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what's going on guys and welcome to you another roblox baldies basics video now we haven't done one of these in quite a while but I think I'm gonna make a return to the series if you guys want to see it that is and the best way to show some support of this is by leaving a like right now let's go for 1000 likes in the first hour and also dropping a comment down below saying Baldy if you guys do both those things there will definitely be more roblox baldies basics videos well as you guys know that where we left off with actually we're on this server but take a look like it's completely changed there's all this new stuff so if we head over here though we left off playing as I want to say principle of the thing which you know you can obviously play as any of these characters right here I got bully you got arts-and-crafts arrggh playtime and principal but if we go over here that's actually the mega VIP section so I'm not sure what those give you I don't know cuz they're in here too so I don't know why you can play oh so these are like the actual models from the game so if you guys wanna play us the roblox models you can for free but okay oh oh it's camping Baldy he's gonna go sup the bear traps that's awesome so as you guys can see though you got Baldy you've got principle of the thing playtime bully arts-and-crafts errs you also got got a sweep and first prize now we've played as I want to say everyone here except for maybe arts and craft fairs but if we turn around there's gonna be somebody behind me that I think you guys are gonna really really enjoy seeing me play a so let's go ahead and turn around and boom you have cloudy copter the new character and of course file name to which you got plans but cloudy copter big cloud he doesn't like smoke or fire that's why he tries to put them out whenever somebody starts one wow this background music is really intense okay okay back our music calm down calm okay there we go so obviously in this video we got a player's cloudy copter he's the new guy the new character and here we are as if now obviously we have a few things we doing go that we can do the noise which let's do that there it is the noise makes and the blow which there it is there like that background noise it's kind of like quiet but I really like this like noise that he makes it's so funny I don't know why I love that so much anyways so we're playing as cloudy copter which is already really cool because I mean we're literally a giant cloud helicopter thing it's awesome and now is also the room of youtubers which I'm not in here because I'm innocent I think I made a video on this game in the past but I don't know maybe they created and see it or you know you didn't want me it's fine either way but uh and the other server I've read immenseness I actually have a sign and it's completely golden it's like on that other roblox ever we play this I literally have a golden sign on it on that one which I really want to show you guys but I'm waiting for like a new update to come out on that map anyways as you guys could see we need to teleport to the map and continue down or let's go alright so here we are in the map itself now you guys may see this and be like oh this is the map I think this map used to have a starting point in the sky up there if I'm not mistaken which by the way this cursor I this is new – it doesn't go away but it's here anyway so as good to see we now have a pool area look at this I love the color green that's good to know bro could we go in oh my we can literally swim in the pool I'm gonna try to stay in third person cuz I'm sure you guys want to see cloudy copter is there a way out of here though I think I might be stuck oh no I think we're actually stuck he doesn't know there we go okay this is not what I wanted to do but there you go you now if you guys ever want to see cloudy copter relaxing on a chair you know that there's that alright let's get out of here though let's go ahead and get out of here let's just let's avoid this whole area alright cuz clearly that's like a death trap right there that pool alright so let's go ahead over these houses though because remember these were in the previous update too but they had some secrets in them which I am curious if they're still gonna have these secrets or not so let's go and head over to them though and see alright so I think it was this house not this one right here I think it was just green one right here and I think if we had was it behind it or inside of it there was a piece of Shi oh there it at the banana if you click the banana yep okay so this is still in the game it takes you to like this upside down world there's a bunch of bananas outside so yeah we've definitely played this server for like I remember this for sure as a fact – the upside-down banana room like it's kind of hard to forget now unluckily though we are kind of stuck here so I got to reset my character so okay let's actually go back in I kinda want to play as some fast though which I feel like who's the fastest character because cloudy copter is cool but he's really slow but then again I told you guys we make a video of you know just me playing as him so let's just stay as him from now and kind of explore I was a stamina bar wasn't here though cuz I don't really see the point of it yeah like most of the time with stamina bars it's because you're being hunted and you know it doesn't want you to go too fast and outrun him but I mean we're not really being hunted by anything here it's just kind of you know a roblox server each kind of roam around and have fun you know I mean clearly baldies on here but he's not aggressive at all found him – what are you doing what are you doing bro leave me alone why is he following me what is he doing he's like trying to kill me get out of me what are you doing ok he left now that was creepy I don't know who that guy was or why he was following me but that was kind of creepy alright oh my he's back again what do you want leave me alone oh ok let's go out here so if you guys remember this area this is the playground where you can do the merry-go-round