Please Be Careful And Think Critically.

hopefully you all will come in but I do have something to share with you all because of the situation and it's really simple what's up China Doll what's up you are hopefully you all be careful please be careful before you all start jumping on teens I want you all to be extremely careful Nicole seems very upset and if someone has threatened her she has every right to be however we need to consider the source how she got it where is the concrete evidence I have not heard from Rita yet I went to her page it was buffering and so I don't know what Rita has to say about it I support Nicole in her anger and being upset about the situation but what I'm going to tell you all is to sit back watch sometimes things don't seem like they are it's easy to jump in and say oh he did this and all they did this I'm very upset because Nicole was upset and no one has a right on YouTube to threaten anyone whatsoever I don't condone it then like I said I don't care if it's Sean Bradley rega myself Heidi no one has two right to threaten anyone so until we find out what really has happened look I just want us to be very very very careful because until you have had someone to tell a lot about you it's easy to be out and look in we got to be very careful I want to see everything I know this is sensational right now but this is why I had didn't go all-in on Rita because we don't know Rita now is not the time to show how bad you are and all that Rita if you know you've done nothing wrong and you're being falsely accused you need to get a lawyer Nicole if you think that you are threatened and you are afraid for your life you need to call the police stop getting on YouTube now you said what you said on YouTube you said what you said on YouTube if this thing is serious to you and if you take this thing seriously you really need to call the police get the police involved and Rita if you know you have not said this or was taken out of context you need to call a lawyer go to legal aid or do something because these are really serious allegations but what I'm telling the subbies and the people and even the content creators to do is cool your jets and watch things unfold you can do that without tearing anybody down I do not tear read it down I just say read to get a lawyer I don't like tearing the call down I just say Nicole go to the police station and report this this is what I'm saying we don't know what's really going on you all and we can speculate all we want but I am NOT taking a stance either way until I see more evidence right now it seemed like Nicole was very angry and very upset and it didn't look good it didn't look good okay but we need to know the motivation of raw honesty I don't know raw honesty she has come on the room so I'm not roasting and gagging and raw honesty but raw honesty if you think this is serious you need to go to the police station with Nicole if you had a role to play in this you need to be very honest you all stop playing games stop telling truths with the stuff left out of it a half truth is a whole lie I want to say that again a half truth is a whole lot and we don't say what you should say it still is a lie so this is not a video against Nicole this is not a video against Rita this is a video for justice and the truth and you all the truth is going to come out you all just need to sit back it seems like people are flat okay well it's for a dime and I I do not advocate this stuff that's one all Nicole you should be at the police department right now filing a police report Rita if you really didn't do this you need to be finding a law but you're right now but the truth is gonna come out the truth is gonna come out and you all again with all of these lies and all of this stuff circulating on YouTube and all of this stuff and these people running here knees subbies in everybody's rooms and I want to say this – I have no subbies be running in and out rooms that's why I don't look at comments anymore and that's why I don't really look out a lot of comments streaming anymore because I know what people are doing and I know that people are crap starters I do know that but I want you service to know that people can find your IP address it's not hard for a federal enforcement to do so and I think if some happen a lot of you all will be implicated in a lot of this stuff and as I say to subbies just because you don't have a vlog doesn't mean you're out in the clear just because you don't have your face on YouTube that don't mean you're not in the clear they can look at your avatar and they can find you just like that if they can find mr. Sodom Hussein in a spider hole maybe they can find you so subbies you better be very very careful because a lot of you all could be implicated in a lot of things this is why content creators you better watch out who you calling bees and all of this stuff and because that stuff will come back and you would never know who's giving stuff to employees or say you know what I don't think you need to hire him because he feels a certain way about women and this is the evidence I'm just saying y'all now you can say this is for a clicking of you all you want to but you know what I'm saying is true you know what I'm saying is true step back look at the evidence look at what's going on look at both parties Nicole call the police Nicole I'm just very serious if you don't go to law enforcement after all of this I'm gonna question you because if somebody threatened me I'm going to the police for the letter J even though that's not my legal name that still ties to me and I consider that serious and that went even a thread but I went to the police I went to the police because if anything were to happen I'm covered call if you feel this threat please go to the home lease if you haven't gone to the police and a lot of people took that picture on thing to say that I said Nicole had a patreon no it was said on a content creators page that all of this stuff was on patreon and this morning I said if this is on patreon this is not going to be good because it's going to seem like this was set up to make a coin okay it was say it I heard it this is not what somebody hey I was on that channel when it was saying it so I didn't say Nicole said it I'm just saying this is what was bad on another content creators Channel and I'm just saying that is true if that is the case it's not going to help you because you're going to look just as guilty and look like you're trying to profit off of this situation so y'all I'm not calling Nicole Alya I'm not called and Rita Alya I'm just waiting for the truth I'm just looking at the evidence right now and at this particular point Nicole was distraught she was angry she's upset but now I'm finding out that someone gave no call that information let me say this to you all still got to realize that this would make somebody upset if they hear this but we have to realize that this was not a first-hand account it was not like beer or Rita email Nicole or called Nicole on the phone this is coming from raw honesty so now everything is on raw honesty and now we have to figure out if raw honesty has anything that could be questionable okay so that's number one does she have a motive number one number two rather and what is the motivation for doing this you all and I'm not saying that she has the wrong motivation but we can't go start blaming people and not knowing stuff it's not right it's not a way people who critically think do you don't do this critically thinking people don't do this and this is what I said at the beginning I'm only giving you all the information that I have been giving but after now looking at some things then I really want everybody to step back then Rita I really feel Rita you really need to get a lawyer Rita I don't know what you're doing but really you need to get some counsel because it seems like everybody is trying to come for you and you need to get some counsel now I don't know if you are doing these things because Rita you know I've heard numerous things but this is a new day in a new situation and