element to the right answer 46-19=?… 27, move now to 27 The answer is good 67-39=? … it’s 28, let’s check If we answer the wrong game ends we’ll answer badly as you can see, the game is over let’s go back and let’s play again, to go back, click “BACK” Let’s play again I will answer all your questions now the tempo will be accelerated As you can see after answering correctly all the questions, the game comes to an end and we win! Now we’re going to the game code we are now in the code, the code is divided into 4 scenes start, game, lost and win the win scene consists of displaying information about winning the game the lost scene displays the lost game play scene – this is a menu there are objects, play and howtoplay. scene game – this is the most important scene responsible for the game and its system there is in it the background of the game object ans responsible for the question system back – return to the menu object 3 is responsible for the start and countdown in the game we also have a group background puzzle in which there are objects to place the puzzle and a puzzle group responsible for generating questions and answers When the object receives the “start” it shows itself and goes to the appropriate position on the screen, repeats the loops responsible for the “movement” event if in the loop the object is not touched, the finger waits for 1.25 seconds sets the movement variable to false it hides the object waits for 0.2 seconds and shows it When the object touches objects from the backgroundpuzzle group and if the answer is correct, ask the next questions gives “start” and “99” responsible for revealing the piece of the puzzle otherwise it vibrates and starts the “lost” scene, or ends the game with a loss in the following cases only the object checks other possible answers if they are correct if we press the object, a loop is started which repeats until we leave the object if the variable “movement” is false it sets it to true goes to the place where our finger is on the screen That’s all I’m thanking you for watching this movie I greet the catrobat company and the entire pocket code team to hear

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