PNG Education

Today we are witnessing a different model of elementary teacher training, this is going to be a residential amount, and
it’s going to be a one year program. And the aim of doing that is to ensure that we train
the best teachers, through such elementary teachers college like this one, so that we can improve the quality of teaching in elementary schools. So I am very grateful to the Australian government,
for the significant contributions that they have made. I am delighted, that 90 students enrolled at this facility, at the beginning of the year, and look
forward to hearing about their success. Important progress has been made in PNG over the last three years, in increasing the number of students enrolling into elementary and primary schools in PNG. These facilities through the new residential course it offers will help teachers achieve better education outcomes in the elementary sector. My aim for me to be a teacher here is because I am very interested to teach with
the children, to become somebody in the future. To have a big facility like this here for the elementary teacher training. And, its nice to have a infrastructure like this, for teachers
to come and learn to be elementary teachers here. So what we need to do here, is to make sure
that our programs here at PNG, our elementary teacher training program, are aimed at creating innovative, creative and independent teachers
who will go out and ensure that they will teach in such a way, that they
will create independent, innovative, and creative students.

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