with these allegations being brought against you you need to get a lawyer and Nicole you need to file a report and at the end of the day I'm going to sit back and watch I'm not making any judgments right now to me everybody is suspect because there needs to be a police report there needs to be a police report raw honesty what do you have to say how did you come across this how did you even get this tea because Rita just didn't sing you to tea Rita just didn't give you this about Bill for nothing if you really have it and you have it what do you have it and why did she think it was okay to give it to you and and and I mean and I'm not accusing you but those are questions that I'm asking you because you can ask me any questions about my situation and I'm gonna tell you straight from and people saw my situation but for you who you all I'm saying is with these people you can't trust nobody you just can't trust nobody and you know I know Nicole came up she was crying she was distraught she was on Heidi's show and and you know and like I said I am NOT saying that Nicole isn't telling the truth cuz R all honesty gave her this stuff and raw honesty could've easily said girl they coming for you they trying to do this for you girl they coming for you and I could have scared Nicole I'm not saying that she was it but my thing is before I call Shawn or or Heidi or those people I would have called 9-1-1 or I would have went to the station and I would have been doing alive from the station saying that I feel threatened I feel like my life is in danger and I honestly feel that I need to be at this police station and that's the truth I'm just so sorry all of this stuff is happening but content creators this is this is the kind of stuff and I'm coming live because I want you all to critically think I don't care I'm not teen reader right now I'm not team Nicole right now I'm team truth and I want the truth to come out and I don't know who's going to bring it forth I don't know who's gonna say well I lied but it's gonna come out it's gonna come out and mission right now and stop being sissy clean nation right now and be team truth nation right now let's be true right now yes be wise about this just stop jumping took I'm not accusing wrong honesty or anything I'm not accusing the coal of anything and I'm not accusing reader of anything I want to see better I need to see evidence and I'm not talking about something that you think that happened you know and then somebody sent me a text that this T is now taken down and why is this T not taking that but I'm gonna say this before I leave in this YouTube sector they're watching they're like Ching and some of you all I am very careful and how I choose my words even in anger because you never know who is watching and we in this sector have to be very careful I'm not saying that Nicole is wrong I'm not saying that honest fall or reader I want to see receipts and I want the truth to come forth because something is not adding up and I want to see some police reports Nicole you were visibly upset you were very shaken and I felt that way I would be at the police station right now right now honesty if you got receipts you need to bring them and I must say this if their receipts long time ago and you're not current receipts then I'm like why are you holding this because obviously read it or build it not kill Nicole but the thing is how did you get these receipts who sent them to you and if you knew this was gonna happen then why didn't you say anything you first got it and why now I'm just saying those are the questions that I'm gonna ask cuz I don't know when you got it but if you got it recently then you and Nicole need to go to the police station but you don't have to tell them how you got these receipts and how you came about these receipts cuz they're gonna want to know how did you get this information and what part that you have to play in it and if you've been holding on to these receipts and didn't do anything about it then why now and you are just is wrong for not Nicole until now you see it's a lot of stuff that's that comes up in this now Nicole go to the police Rita get yourself a lawyer cuz daughter you need a lawyer right now I'm just being real I'm just being so real right now and people need to think stop jumping on these bandwagons because you like this person I like reading but if Rita is wrong Rita is wrong I don't do a lot with Nicole but if Nicole is right Nicole deserves support but at this particular point I need evidence and so this is not a against Nicole but you all critically think wait – the truth comes out I only got on here because I heard a situation and I thought it was me it's a lesson to be learned it's a lesson to be learned off of this no I'm not afraid of anything I'm afraid that somebody is really going to get hurt see I would be afraid if I had the mindset to go hurt somebody that's when I would be afraid and that's when I will come off of you – but see I don't feel like that I don't feel like that now Rita can say whatever she wants to say about me I am NOT going against reader but Rita needs a lawyer in Rita you know Rita sometimes people have given you good advice and read it right now is not the time a key using you I'm really not but really you need a lawyer because it seems like folk coming after you and the only thing I did was to say to Nicole if this happened I really really feel badly for you because no one including myself I put myself in it I didn't I don't deserve this or dessert and I'm not going to do this and I don't care who you are as a content creator I don't care who you are whether it's me Rita or whoever I'm putting myself in this no one has the right to ever threaten anyone but Rita I don't know if you threaten anyone and that's why I say you need to get a lawyer so if you all tell Rita that a teller she can be mad at me for now but I support nobody I want to see the evidence I want to see the evidence I just want to see the evidence and the truth will make you free the truth will make you free it will it will the truth will make you free and so if somebody's been lying the truth is going to make somebody free and that lie is gonna entrap somebody but really if you don't think you need a lawyer your daughter you're wrong you need a lawyer you need a lawyer for what people have done to you and you need a lawyer for what people are accusing you of doing to them you y'all hit the like button they these folk flag and they flag in a day whether those accusations are true or not you need a lawyer some don't fit right and almost feel right in my spirit about this thing this thing is not cut and dry Rita need a lawyer up and Nicole needs to do a police report if if that's true whoever was threatening to do a police report by see the thing is all based on honesty it's all based on raw honesty and raw honesty if you've done anything in cahoots with Rita you don't have to spill it daughter cuz you can't you can't lie to the police officers you don't have to spill it and see the sad part about putting that on yes I had this on yesterday and I liked it so much I only put it on because of y'all but I'm like oh I ain't gonna be I'm looking for new clothes and so I'll show they put this back on the gas tank though but yes I did wear this twice you're right I'm glad you're observant but my shirt is not the issue right now the issue is about people calling the police they've been threatened or getting a lawyer if they feel like they get ready that's the real deal right now so so yep but that's what I have to say and so my class is getting ready to come in it's almost six o'clock so I'm getting ready to go all but you all use sense be a critical thinker well she need to get legal Sheila something she really do I mean it's crazy it's crazy so you all be critical thinkers ask the right questions don't be jumping in i'm t—minus i'm t—minus in anything be teen truths it's coming they trying to flap and tell people to think critically no we trying to flag me anyway you all have a great day and I will see you later on tonight peace