or you can regenerate it I didn't mean to do that but you can do like a variety of things like this right here is the merry-go-round which is cool which file name – is still following me oh god this is creepy alright he fell off – you with me alright let's avoid him I'm gonna go this way alright file name – backup buddy I don't know who you are but you're stalking me what are you doing he maybe he just really likes cloudy copter and he's just like yeah I'm just gonna follow this guy around oh ok you can ride the slide apparently that's new key ride these things no you can't you can ride like basically everything here except for that for some reason what is this the porygon badge is currently unobtainable I am working on reading it so it'll be back soon oh so that must be how you get that maybe you jump off of that let whoa how do you get behind that I think he's stuck out of the heck how do you find this I don't know how he did that that's weird that guy's a magician he just teleported behind there that's pretty crazy alright anyways it's going explore the other sides too so if you guys remember there was this I'm just gonna see what's new you know I feel like it's been a little while since we've played so he's probably added you know some other new stuff besides you know he's completely revamped that whole beginning section over there he's added a few new characters and I'm just curious to see if he's updated any of the outer parts of the map because I mean it's always fun to find secrets which I'm sure added new ones but I don't really know where they would be at okay this is this side what is that it's like a house what the okay oh whoa but they're put in that way bro why you pulling out the ruler what are you doing I'm cloudy copter I'm not even you can't even kill me I'm literally a cloud oh no is he I'm gonna blow I'm gonna get away is he still following me I'm just surprised that we lost filename to that guy was a pain like he was whoa what the what is this uh okay so that was a building that we saw it's a library I always wondered that why why in Bali's basics there was never a library but look at this like this is cool I mean there's nothing in here I mean there might be a secret or something but it looks like it's just a normal library that's cool though like we've never seen a library before so I mean in in baldies basics I mean obviously real life I've seen a library maybe that's good yeah obviously but yeah it's kind of weird that we've never had one of these involves basics but now we do is it that same guy no there's somebody else he's taking he's taking a seat at the computer he's gonna look up some books or something I don't know alright so now there's one other area here which is the exit and this is where I think the porygon secret used to be now he said he took it out so I'm curious Oh what what Bald's bus what oh I uh I didn't know I could do that whoops I didn't know that was the thing you could just jump right off of the map okay let's run there really quickly so wait that's balls bus I wonder if we could take it and go to the campsite cuz if we can that's gonna be pretty cool like we got to be a human too because you know the baldy are the the guy in the normal volume Asus game is a normal human so we got to be a human and let's see if we can get on balls bus look at our legs it's like the stop us from my Oh balls off it baldies office oh I remember this being here we do have a banana it was this oh okay first person what is it it's this secret but he like whoa and then he can run into and it takes you back okay so he's added a lot of stuff he's changed a lot of things on this map for sure like that used to be to where he could like go in between a crack and get in there and find that but you would just find it and he would talk and then you would leave but now you can actually go in there and he could teleport you back to the beginning which is pretty cool all rights go back out here though and let's take a look at balls bus again I really want to see if we can ride that and it'll take us to the campsite cuz that could be really cool like if there's like a whole secret map on here that's awesome alright excuse me gotta sweep I'm trying to get on the bus here oh yeah by the way look at this when you look outside the map you can see that area over there which I'm not sure what that is I know that's the starting area or what and there's also this building oh that's that's the secret that we were just at so what is that long hallway though like we go far down that goes okay so I don't know what that black area is over there I don't know what this is and what that is I'm curious as to what those are like I really want to find out but not sure we'll ever figure it out and then down there look you can also use like a bottom part interesting okay let's see if we can oh my gosh you can ride balls bus incredible and by the way I'm saying balls cuz it's literally whoa you can go back oh that's cool that's literally what the bus called that I in my video I call the ball these Boy Scouts are I figured it was but notes its bulbs stop all these it's balls he's hiding from the police all right so he's known as bulb whoa did this tree is this the pulley tree okay now it's just yeah just a weird tree yeah that's just like a weird broken tree that's so weird though that you can go here and there's like nobody here like where is everybody it's like you would figure there'd be some kind of player out here or something but no now there's also these bear traps which do they work oh oh oh whoa they do damage okay so they don't trap you they just kill you you got wood could we grab it oh my god you can grab the wood that is so cool that is awesome alright so I want to test something else out though if you guys remember from the game have you passed these signs right here I thought I heard cloudy copter go like I thought I heard that but if you guys remember from the main game with the newest update if you cross these signs things go bad like really bad so let's go ahead and cross I'm gonna see what happens oh the music changed okay are we the only one on