Playtime's Swapped Basics Is Such A HILARIOUS Mod! | Baldi's Basics Mod Gameplay

want to make sure you never miss a kindly Keon video again be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell to turn on notifications the the principle would be the the robot is that oh I hear em I know you can't no you can't do that to the principal that is unacceptable hello everybody I am kindly kin and this is plate x suede basics I think it's supposed to be swapped but I'm pretty sure swapped has two peas in it like times not great speller but this is a very very strange mod so this mod was created by someone who goes by the name of top of the ostomy or top Tapley Azmi I don't know I will have a link in the description down below to their YouTube channel so you can show them some support this mod looks weird and hilarious like I'm actually really excited because verily it swaps all of the characters it baldies basics and is the main character what in the music but it's like play times like weird chime but to the baldies basics music I don't know it's all very confusing look at the floor what is on the floor you have covered the floor in chalk writing it is very disorienting also school faculty only walls and the doors are different everything is just weird what is like what is that that's that baldies face or the bully's face I don't know this there's the name of the person who made this tapley us my I don't I don't know let's what that's not what that says that says five minus six so that's negative one excuse me excuse me what three plus one is four what are you even talking about any more playtime you're very very confusing this is negative did I win or did I lose are these scissors this is a quarter the thing says it's a quarter you're lying to me playtime Baldy playtime that's your real name I am so confused right now this is gotta be one of the weird it's 4 minus 4 0 I got a green checkmark when I got the problem incorrect that is very upsetting let's check out playtime oh my gosh what is wrong with her feet and her legs what is happening the lockers our cellphones I have no idea what this is this mod is so weird and kind of awesome like this is a great concept everything is swapped everything is different even the voices are different I love how they made like Baldy play the the playtime music but in a Baldy sort of musical way I don't even know how to explain it to be honest with you this is brilliant this is this is a great I was not expecting it to be this cool okay he's back yep wait listen two three three is still playtime who are you you're the principal the bully is the principal that makes no sense and I love it also where's the candy bar the candy bar is the soda isn't yours your soda yep the candy bar is soda and the soda is candy so confusing yeah that's gonna break my brain so badly Oh what are you what is that the bully do you I think that might be the bully I know you're the bully sweeping time is bully what are you then are you the sock you were the sock oh my gosh okay so where's the principal I guess that only leaves the the principal would be the the robot is that oh I hear am i that is horrifying no you can't do no you can't do that to the principal that is unacceptable what is happening to the principal he got turned into a robot oh my gosh this is gonna give me nightmares what are you what who are you bully the bully is is sweeping – oh she's here she's here it's playtime Baldy run this is melting my brain it's my income is so weird please please principal no no no no no no you know what actually come come here hippie save me you're supposed to come after me yo why are you not okay don't come after me now though please don't do oh you're coming after me now I didn't need to do that I honestly thought that chat was the candy bar and not a soda this is bad this is very bad oh she's coming Oh playtime's common no playtime Baldy stop stop stop please I'm Paul D let me out I mean what else can I say this mod is absurd let's give this another shot I mean honestly like that just melted my brain I wasn't able to get anything done really so I want to give it a proper shot again here but ma'am like everything being swapped around is really messing with me and just picturing the principal as a robot it's so upsetting who did that to him was it you playtime did you do that to the principal cuz man he looks real uncomfortable it's really really uncomfortable being in that state it's very sad it's very sad alright yes I messed up and now you're like she changed I didn't even know is that last time she got sad okay let's go our normal route let's just be careful because remember the principal is actually a bully which is just so weird let's go in here and grab the soda it's not a soda it's a candy bar gosh where's the door the door you guys I'm oh my gosh I went the wrong way because I got turned around that was a pay attention and of course I ended up going the wrong way oh my goodness it's so confusing it's very very confusing okay I'm gonna go through there and then I think I'm gonna go after this one over here let's grab this notebook right here and the quarter is the scissors right I think I think that's the way that's working I don't actually know though it's just it's all very very strange plate time as Baldy this is a really well made model I always appreciate when mods go beyond kind of the typical the standard like just changing the look of the game is one thing but like when they change the sounds that the game makes that is that is top-notch stuff right there I love it this is a really great mod ok so let's get our next notebook for 612 okay let's carry on also I think I noticed the hand look that there's a perfect example of something really really well done oh no wait wait wait wait safety scissors oh all we made in mad we made him very very mad ok ok that's fine that's totally fine that's why we had them let's grab this notebook but what I was gonna say is look at the finger it's it's playtime's finger because normally it's baldies finger see that's a perfect example of just a very minor touch that really sets this mod apart this is so good okay we've got a hurry we really really have to hurry oh this is scary I think I'm gonna eat this and run I'm just gonna run for it I'm gonna grab the soda on the way here and we're gonna keep going wait I I ate the soda wait I'm I'm confused now guys I thought I ate the soda heard that the energy bar oh no this is bully you're