Playing Is The Gateway To Creativity & Learning.

everyone Michael Lamott head welcome to the daily mic so this morning I was playing with my son and we're playing it's being silly you know I love it I love being a dad I got to tell you and just having a good old time just being crazy and having fun and you know I want to say that you know playing is the gateway to creativity and learning and I really believe I think that when we're kids that's how we learn we learn by playing you know we didn't in school we sit there be quiet you really don't you you know stuff but you don't learn anything right so the magic happens when you having fun in your playing and I've kept this approach I'm just a big kid a big freaking kid and everywhere I can I like to play with my son and then incorporate lessons and here and there and I think that's really the secret I think that's what you need to do in life in general and in business everyone's so serious I need to do this and that and a lot of people don't have fun anymore and you know that's why it's like sometimes it's good to like even on the calls like it's good to that like be light-hearted and have fun and play and like like my wife calls me a stinker because I you know I mess with people hair in there because it's it takes the pressure off it's fun I feel like you know just a little um I don't know like low rambunctious below like defiant like this is a I think there's a little bit of that on your sales car which is which is great I'll give you an example here we were role-playing one day and someone they were they were from New Jersey right and I was I was being like the coach and they were being like the client and I have a friend from New Jersey and so I asked him I said isn't it the you know out of two capital of the world and he starts laughing yeah it is and I said how do you like it there and he says I freaking hate it and then I say well why are you still there then right like right at the beginning and they like oh you shouldn't do that in a rapport phase I'm like screw you that's wonderful for one I challenge him right off the bat and something doesn't really matter then why you still there now I'm blowing out beliefs limiting beliefs he's thinking that he can't move whatever you know like it totally changes the dynamic and the framing of the call so having fun playing I mean you know there's a time to be serious it's time to joke around right but um it's worked good for me you know worked really well when even when when I was in the car business and used to sell cars back in the day and I did it last year for a little bit but that's a whole nother story I'll tell you what that after but anyway when I would show the payments and everyone would shake their head like no no no no like I'd say is it the payments and they said yeah and I said the payments too low and they just bust out laughing I go no of course they're not too low they're too high and I'm like you know I've been doing this for seven years eight years whatever it was and no one's ever told me that the payments are too low right so it's about having fun not taking yourself too seriously not taking life too seriously playing and and doing stuff that you enjoy everyone it's all about the grind it's all about hustle hustle hustle I think it's complete if you're having a hustle and you're having to force things you're probably not doing what you should be doing right you know I don't think people need accountability I think they need purpose and intention and they need they need to know why their hair on the in it and if you have that then what the do you need accountability for right so anyway that's all I got for you guys today make sure you take time and play because I believe it's the it's the Gateway to creativity and the Gateway to learning alright talk to you guys tomorrow

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