this is arts and crafts gonna show up I don't I don't see him whoa wait it's Baldy oh there's somebody over there who's that okay there's somebody out there that was either a real player or Oh oh my god that tree scared me either baldies on this map or that was a real player or I don't know who's a real player playing as Baldy I don't know let's go let's go check it out they might have went back to the bus though that was creepy though either way like that was weird like we just see this person over there I am curious know if there's any secrets on this map cuz I feel like with every roblox game they always add like cool little secrets so I wonder it be cool like one of these treats could like teleport you somewhere like that Oh from from the main game there's that weird tree were like 99 written on it it'd be cool if that was here and you can like go up to it and it would teleport you like some kind of secret area or something along those lines but it looks like you can't really do it in the air like Oh what you can even put the stick in the fire I mean you can't died a ball because he's literally not here on this map but that's still really cool they can grab sticks and actually put them in the fire I mean the fire is never gonna go out but still it's a cool feature let's go ahead and do that again let's go ahead and put this in there and then we'll head back to the main area so I mean it looks like yep wow I think it's missing is like the cloudy copter and the bully of the oh okay that that's creepy that is so creepy where did you come from I literally turn around and camping Baldy is just right behind me oh no he pulled out the ruler put put it no put it away put it away I'm going back up now getting out here holy oh god there's another one right there okay let's get out of here avoid it let's go let's go how are they even playing his camping baldie I don't even see him anywhere like how did they unlock him oh no easy he following us Oh run run run run eat the chocolate eat the chocolate do that I'm numb no let's get out of here help people help there's a camping Paulie chasing me bullies stop him I'm going this way all right get that guy instead okay so where did he unlock camping Baldy at though that's what I want to know let's restart oh wow he followed me all the way out here yeah I already died too late and ice try okay it's oh wait a second where did he get camping Baldy from now cuz it says this is the mega VIP section but I don't see him in there so wait wait okay hold on let me go to the okay is that I'm going to the store online right now oh there's a mega VIP pass and a VIP pass so let's buy both of them I'm gonna buy it you guys can't see me right now but I'm buying them so I bought the mega VIP and we're gonna buy the VIP to you I don't know if they're both the same thing or whatever but whatever let's buy both of them all right so we have both of them unlocked wait oh I think that to leave the game though so let's restart our game here let's press play again and let's see exactly what we get for this mega VIP in the VIP package because I'm in today I'm excited to see what's gonna happen alright here we are back on the server so let's go this way alright so here's the mega VIP room we should be allowed to go in here now oh we can oh my god I'm in here so it looks like there's you know just the normal characters in here though so how do you get camping ball B and what's the VIP pass for cuz this is mega VIP so I don't know oh okay there we go I got through these people probably the heck did he get through there okay so let's get arts and crafts I guess okay so now we're playing as him are we any faster now interesting so what's the VIP though where's that at so this is Bali though how do you get camping Baldy wait I want to try one more thing let's reset our character I want to go up to normal Baldy and see if maybe we can equip the camping ball the outfit I don't know if we can or not but I think that's our best option here so let's go ahead and get in here and try it out alright normal Baldy camping outfit maybe let's see oh let's go camping oh that's just little yeah that's just the line though huh camping outfit there it is oh we unlocked it dude that's so cool so we have Angry so I'm assuming everybody has this and I didn't even need the mega VIP look at that we're camping Baldy now that is so cool okay let's go in here now so yeah you can actually play us camping volley that's awesome all right well I think we've kind of explored everything there is in this new update I mean there's quite a lot here and I mean it's good to see that he's still updating it and stuff like that I'm excited to see where he takes it yeah we got competition we're the guy trying to kill me huh where you can't be Bali that followed me into the campsite was that you I don't know but I want to avoid that guy at all options let's stay away from him so wait what are these other ones though what when did that it's not like a custom one cuz yeah it's not recorded the same way as that other one that's like somebody impersonating you yeah that's like that's like somebody impersonating you that's weird there's like a new one sit down oh look everybody's here now everyone's at the campsite this guy's going put its on the fire over and over again come on camping baldies let's all take a seat alright let's all sit down look at this cloudy copter what are you doing huh yeah just bow over and over and they're still putting in sticks I mean we don't really have a job here besides to just sit down and you know watch the fire okay this guy this guy has a lot of sticks apparently uh why they even trying to complete it gives you anything all right well I think that's it for this server though guys let me get let me see if you guys alright let me know if you guys wanted to see me return to this server and do a full video as playing as Camping Baldy and I certainly will but I'm adding this video here if you know they don't hit that like you wonder if you challenge that subscribe button and I'll see you guys in the next one peace out guys

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