awful you know that oh that was playtime Baldy that was playtime Baldy over there and oh gosh playtime Baldy playtime is behind us I don't know which ones which it's just they're both Baldy playtime in some way or another please stop oh this is bad this is not gonna end well for me there's nothing I can do the stupid bully sweeping time took my soda it's not good fair all we're done we're done this is the end this is it notice that baldies jump rope is his ruler of course it is course it is alright there's still more things that we need to see so let's go into endless mode which is a little bit easier than the normal mode I mean it's there's not a huge difference between the two honestly as long as you don't collect the notebooks it kind of keeps the game at it at it easier level but I like doing it in endless mode because it makes me feel like it's easier so I want to see some of the other textures that have been put on some of the items so like I think we want to see the principal's keys and also I want to go into detention because I wasn't really no that's not negative – it's just regular – I want to read the posters I want to see if the posters are any different and they've been all jumbled up and swapped around and we're defied it's all it's all just strange stuff so this is a quarter so we don't really care about that but what we do care about is checking this out over here I want to see what the lock is it's boo soda no no it's the WD no squeak okay I don't need to pick it up I already know that it's the lock and so do you guys you've seen enough ball these basics there's the principle good thing I wasn't running yeah we're cool we're cool buddy it's bully principles breaking my brain honestly okay so next we want to go into the faculty room that has the keys in it no you're gonna ruin this whole thing principle oh I got past him bill and I'm not going to marry him I'm not gonna marry you robot principle I'm not you're you're very strange and you scare me immensely oh okay okay hello yes it's great to see you so it looked like the clock was the keys and the cassette was something else I forget what else is in there and also I'm noticing no posters on the walls in detention there are zero posters in this area oh you're gonna you're gonna just mess everything up aren't you he's coming after me he's gonna come after me are you yep yep you're coming after me okay this is not a great run and I didn't expect it to be I just I really wanted to just see everything but there's no posters on the walls I think that was a good opportunity to put weird stuff on the walls just just saying oh here we go it's playtime Baldy mm-hmm I love out three is still playtime it's so weird also the trees over here are now cell phones and the cell phone of course the cell phone at the end of the hallway is a tree just makes perfect sense yeah and then we're gonna turn it into a weird cassette because why not oh this is beautiful just absolutely beautiful let's grab a notebook just because we're here honestly I don't expect to get very far in this run but like I said I just wanted to see as much as I possibly could and we got to see quite a bit I think we've pretty much seen everything so at this point now it's just seeing how well we can do with everything kind of swapped around and very very strange and confusing what happens when you get to the exit point like when you get all the notebooks oh hey hello okay yep here we go this is fun yep stop stop being the way that you are okay good bye oh it's sweeping time bully and there's bullies we peeked it's all just breaking my mind I don't know what else to say except subscribe to Tapley ask me I wonder if his name is all mixed up and I just realized the ruler slaps are actually getting really really close so we're probably about to die do you even realize it I was I was too tormented by the memory of principle being turned into a weird robot just very upsetting where are you play time or Baldy whoever you are whatever your real name is no you need to go away you really need to go away I'm gonna shoot her with the soda just like that all right let's grab this and then actually I hear play time Baldy or Baldy playtime whatever you want to call her the one that is actually play time I hear her him it and there are scissors right next to me so I'm gonna grab them and these are going to protect me and save me from the monster that is Baldy playtime playtime Baldy no she's not here anymore okay great great news I'm gonna grab the lock cuz I think I have time i may not though this could have been a very poor choice you you're getting real real mean oh man you're getting real close I don't like that oh we can lock it though if we just hurry if we just hurry blocked yeah we locked her out him out no don't push me back stop being like that actually can I can I scissors you I can scissors you you didn't change you though I thought that if you cut the first prize he he like he breaks but he he did break it seemed like he broke but he didn't really say anything about it hello okay yay what is what is even happening anymore but there you have it guys playtime's swathed Basics in education and learning truly one of the strangest and most delightful mods I've ever played for bought these basics I'm not even joking of course as mentioned there will be a link in the description down below to check out this mod also the creator of this mods YouTube channel but guys that's gonna do it for this episode I hope that you enjoyed it if you did be sure to hit that like button and of course if you'd like to see more you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on that little circle with my logo in it right below this window you can also watch more my videos by clicking on the sides of the screen but otherwise thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time

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  3. 1st of the principal:i hug all principal for all time
    playtime baldi:oh hi let play 1 2 3 4 5 let play again sometime soon
    keyin:"Cuts all rope"
    playtime baldi:ooh that make me sad
    part 2
    baldi comes back to his school
    baldi:what did you do playtime baldi
    playtime baldi:ooh "runs"

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  5. Playtime just like's to play do she doesn't know math ,spelling and she odiasly does not no who to grade or design in baldi's shool house.

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