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  2. Listen Bro J, I haven't been listening to this sect of YouTube very long. But um, I'm about to let y'all negros have this. It's too much 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. This has become absolutely absurd…People just running with Narratives without vetting. Its dangerous and Real Lives are being affected. This sector is slowing crashing because of an Inability to "Think Critically"
    Self Destruction…Pray all be well for all involved. Really Disturbing.
    Thank you Bro J …Please Help Calm These YouTube Streets Down. Blessings 🙏

  4. I swear I love you bro but you looking like one of those psychos on a lifetime movie that one of the students trust and talk to online😂😂😂😂. You giving me government assistance waiting room to tell someone their case is closed and you can't help them😂😂😂😂. On a serious note all of them are simpletons and I don't feel sorry for not nan one of these fools. The police don't care about black people in public they sure don't care on YouTube…. Brotha J you are losing your ish right now you gotta take the advice you give others and take a break🙏🏿

  5. This guy is so condescending with his what "I would do" and what you should do and the constant "scolding" He looks nuts.

  6. Sb is behind this deflecting he wants people to forget about the pictures. He said bill threatened him no one was concerned

  7. This is has DEFLECTION written all over it. I'm not including everyone because their are sum intelligent people on YouTube but some of you guys will believe the sky is green if somebody tells you. My grandma use to say you can't piss in the air and make me think it's rain. Stay woke

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